Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Lead Platform Not XB1, PS4 Will Be Definitive Console Version: Insider

Sledgehammer Games recently unveiled images and the first trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare which showcased – among other things – EXO suits, futuristic weaponry, PMCs and the ever amazing Kevin Spacey. The visuals caught our attention above all as they appeared several tiers above last year’s Call of Duty: Ghosts. Best of all, the footage was all captured on the Xbox One. But is it the lead platform?

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ats19921206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Yep i didn't even have to read the article to know this was from Thuway. This guy really needs to just stop he is just as bad as famousmortimer and needs to be banned from neogaf. The sooner we get rid of all these so called "insiders" the better it will be.

Nitrowolf21206d ago

If he`s right people arr gonna source him as crrdible but ignore the fact that this rumor started in march

mark3214uk1206d ago

why would they release a trailer saying filmed on the xbox one if ps4 was lead platform?

NatureOfLogic_1206d ago

Why do people dislike these insiders so much. They're right about most of their rumors. I remember people going after CBOAT after he said, Xbox One will be mostly 720p games, now look at Xbox One library of games, mostly 720p or <1080p. I like that these insiders sort of counter MS moneyhatting tactics. We get real info, no bs.

Jubez1871206d ago

i saw "arr" and now I wanna play

afterMoth1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

In shocking news a fake insider claims the most powerful console will be the lead platform.

Have to love Neogaf and all their "insiders".

AceBlazer131206d ago

It's possible. Even if they made PS4 the lead platform, Microsoft still would have dibs on the early dlc and advertising.

Sevir1206d ago

The simple answer to your question is the fact that All COD games since COD4:MW was shown on an Xbox platform. And most importantly because MS has Partnership with Activision for the COD IP, in the same way Sony has with Acti and Destiny.

All COD games are marketed on XBOX since Call of Duty 4, so that includes promotional footage and exclusive Advertising and DLC on the platform first.

TomShoe1206d ago

A lead platform is the system that a game is initially developed in. After it's finished on the lead platform, the game is then ported to other platforms. Thuway means that the game is being developed initially on the PS4. Xbox is being advertised because Microsoft and Activision have a co-marketing agreement, like Sony has with Destiny.

Sevir1206d ago

Ghost was lead on PC, and shown off on XBOX One and the PS4 still ends up being the best of the 2 next gen... They could lead on XBO to maximize its performance for that platform, but on PS4 it'll shine being the more powerful console...

Peppino71206d ago

This is good news unless the xbone version comes out better once again on multiplat. So unless dev use each systems' advantages during development instead of making an equally looking game for parity-sake then the lead plat is gonna have some bad backlash if it has an inferior final game.

fr0sty1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )


$$$. Just like how all the DLC will come out on XB1 first as well. Same as with Ghosts, even though PS4 was still the definitive console version.

MS wanted the XB1 version seen first before the pixel counters got hold of the comparison footage, so people could still see that even though it will likely run at 900p or below, it still looks good.

lawgone1205d ago

@Sevir I have a PS4 and XB1 and I have COD Ghosts and Battlefield 4 on both. The PS4 version is vastly inferior. I even sent mine in for repairing thinking it was broken. Nope. New one does the same thing. Just google "PS4 frame rate issues" and you'll see scores of people still having problems. It's often unplayable and I've given up on it. I only play it on the XB1 now. I'm pissed at how it behaves on the PS4.


avengers19781205d ago

Xbox has a deal with COD for advertising and DLC, much like Sony with watchdogs and destiny.
The trailer they showed did say "captured on Xbox one" it didn't say running on XB1, it didn't said made on XB1, it said captured... To me that indicates they hooked up a PC to an XB1 with HDMI and used XB1s share feature nothing more.

If the game is 800-900p 60fps on XB1, and 1080p 60fps on PS4 what then.

scott1821205d ago

Great! Can't wait to play on PS4!

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GamerXD1206d ago

Why not, it's a slow news day lol.

afterMoth1206d ago

Breaking news from this same Neogaf "insider"

"Mario Kart 8's lead platform will be the Wii U!"

Benjaminkno1205d ago

The only "rumor" is that the definitive console version is completely ignored by the "Call of Duty" loyalists, (and I use that term loosely) completely neglect the superior WiiU version.

Perhaps it's the name.

torchic1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

with that said, PS4 being lead platform + being the definitve version probably isn't too far away from the truth...

Fireseed1206d ago

Definitive CONSOLE version...

nypifisel1206d ago

Pretty sure it will still be marketed as an Xbox game, no way MS giving away that cash cow. PS4 being definitive version will be the case of every single game released this generation, that's just physics.

Calling the game "amazing looking" is having a laugh really though, the engine will be the same. And gamers are getting tired of it, I think the FPS market is very fatigued right now, especially concerning twich shooters. Hopefully we'll see something new coming out of it.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1206d ago ShowReplies(9)
No_Limit1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Thuway, LOL. This rumor was started by Pete Dodd back in March. Dodd was recently exposed as a fake for spreading lies about the Sony layoffs and is since banned from Neogaf. Thuway is just picky backing on what Dodd said since he is just another fanboy disguise as an insider, just like his buddy, Pete Dodd.

It could be true or not but most people really don't care which one is the lead, only fanboys do.

GortJester1206d ago

Anyone else laugh at *Picky Backing*?

Speak_da_Truth1206d ago

Fanboys such as yourself right!! oh no i own both consoles so i'm not a fanboy pshhhhh!!1!!

No_Limit1206d ago

@a7xgemini ,

You are right, it is piggy, got me there on the typo.

@Speak_da_Truth, wrong, I actually own three consoles and I am getting MLB 14 one more day for my PS4, Mario Kart 8 at the end of the month while enjoying my Titanfall on XB1. Hope you enjoy your inFamous on PS4 as I also have that game as well. :P

RyanShutup1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

darkside points awarded to you tho for keeping the typo so I could get a laugh out of it. Well played bro! ;)

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Mikelarry1206d ago

@ mark

exactly what I was thinking as well, as much as i like COD i really don't care enough which platform is lead aynmore. now if this was a new IP it would be a different story.

user56695101206d ago

Agree The gfx look trash on every platform, so I Dont get the hype. Cod is fun but I want to know is why are they still making this every year. Who is still buying these. Are the same people that buys madden every year. I Dont even remember the last risk Activision took.

Was the last risk trying to bully the original IW team. I see wrong risk. Or was it bringing out sc and diablo 3 ten years too early

Metfanant1206d ago

Let's face only feel this way because you don't want what he says to be true...

TekoIie1205d ago

Thats sort of logic can be caught and thrown right back at anyone who uses it -_-

AngelicIceDiamond1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

What Thuway is saying is true the PS4 is most powerful therefor the game will I guess in someways look better on PS4 like resolution. Though early showings suggest the res is above 720p on X1 already.

He also stated 7 millions+ sales suggest most people will play the game on PS4 with there friends the most.

Ok but that's based off of what? Educated guess and speculation? He has no real evidence or proof of what he said. Even though what he said makes perfect sense.

But his statement sounds like something someone will say here on N4G.

The marketing push that MS usually does for COD will push the usual high units sold on X1 the version compared to the other versions Even if that number isn't usually by a whole lot.

The ones that care about the power difference will buy it for PS4 of course but what if X1 is 1080p 60 frames this time? There goes the power difference all we have then is sales to play off of.

Like I said what he saying is right and he could end up being right but hes just giving his 2 cents with no real inside info I mean he doesn't work for Sledgehammer games and I dunno if he has clearance to check up on the game like that so how could he possibly know? He's just giving us his realistic opinion.

Which is great I'm open to speculation.

04STIBluByU1206d ago

You guess it will look better...NO!!! There is no guessing...IT WILL LOOK BETTER! Its THEIR not THERE. Another Big WHAT IF from an xbox fan...Sony has better hardware and more hardware sales therefore lets not kid ourselves. But I do agree that this guy is just pointing out facts!! I love N4G this place has the best comments next to sports fans. I am pro Sony. I admit it. I am 29 years old and have been playing on THEIR consoles since the PS1 days. I have a reason to be pro Sony, they are the best in the gaming business.