'The Witcher 3' trying to avoid enemies like zombies or generic aliens, says CDP

The Witcher 3 is a game that looks to be sporting incredible scope and size when you look at the world, story and its depth. CD Projekt RED (CDP) wants this game to be the absolute best thing the RPG genre has received, period. In order to achieve this, CDP is working hard to make sure The Witcher 3's enemies in the game are unique and so is each mission.

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gillri1599d ago

I would hope so, but Id prefer this game to 40/50 hours of unique game design and not 200 hours of copy and paste dungeons, repetitive side missions, and filler fetch quests

ScareFactor1599d ago

I couldn't agree more. That is what most RPG's do wrong, Skyrim felt that way to me

showtimefolks1599d ago


yes sir i hope more developers give us great quality over more quantity. Infamous 2nd son's side missions or so bad compared to the main story, kingdom of Amular also had the same issue among many games(i am not to single out one game just using these 2 as examples)

i hope this gen developers just go for quality. Give us diversity/

also i don't care if Witcher 3 is 25 hours but if those 25 hours are filled with awesome missions and stuff to do i will happily pay.

maelstromb1599d ago

I believe that is CD Projekt's intent here; not only to offer a broader scope of the world, but to actually create fresh and worthwhile content which presents real, satisfying value within the context of the Witcher narrative. Skyrim vanilla excelled at content, but 70% of its side-quests, if not more, ultimately looked like fat which could have easily been trimmed; only they were left intact because Bethesda thought fans couldn't tell the difference between size and value. I have 100% confidence in CD Projekt, especially because they already have an incredibly successful, yet over-bloated example of what not to do--and that will matter immensely in the end game.

LAWSON721599d ago

The main story is to take 50 or so hrs, so odds are that will at least be extremely well polished even if some of the side stuff is nothing special

FalloutWanderer20771598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

They are shooting for an additional 50 hours for side quests. 50 hrs main quest/50 hrs side quests plus you will have random encounters,mini-game activities and monster hunting.

IIRC they have used red dead redemption random encounters as an example. Which IMO is a good template for inspiration of random encounters * open-world design done right.

From what I have read, the monster hunting sounds like an evolved,more in depth version of the legendary creatures/animals you hunted in red dead. If I am right or even close,it should be awesome.

If the recent rumors are to be believed, the world size has grown since the original 35 times larger than the Witcher 2 / 20% bigger than Skyrim statements.

If that truly is the case, I am not sure if we are looking at a more densely populated world that is larger with even more content or if they have increased world-size in order to implement proper scale.

For example - Not having towns/cities and points of interest smack dab right next to one another. One of the complaints of the Bethesda open-world games by a lot of gamers.

For all the content those games have, they certainly lack believable scale to immerse the player or give the illusion of scale in a simulated world. I love those games and enjoy playing them.despite the "theme-park" open-world complaints.

I have to admit ,I am really looking forward to the Witcher 3. If they can pull off what they are saying, then we are all in for one hell of a game.

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brich2331599d ago

So we will get Generic monsters to kill?

gameDevWannaBe1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

u couldn't make a point on a graph....

This will be rpgoty watch...

Mega241599d ago

Still waiting on Cyberpunk 2077.

GameDev11599d ago

Yeah you will be waiting until 2077

KaMaHKaZiE1599d ago

Yeah I'd hope so as well. 100% agree with gillri up there, I to would prefer unique game play to copy and paste stuff... It just gets boring.. With this new Gen of gaming they gotta take advantage and just go off...

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