NHL 15 Features Revealed

GoodGameBro writes, "In addition to a teaser trailer for NHL 15, EA SPORTS released 10 new features that will be in the game."

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malokevi1569d ago

Great news. I know some people who are waiting on this before they grab a next-gen console.

SkippyPaccino1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

I bought a ps4 day one and was bummed out to know that there was no PS4 version... Than again the NHL team at EA is very small and would rather they release a finished product than a rush piece of garbage

FlameWater1569d ago

No PC wow, okay EA if you don't want my money

frostypants1569d ago

Have their sports games ever sold well on PC?

FlameWater1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Fifa 14 sold 270,000
so I'm sure if they focused on the market they would do well

ginganinja1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

The series hasn't been on PC in 5 years. Seems like there's not enough people who think like you do to warrant it.

p.s. according to your link the PC version of FIFA was outsold by the Vita version... the VITA version... the VITA version!

SaffronCurse1569d ago

Nobody buys a hockey game for pc.

FlameWater1569d ago

But they buy soccer games on PC

Gamer19821568d ago

All games are bought on PC. I buy FIFA on my PC. I love NHL and prefer it to FIFA and didn't get last years as it was only available on last gen. PC always blew away PS3 and 360 so yeah with sports games where you can obviously tell the difference, yeah it makes sense to go PC. The issue is EA limits its major games other than The Sims to Origin on PC and that kills sales. If they released there games on STEAM they would sell 10X more copies. It what killed titanfall sales on PC.

Thefreeman0121569d ago

Cant wait. next gen and new commentary! I am hoping this will be as epic as it sounds

SuperBlur1569d ago

im hyped! a true hd nhl game was long overdue ! :D

denawayne1569d ago

Can't stand "doc". He's very annoying

Thefreeman0121569d ago

Cant be anymore annoying than the same overplayed commentary of the past 10 years

Ausbo1569d ago

Doc emmerick is awesome

knifefight1569d ago

Regis "Pierre" McGuire makes me want to turn the volume allll the way down. Hopefully he's not in this game.

ifistbrowni1568d ago

Doc is one of the best, he can be overly "poetic" though.

Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda are my favorite announcers (Shark home ice broadcasters). It could be because the Sharks are my favorite team, but i find them to be without bias. Colorado broadcasters are pretty cool too.

I think EA needs to fork up some cash (lord knows they make a killing off of HUT), and get team-specific home-ice announcers for each team.

Example, I pick Sharks, you pick Penguins in versus. You have Bob Erry and Paul Stagerwalt (most annoying announcers in the NHL) and i have Drew Remenda and Randy Hahn. We'd both have different commentary tracks. IMO that would be so awesome.

Though, getting rid of the old track is a step in the right direction.

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sander97021569d ago

The last time EA said they where going to put in emersive features in a game it was the latest Madden game and that was fucking terrible!

MaxKruger1569d ago

Finally, NHL comes to next-gen!

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The story is too old to be commented.