Marvel Can't Release a Bad Avengers Game, So Who Will Make a Good One?

Marvel's superheroes are at their strongest on the silver screen, but what'll it take for them to live large in your games? As the DC gaming juggernaut of Arkham Knight nears its pending release this year, Marvel has the opportunity to step up its game and assemble a masterpiece on your game screen.

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4logpc1566d ago

Give it to Raven with a good budget. I still like playing the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

-Foxtrot1566d ago

They need to find their "Rocksteady" to be honest

However I wouldn't jump straight into an Avenger game, they should build it up in another universe seperate from the film ones. Like a video game marvel universe so they can stay more source to the source material without the worry of it being too "unrealistic"

I think they should start with Captain America, I could imagine a Captain America game taken inspiration from the Arkham Games.