Wait, Did We Just Get Excited About a COD Release?

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was just announced, and (understandably), it's been met with a certain amount of cynicism. Do we have reason to be excited for this title?

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BlackOni1539d ago

Hahah. And what is the reason you aren't excited?

headwing451539d ago

What's your reason for being excited? There's no gameplay... as of right now it has the same promise as every other COD game, which only gets worse by the release.

pompombrum1539d ago

Perhaps because it's nothing more than a carefully constructed video that (successfully) relies heavily on the pull of Kevin Spacey.

Don't get me wrong, it's actually managed to drum up interest from me which is a miracle after how bad Ghosts was but still haven't seen anywhere near enough to know whether this is going to breathe new life into a game that badly needs it.

Palitera1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Hm... Because it's the same marketing campaign from every year? Or because they don't deliver their promises (destructive stuff on Ghosts reminds of Doom 1)? Or because their games are getting much worse every year?

Still don't get it?

Well, because they were able to fool stupid people for only less than one week this time. Even their marketing plots are getting old. haha

But of course... VERY stupid people will be fooled (and excited) until the game arrives, just to realize it is just a previousCOD+1, nothing more.

"BUT BUT BUT you're telling people are sucked into the marketing hype without seeing the game and you are bashing it also without seeing it..."

Well, we have already seen that even the marketing lines are the same: "new" engine, true evolution to the series, groundbreaking innovation blablabla.

Good CODs died with IW, get over it.

Blasphemy1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

its call of duty what reason is there to get excited

@ pelitera treyach makes better cod games

KwietStorm1539d ago

Because it's Call of Duty. Actually right now, it's Kevin Spacey Modern Warfare. It takes almost nothing for some people to get excited these days, and this isn't the first time we've heard about a "new kind of" COD. I don't really care either way. I'm not buying it.

trenso11539d ago

All of the above there was no gameplay at all and every year they have a scripted high action trailer to get they hype going. It certainly looks different but in no way should anyone be excited at this point.

Matt6661539d ago

This is why I didn't get excited

1)Lagg (yes that a big problem when online can mean the difference between a kill or death)
2)Very poor hit detection (at times you can hit some one around a corner)
3)Over the top aim-assist (just look at qs etc and see how over the top it is)
4)Quick scoping (ruins the game) (snipers are meant for long range)
5)No-scoping (ruins the game) (snipers are ment for long range)
6)The knife being the most powerful weapon on the game,( I didn't know getting swiped across the foot can kill you)
7)Small boring maps (time for some new maps)
8)6V6 game modes (time for more players in game modes)
9)There needs to be tanks, (they where in WAW so why not anymore),
10)Stupid perks like commando, unlimited sprint etc, (I didn't know you could sprint for a unlimited time or that you could extend you melee attack)
11) 80% of the weapons would of been in previous COD's (time for some new weapons or least more variety),
12) Still not being able to see your body or legs when looking down (you could see your legs in the first Halo) (and what the point of customization if you can't see it)
13) A new game engine (yes it's time for a new engine)
14) reduce the range you can throw c4 (it might as well be classed as a grenade how far you can throw it at the moment)
15) Dynamic destruction (this would bring a whole new way how COD is played and reduce the number of campers etc)
16) Actually ban the cheaters and hackers (I sick and fed up with cheaters ad hackers ruining the game for everyone else because they have no skill of there own)

But the creators of COD won't fix any of them because loads of people will continue supporting the series by buying the game and the COD creators will keep making the same game because people will continue to buy it so they won't change or fix it.

ZodTheRipper1539d ago

CoD just doesn't work for me anymore. I will never get excited about any future CoD before reviews give me reason to.

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AngelicIceDiamond1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

There's 2 things to pull from the reveal. First the Pros.

1. The graphics

The AW looks better than any other COD game so far that much is apparent. I read somewhere that Sledghammer built another engine from the ground up so this a brand new engine. (a real new engine)

2. The story

Hopefully Kevin Spacey will deliver a much needed story performance to this game and hopefully future actors or actresses can breath life into future COD campaigns.

Respawn is trying to prove that story isn't relevant in twitch shooters. While Acti and COD devs think they have a place in the genre.

While I particularly don't care where the direction goes at least AW looks to be the most interesting story with Kevin Spacey's role.

The Cons.

Gameplay: So how much of what we saw are we actually gonna be doing? Jumping 10 to 15 feet in the air, wall crawling super punching walls, turning invisible are those scripted railed elements or actual gameplay that we can control?

Imo it would be a fail if we couldn't do at least half the stuff of what they showed.

That would be very disappointing to play through the game running at normal speed jumping at normal height being told when and where to activate these abilities and not real time.

Like I said fail and pretty pointless to us.

2. MP: So how much of what we saw will make it to MP? Is everyone gonna be super jumping and have super strength? That could make for some very fun moments in COD MP but lets face it how balance and fair will all this be?

Maybe you can unlock and enhance different exo skeleton suits in MP and upgrades. How will new players fair against higher levels of suits if that was the case?

Sounds like time will play a major factor. Just simply playing it will make you a better character VS someone who doesn't invest as much time. But like I said how could a lower levels compete against much higher players with better suits?

That's where balance comes in.

AW has allot of potential and COD fans are more excited than ever of course. Even though there's allot of pros there's some very questionable cons that need addressing soon.

The series imo is steadily going down but hopefully AW can revive the series.

ScareFactor1539d ago

I agree. But there are more cons than pros, atleast when it comes to the MP. Future is fine but this may be over the top

Gohadouken1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

We've heard that claim before about some new engine . And we know the game is still planned on ps3/360 . So no while i expect improvement (but not as much as it should having been milking over 3-4 times already) , i do not believe about some new engine until proven . There has been to many lies about the serie , about what's possible or needed thus far .. it no longer got an excuse with some of us , for doing less that some games with far lesser budgets and expectations in such fields .

What was shown in the trailer was decent . Not ugly , but nothing exceptional either . Spacey's facial modelisation isnt even far off from what we could see from those in stuff like Mass effect 2-3 .. imho . TO be fair ME 2-3's likeness were pretty good all things considered , but it should be a whole step ahead now .

"Gameplay: So how much of what we saw are we actually gonna be doing? "
Even there i remain cynical . Remember all those climbing sequence , swimming , dog action , snow engines , mini submarines we kept being fed in the cod campaign lately . ANd now remember how little translated into the actual gameplay and mp .

PS :

I'm just pessimistic about their motivations and the game being such an improvement .

I'm not hoping for the game and franchise to be mediocre . If anything , as a non fan , i hope it remains successful . It needs to be , to stop salivating publishers from emulating and incorporating further , what i dont like from COD ... It's that or when it dwindles down someone else will try to fill the void , possiblity at the expense of an existing franchise and sucking its soul out of it , instead of creating a new one .

CaptainFaisal1539d ago

I have a feeling this year will be diffrent ! I mean after all CoD is now on a 3 year cycle and this is the first time we get to see sledgehammers CoD ! Which should be fresh !EACH of the devs have diffrent styles, im anxious to know what sledgehammer is capable of and judging from the trailer it will look amazing ! Graphics wise ... we still havnt seen actual gameplay and we will have to wait till E3 to start judging the game! I honestly want to know what they have as their secret game mode , treyarch - zombies , IW - Aliens ,sledgehammer - dinos ? ^^ as for MP i know they wont dissapoint as its next gen so maybe more weapons, maps, bigger player cap? , bigger maps! (Because we can jump higher and run faster etc...)

3-4-51539d ago

Ghosts didn't interest me at all and I have been playing more Battlefield in the past year, but I'm actually kind of excited to see what they do with this new COD.

I was getting bored of the same old BS & if they can actually do something good this time I might buy it but if it's more of the same I'm not even wasting my time.

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BlackOni1539d ago

Are you at all hopeful we'll see a dramatic change?

shadow18spirit1539d ago

i just think its going to be the same as always (plus a little like titanfall), and graphic improvement , just as every call of duty. the only thing exciting about this is kevin spacey

PurpHerbison1539d ago

Same reasons since MW2 my friend.

FITgamer1539d ago

Not excited, but this one has definitely peaked my interest in COD again. Still need to see more before i'm sold.

BlackOni1539d ago

Agreed, I'm eager to see how this pans out in Multiplayer, and how they balance those new features.

FITgamer1539d ago

Hope Sledgehammer revamp COD and get IW and Treyarch to step their game up.

Garethvk1539d ago

New production team, longer developmental cycle, futuristic setting, and new gameplay options and modes. Hard for people to say it is the same old thing again.

KwietStorm1539d ago

It's not hard at all. It's really easy. Everything is banter until it happens, and with the cash cow this trash is every single year, it's hard to believe they would stray too far from what has worked for them, or else those same people who buy it every single year are going to be disappointed.

Palitera1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

New production team: not new. MW3.
Longer developmental cycle: three years, one studio. Other have been bad with 3 studios and two years, making for a total 6 studio-years. This info means nothing.
Futuristic setting: not new. Ghosts.
New gameplay options and modes: not new. Every year there is 1% new.
Secret stage - New engine: joke, right?

It is the same marketing lines and probably will be the same game. Again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again.

ginsunuva1538d ago

New team? kinda..
Longer dev cycle: yeah.
Futuristic Setting: Look how BO2 turned out
New Gameplay Options and Modes: isn't that expected?

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