Road to E3 2014: Resident Evil 7 Discussion

Should the RE world continue where its last numbered installment left off, or should Capcom hit reset on the entire franchise?

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cfc781179d ago

Please!!! hit the reset button and while your there hit that remake button also,Resident No Evil is on it's way i can't wait really i can't,shoot the series or shoot me either will do.(i hope im wrong but i see it being Resi 6.5 no horror no survival no puzzles no atmosphere no scares i could go on but i won't prove me wrong Capcom please!!!).

Douchebag6961178d ago

They should make all their employees replay the first two (maybe Resident evil 0 too) just so they can see how far the game has fallen from grace. Perhaps, this will get them back on track and bring back the suspense, the scrounging for supplies, the murderous crows, zombies and dead dogs! And, lets not forget the music! Great way to build suspense!

cfc781178d ago

Totally agree with you everything good about the series has gone it's just another movie tie in game these days to me i'd love to see it brought back to the great days of the early games(i thought 0 was good)7 though will probably just be another slap in the face to the fans of the survival/horror genre.

KinjoTakemura1179d ago

If the story continues where 5 and 6 left off, this game is in serious trouble.

Scissorman821177d ago

It most likely will...and with Jake Muller as the lead! Isn't that great! And Alice from the movies may be in there as well. Capcom is so on the pulse of what this community wants. =P

1179d ago
JMyers1179d ago

I am not getting another Resident Evil game. 6 is one of the worst games I have ever bought.

AWAD-KSA71179d ago

Please,Capcom come back to Resident Evil parts 1.2.3

genius1179d ago

the only resident evil to me

is just ( 0, 1, 2, 3 and code veronica )

if the next game not do like those parts above
then there is no hope left and i'm done with this game forever

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The story is too old to be commented.