Most Memorable Music In Games

Sam at GamersFTW takes a look back at the best music and orchestra's in gaming.

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yeahright21534d ago

No forever Rachel = fail in my book.

In all seriousness, there are so many, you could do a list of 50 and still miss some pretty good ones

incendy351534d ago

When I hear the words "Video Game" the Pacman intro theme plays in my head :D

MNGamer-N1534d ago

How come Zelda is not on the list? They should be #1. They even have an orchestra touring and holding concerts, selling out everywhere.

Septic1534d ago

Zelda should be number one by far. Ocarina of time....oh man...

VlllAxelLea1534d ago

Kingdom Hearts & the persona series have the best music imo

zRude1534d ago

Metal Gear Solid - Best Is Yet To Come. Never forget.

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