Jimquisition The Trap Of Gamer Gratitude

When a publisher fixes a problem, think twice before you say thanks.

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CBOAT1418d ago

I like Jim Sterling a fair bit, but I sure wish that he would stop trying to tell us how we should think or feel about things, and just say how he feels about things. I don't need you telling me what I should do with my money, time, or gratitude. Thanks.

bessy671418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

I really wonder if Jim Sterling (or anyone bashing these microtransactions) has ever even played PvZ Garden Warfare. The microtransactions fund free DLC; the most expensive pack, which gives you a new character, is 40K credits and only takes 45 minutes to an hour of normal gameplay to unlock; you can be perfectly competitive with the default stuff; and it gives players who don't want to bother with progression the option to pay and speed up that process. This is the prime example of how microtransactions can be a good thing but people see "EA" and "microtransactions" and have a conniption fit before even investigating how it works.