Questions Raised By Driveclub

In this article, Matt from Gamers Sphere touches on some questions raised by the recent Driveclub announcements:

Are we beings spoiled by free games every month?
Does Evolution Studios owe us a free game?
Should we be upset that it is hardly more than a demo?

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TheNotoriousNiceGuy1568d ago ShowReplies(8)
psforward1568d ago

Notorious is about to become a one bubble troll...On topic I am looking forward to this "glorified demo" and the discount on the full version.

showtimefolks1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

too many times now all we are talking about is 1080P/60FPS or the resolution, but if the game is fun than none of that even matters. All this fanboy Bullshit on every gaming site all the damn time, i am so F****** tired of it

all the time these people spend on gaming sites when do y'all even play games? so now a game that gets a 9/10 and is doing 60FPS/1080P is the only one worth picking up

serious, do you all even remember why we got into gaming? why we use to go to arcades and loose bunch of quarters? there were no trophies/achievements, and the real gamers didn't have to play dark souls to prove they are real gamers

its like on none of the sites you can have a dult conservation about gaming, if its a PS4 article than xbox defense force is in full affect and if its xbox one article than the darkside is is full affect

FUN=Great Games

Great looking yet boring games like the ones CRytek makes are not FUN(seriously i urge people tp play Cruysis 3 just to see how stunning the game looks and how boring/dull and uninspiring the game really is

Please for the love of gaming stop this crap, grow up a bit. General media looks at gamers as bunch of nerdy punk virgin kids in their parents basements anyway. anything that happens gets blamed on a game like GTA or COD so outside media/people already look down on us and we are not doing our self any favors either

one love fun gaming peace out

WeAreLegion1568d ago

Driveclub raises a lot of things. ;)

Majin-vegeta1568d ago our damn electricity bill xD

jhoward5851568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Man most gamers on N4G don't read. The reason they went with 30fps is to make sure the controls/play mechanics were responsive enough to insure greatness. Plus the internet speed can also affect the game play if the frame rate is too high for the bandwidth to handle.

DC is a highly competitive game. so 30fps is the best option.

KongRudi1568d ago

I'm fairly certain that the locked 30 FPS, has also alot to do with the multiplayer not at the same time, needs to be equal for all..

I.e, if you race on a track and have 6 cars around you in a certain curve, you'd perhaps get a huge framedrop if alot of stuff happened - and later a competing club were doing the same track, but only had 3 competitors around him - they'd not experience framedrops and it would be easier for them. :-/

So that's one thing wich is fine with lower framerate, it's more likely to be equal competition.

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The story is too old to be commented.