Harmonix launches Kickstarter for Amplitude successor

Harmonix hopes to revisit its PlayStation 2 title Amplitude through a new Kickstarter just launched today.

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6DEAD6END61539d ago

Day one buy for me when and if it comes out.

FlameHawk1539d ago

If you are saying it's a day one buy I really hope you backed it.

imt5581539d ago

I will support this on Kickstarter. At least 10$ for a name in credits. Love first Amplitude.

Summons751539d ago

Shame when great devs need to beg for money, common some publisher must want to pick them up so they don't have to resort to scam....the site

mkis0071539d ago

You get the game though...

Summons751539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

99.9% of the games that aren't scams are awful because they are FAILED IDEAS that a publisher wouldn't fund.

mkis0071539d ago

Amplitude has quite a following from the ps2 era. My friend went crazy when I told him about this. It wasn't a commercial success because it was slightly ahead of its time.The kick starter has 110,000 already in a day. Looks like a lot of people want it.

Baka-akaB1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )


Baka-akaB1539d ago

It still doesnt make sense . Not only Harmonix gained money from his latest console games , but they received a huge settlement from Viacom .

Those people shouldnt be needing to kickstart a game , and cases like this pisses me off , even if the game is somewhat popular . $775,000 ? They got so many times more than that via lawsuits alone

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mkis0071539d ago

$103,000 in less than a day...looks good so far.

Jeff2571539d ago

I still own Frequency and Amplitude on PS2 so of course I had to help fund this. Couldn't do more than 20 but at least I will get the game on day one for both my PS4 and PS3. Hopefully this is one series that will again gain a following and continue for years to come.

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