20 Most Amazing Video Games Cinematic Trailers Ever

JunkExplorer: The introductory cinematic or opening movies in a video game can make a truly memorable. Here are 20 best video games opening cinematic.

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prince51446d ago

World of Warcraft would be on top..

Roccetarius1446d ago

Actually, the one shown in the picture is what i would suggest to be on top. :)

Panthers1446d ago

Have you seen The Old Republics cinematic? Its better than WoWs. Hell, Starcraft 2 HoTS is better than WoWs.

Midgus1446d ago

final fantasy VIII ftw, so underrated because of VII

Palitera1446d ago

Dead Island and The Witcher 2 to me.

Palitera1446d ago

And Sacred 2. Best freeze spell representation I had seen to that date.

viccrack1446d ago

dead island was an okaish game riptide sukd man

Ace Killa 081446d ago

Some of the games listed were deserve it, but obviously there's more than 20. Gears of War also had a kick ass intro. Hell even Counter Strike GO was fun!

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The story is too old to be commented.