Blizzard Working On Unannounced ‘Epic’ Next-Gen Multiplayer Game – Job Listings Reveal First Details

T1 - Renowned publisher and developer Blizzard is working on a new, unannounced AAA title, according to a series of new job listings posted on the official Blizzard website.

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Panthers1534d ago

With all these smaller projects coming from Blizzard (Hearthstone and Heros of the Storm) I cant wait to see what big project they have next.

I also need info on Legacy of the Void.

3-4-51534d ago

Yea Pretty much anything Blizzard does is AT WORST, a pretty solid game.

Can't wait to see what this is.

Retroman1534d ago

Champion of Norrath 4 anyone???

stavrami-mk21534d ago

Just gimme a diablo ps4 release date

qu1ckset1534d ago

So curious to what this is!

arkard1534d ago

Really wish they would come out with Warcraft 4. I like the focus of heroes and small armies in Warcraft VA Starcraft.

Roccetarius1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I can't imagine Blizzard creating something new, and this is probably released far into the future as well.

Pretty much all of their popular games were created from something else, except Diablo.

Muadiib1534d ago

And even that was made by a company they bought and turned into Blizz North.

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