Debatable: No Big E3 Show For Nintendo

Posted by Colm Ahern

Debatable is a weekly show where Colm Ahern gives you his opinion on the latest hot button issue in video games. This week, Nintendo announced that they’re opting out of putting on a big conference at this year’s E3 and Colm thinks it’s the wrong move.

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BoneBone1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

More self-proclaimed amateurish journalists with a ticket to E3 upset because Nintendo shuns those who invent salacious headlines and pedal negative rumours all year round for cheap clicks.

Nintendo not being on-stage only effects game news outlets because they can't monetise the scoops.

Well too bad, you make enough the other 11 months of the year with all your Nintendoomed click-bait crap.

AND YOU'RE DOING RIGHT NOW!!! Nintendo has put so much thought and effort into this E3 with what they're doing, probably one of their best E3s ever, and you say it isn't a big show? So far seems much bigger than Sony or MS's.

Have a good E3 now, ya hear (^o^)

UltimateMaster1564d ago

IMO, Nintendo shot themselves in the foot again.
at least this year will be better than what we got last year.
But They aren't doing much to convince people to purchase their console beyond Nintendo fans.

When I saw there was no E3 for Nintendo, immediately it came. Ok, there's no Metroid, no F-Zero, no Punch Out, no Hardcore games to showcase beyond kid friendly games.

Ok, we already know that Bayonetta 2 and X is coming to the Wii U, but a handful of games doesn't justify the purchase for many of gamers.

I hope they showcase something good for their console, because it's becoming dire.

Neonridr1564d ago

How do you know what games Nintendo will or won't be showing? Do you work for them? Nintendo themselves haven't announced what games they will be revealing, so how do you know they are all kid friendly?

Just because they aren't on stage doesn't mean they won't have a streamed showcase of all their software they wish to reveal.

BoneBone1564d ago

Sounds like you're trying really hard to convince yourself you don't want a Wii U. You said they're only doing enough to sell it to Nintendo fans, and then contradictorily say they they need Zelda, Metroid, F-Zero!! Makes no sense.

Mario Kart 8
Xenoblade 2
Bayonetta 2
Smash Bros
Hyrule Warriors
Sonic Boom
Shin Megami Tensei

Then you need to go look at all the 80%+ scoring games on metacritic which are already available.

Wii U is a console for pure gamers. If you think you're not 'hardcore' for playing games without blood and guns, then you should look at yourself for problems, not Nintendo.

voodoochild3461564d ago

So much idiocy in one post. Look at all the reveals last January and tell me that they have to have a press conference to reveal games. In fact I will go out on a limb and say that I think that Metroid will be revealed at e3.

Ck1x1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

I don't get all of the doomed e3 articles either! At least wait until we have an understanding of what the full plans will be like. The fact that the invitational is open to public fans, it will be the only thing at e3 that is open to the public!
I love it because gaming sites are being pushed out slowly of that old controlled information age. I think what Nintendo's doing is perfect for them and gamers, I just want them to push even harder in the direction they're going in.

thehobbyist1564d ago

That's where all the doomed articles are coming from. The press wants exclusivity but Nintendo is opting for inclusivity.
Smash Invitational is open for anyone to watch, on location or stream.
Smash(And I'm guessing other Wii U games) playable at Best Buy during E3. They're just mad that I can get my own hands-on experience and I don't need their stupid Youtube video to see the new games.
Nintendo is selling and advertising DIRECTly(get it?) to the gamers and consumers for their E3 event. The gaming press is just mad that their massive E3 ad revenue will only be 1/3 of what it could be.

nosferatuzodd1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

Most of the people who do these topic are paid by you know who nintendo is doomed nintendo is dead leave nindendo alone nintendo is fine and watch this --E3 nintendo is coming with gunz blazing

3-4-51564d ago


* If Nintendo Shows their Presentation Via Direct, outside parties CAN'T make money off of the video or us watching it because Nintendo is hosting it.

* When we HAVE to watch E3, via a website, that "journalist" or "journalists", if it's their site, makes money off the hits and Ad revenue from sponsors.

* Basically a bunch of fanny hurt media not getting their way, AND ABUSING their position of power by slandering a company.

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colonel1791564d ago

It doesn't affect me. I won't be going to E3. Whatever Nintendo announce I will be watching it at the comfort of my house. So I don't care if they don't throw the biggest party/conference of the year! Also, what interest me is the games that will be announced, not that they make a big show to do so.

randomass1711564d ago

Not to mention playing Smash at your local Best Buy. Am I right? ;D

Drithe1564d ago

The WiiU is a about awesome games. I love the fact I can go back and play old games from their older systems I never played as well. Sony has this too. I am playing Tales of Symphonia chronicles and loving it.

I think that some of these companies forgot about real VIDEO GAMES and try to create ART instead. I don't want art. I want FUN. If the art if fun, then fine. But I will be playing Mario kart soon, along with all the other fun games the WiiU has. I will be playing all the Tales series on my ps3. TOUKIDEN FOR MY VITA!

My ps4 has been collecting dust from day one.

End of line.

ArtificiallyYours1564d ago

Nothing you said made a lick of sense lol.

Kevlar0091564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

I will miss the unplanned gaffs and memes that come from live performances, and if we ever would get a Twilight Princess moment, seeing a crowd go crazy is something special. But I will not miss the awkward moments and potential for filler content that usually happens. Also if a new Metroid for WiiU is revealed, say Prime 4, I won't need a large crowd to get me hyped, I will run down the halls of my house, yelling, of my own accord.

It all comes down to how Nintendo plans their multitude of events. For one they aren't having a just larger Nintendo direct, it's much bigger than last year. You have the Digital Event which could be huge, probably more than just a few Nintendo execs talking into a camera with a few videos (like a Direct). The Smash Tournament could be big as well, i'm sure a lot of people who have doubts about the later WiiU release will be reassured when they see the WiiU's potential. Plus some of us will we be able to play Smash at Best buy, which is awesome. And finally the Treehouse videos, segments that show off new games.

When you look at the big picture this isn't Nintendo at E3, rather a NE3 (Nintendo E3). It's fairly gutsy to host in all honesty your own event. I feel as though Nintendo is trying to make a statement, they can create their own hype and marketing on a large scale. it's interesting to see Nintendo to move from just quarterly Directs into Directs centered fully on one game, to a major one last year, to now a full digital event.

Until E3 comes around we honestly have no idea how it will turn out. Really all any of us can do is speculate so far what the Nintendo event will be. It could be a failure as many suggest or fear, it could be the greatest move Nintendo could ever make. I don't get when people say Nintendo is throwing in the towel, rather imo it's as if they're creating their own arena.

Time will tell

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

You pick. Nintendo gving gamers the opportunity to play their games and getting constant info about their gamers everyhour during E3 show floor and watch Smash Bros. Tournament Live.

Or just giving it to the media with on stage presentation who will go a write bad press about them weeks later. No Best Buy Event. No Smash Tournament. No Treehouse Development Live.

Is Nintendo E3 for the media or fans, gamers and consumers.

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