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GameZone: 'You know that scene in Spider-Man 3 where Tobey Maguire is walking down the street, dancing and shooting fingers from his hips to music? The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game never approaches that level of bad, but considering what it could have been, it's quite a disappointment. There are some wonderful concepts, but the game feels rushed and there's a lot of poor execution.'

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Wagz221600d ago

This is so depressing to hear all these reviews. I was hoping this was going to be the next Spiderman 2 game. I bought it but haven't opened it yet. Is it really that terrible? Cause I'm really thinking of returning it.

diesoft1600d ago

Sounds like the best case scenario is that it's a mediocre game. Personally I'm tired of mediocre spiderman so this will be the first open world spiderman game I will pass on. If you have your eye on something else I'd recommend that.

ZeekQuattro1600d ago

I'm a fan of the game but seeing how you seem to put so much stock into reviews I doubt anything I could say would convince to actually play the game before passing judgement. Smh

B1uBurneR1600d ago

devopers Choose one. A. you lack creativeness B. You lack resources financially C. You're cccking lazy the Xbox one version should have giving you the options to use kinect to sling around the city. If it works great if it comes off too mediocre at least you would've gave it/us a option.