An Interview With Michael Pachter: PS Now, E3 Announcements, Xbox One Cloud And More

"If you are into video games then we are pretty sure that you must have heard about Michael Pachter. He is the managing director at Wedbush Securities, and also writes investor reports for some of the biggest video games publishers in the industry. In short, Michael Pachter knows stuff that most people don't know."

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Geobros1451d ago

I love his new beard!!! :o

3-4-51451d ago

If each system released 50+ new games, nobody would talk about a price drop for anybody.

* Right now Sony is kind of lucky their fanbase has been as loyal as it's been.

At this point, we need to wait for E3, to really see what the future holds because it doesn't seem that there will be too many great games being released from this point on in 2014.

* There are good games being released but not at the same rate as in past years.

I have high hopes for E3.

Mr Pumblechook1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Pachter still beating the drum for his favourite console company; he says "It’s funny when you say they have the weakest first party, because Uncharted, and inFamous, and The Last of Us, I would bet you if you took a single version of those three games, they don’t add up to Halo. And I would say if you take the next three games made by Sony’s first party studios, they won’t add up to Gears of War."!

Yeah Pachter keep your head in the sand and ignore the universal worldwide praise for The Last of Us. He is the dictionary definition of a fanboy. The new Gears has barely been started and he is claiming it's better then anything Sony can produce!

A nice, long meaty interview. Well done Parijat!

Th4Freak1450d ago

May I ask what does you comment has to do with @Geobros comment about Patcher's beard?

voodoochild3461450d ago

@Mr Pumblechook
I've said this before. Anyone who looks upon a new gears with anything resembling hope not strong disdain after the trash that was gears 3 and judgment, instantly loses credibility with me. If he's talking about sales then I'm pretty sure that god of war 3/ascension out sold judgment by itself...

Picnic1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

The truth about the Xbox One:

It appears to be very well made. The controller is so sturdy with good materials used and even the fact that it still uses batteries doesn't make it hopelessly outdated when you consider that the battery life is said to be very long. The headset that it comes with is very decent.

Hardware / peripheral wise, Microsoft lead in everything except the basics of the gaming engine itself (and opinions on the design of the console casing tend to favour PS4 but even there the truth is that the Xbox One's ventilation keeps it slightly cooler and quieter).

I personally find the user interface difficult to use as I am not used to Windows style. And a platform game by the likes of Rare would have given the Kinect 2.0 more new interest than another Kinect Sports.

Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break are of interest to me. Gears of War and Halo never have been nor Project Spark (Xbox360 era type visuals are not a good start).

Activemessiah1451d ago

Is there any way we can pay him to not talk? Kickstarter maybe? coz i'd pay.

DCfan1451d ago

You can ignore what he says... for free.

thehobbyist1450d ago

No, because then he wins.

XiNarutoUzumaki1451d ago

I feel sorry for those who lost their time interviewing this Turd

hiredhelp1451d ago

Price drop seriously? MS needs show and put out New games.

WeAreLegion1451d ago

Does Pachter not know Mario Kart comes out before E3?

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