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Submitted by xboxpete 645d ago | opinion piece

Voted Worst Company But Chart Gamers Disagree

So it seems that the giant steamroller that is EA Games continues on it’s path.

EA Games have picked up some really bad publicity in the past few years, but they make games that people want to buy.

Last weeks chart proves this.

No Company wants poor public opinion however is it always the case that EA have to get it?

Or that they deserve it? (EA, Industry, UKIE)

nope111  +   644d ago
EA sucks but they are hardly the worst company in American.
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MaxKruger  +   644d ago
Anyone who seriously thinks EA is the worst company in America is so out of touch with reality.
mhunterjr  +   644d ago
Seriously! They make games... In a nation filled with Title Loan companies, monopolizing communication companies, crooked energy companies, crime mongering law firms, vulture capitalists, IP squatters, a criminal filled banking system etc how can a gaming company be considered the worst?

Really, America has got much bigger problems.
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nosferatuzodd  +   644d ago
URNightmare  +   644d ago
I think Microsoft takes the crown as the worst company in America.
VegasDawg  +   644d ago
You mean the Conservatives? LOL, they even destroyed what democracy we had.

Just so people know the U.S is not a democracy never has been,it's a Republic, most Americans are so brain washed they don't know what kind of country they live in.
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rivencleft  +   643d ago
Much agreed, I hate EA, love some of their games, but for the most part I believe they're a money grubbing POS company that likes to shat on the fans that have made them what they are *cough* Plants Vs. Zombies 2 *cough*, but there are FAR worse companies in America other than a video game company, hell I think Comcast, Time Warner, the crooked energy companies all definitely take the cake.
JsonHenry  +   644d ago
Unless you are a Command and Conquer fan. In which case you DO think they are the worst company in America.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   644d ago
We need a "worst gaming company" award and the problem is solved. Or maybe "most shady practices to squeeze gamers for as much cash as possible" award.
rivencleft  +   643d ago
*Cough* Plants Vs. Zombies 2 *cough*, I loved the first game, but when they take away what made the first game so great, i.e. the plants (IN 'PLANTS' VS. ZOMBIES 2)and charge you $4 per plant, and now MORE money for gardening which was free in the first game it just leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Stupid damn micro transactions, My 5 year old constantly asks, "Daddy can I buy a plant" "Daddy can I buy this, can I buy that?, "Sorry son but no, I wouldn't give EA more money if it meant life or death", but seriously they suck. I'd rather pay the $.99 cents for the game and not worry about pretty much having to pay to win, and not have my son ask me constantly to buy something that should be free since the only reason the game EVER got that big was from fans like me paying $.99 cents for the first one, and buying it on our computers, and our PS3s and 360s. I know it was EA too, Popcap charges for their games, but they don't stick it in without a kiss like EA likes to so often do while asking to your face if you like it.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   642d ago
I agree 100%. It must be frustrating to have have your kid asking for money just to play a videogame which you have ALREADY purchased. The only thing we can do is to simply vote with our wallets. EA have a monopoly on big game franchises though such as Fifa and Madden and people will buy those games every year no questions asked. Hopefully more people wise up to EA and there many money grabbing schemes. It's not just EA though, it's most big publishers that are doing these things now. I miss the old days of gaming where you didn't have to worry about getting scammed every time you bought a game.
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Ittoryu  +   644d ago
Yes they desever it
theRell  +   644d ago
Until they have the power to make you lose your home, they are far from the worst company. The internet blows things out of proportion.
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Naruto_Uzumaki  +   644d ago
i kinda of wish they don't put them in the roster again to see other company's reaction if we keep pointing fingers at them other ones wont get the spotlight....
ats1992  +   644d ago
You're an idiot if you think EA is the worst company in america.
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OrangePowerz  +   644d ago
Not the worst company, but one of the worst gaming companies. BS SimCity DRM, rushed and broken BF4, destruction of the Dead Space, NfS and Burnout series, full priced World Cup Add On, microtransactions and so on.
andrewer  +   644d ago
The aren't the worst, they are just incredibly bad
DefenderOfDoom2  +   644d ago
yeah but EA NHL 2014 is a awesome game, which me and my friends play all the time!
thorstein  +   644d ago
I held out for 15 and I think my patience will be rewarded as I think the lead plats are PS4 and X1. It looks amazing.
zero_gamer  +   644d ago
Because they aren't. Despite everyone on the internet hating on EA, the masses still lap up their games in droves along with all their associated cash grabbing business tactics. This trend will continue on for decades know, EA being EA and having swarms of gamers keeping them in business. They can't be AS BAD as gamers so claim they are.

But yeah, I think very lowly of EA as a game publisher, but in the grand scheme of things, they're far from the worst corporation in America. But whatever the worst corporation actually is, they're somehow still in business after many, many years.
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KaMaHKaZiE  +   644d ago
I for one love EA, they have made many of my favorite games. Yes they try and squeeze the money out of you but they are so diverse I'm what they make, Sports, RPGs, and Shooters... Keep it up EA. Now who is excited for there open world Star Wars game..hope its Kotor 3
Vystrel  +   644d ago
EA is a publisher/distributor and not really a developer. EA are the ones that make sure the game comes out on a certain date with a certain amount of content and no more or else it will be stripped for DLC. Any developer who wants to make a genuinely good complete game and listen to community will be fired. If the majority of the development studio disagrees with the way EA wants something then the studio will be shut down.

I can't really list the evils that lurks inside EA in a single comment, but no they aren't the ones who make the games.
Sclavius  +   644d ago
They're not even the worst gaming company. King is the worst gaming company.
stavrami-mk2  +   644d ago
They prey on kids with there ultimate team on sports games and get them hooked like there on crack. My son had Xmas money he spent on there as to which he could of bought a new game with the £50 or $70 he spent. Another kid at his school used his mum's credit card the little shit. All for what?!? Ea charge over the top prices and use a techilnique that is basically gambling to hook them in. It's an absolute disgrace. But there are worse companies out there just not sure if there's worse gaming companies
mhunterjr  +   644d ago
But people are CHOOSING to spend their money on entertainment. Those kids (children rarely have an appreciation for value) had a choice between spending that money on EA games, any other game, or spending it on something else unrelated to games. They DECIDED that above all else the EA game is what they wanted to spend their money on. How is that EA's fault? EA pays their bills by making games that people feel compelled to spend money on. It sounds to me that those kids could use a discussion about the value of money, and one of them could use some discipline.

Your son's interest in Ultimate Team reminds me of the money I spent on Pokemon cards as a child. It's the same concept, and in hindsight it was equally worthless, but at the time, I was more than happy to spend my money on the CHANCE of getting a holographic charizard. I could have spent that money on anything, and chose to buy what I liked. Perhaps Nintendo is the worst company in the world.

Still, people of all ages often decide to buy things because they like them, not necessarily because it's the best use of their money.

If EA's value proposition is so poor, why do people keep coming back? If I had to guess its because they are having fun, and don't mind spending their money on things that entertain them. The people who are supporting EAs tactics see value in them... And that is their perogative.
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stavrami-mk2  +   644d ago
Like I said my son's mate stole his mum's credit card. And while ea they have no control over that I'm pretty sure it happens quite alot all over the world and the ultimate team set up is like gambling almost a drug the addiction for kids to have the best team. While these kids don't understand the value of what they spend or there actions to get these cards. It's in bad taste if you have kids yourself who play fifa or whatever just ask him for some horror story's my son's told me a few I'm shocked with all evolving fifa ultimate team.buying and enjoying is fine like u say but when kids start stealing because they have to have the best team it is going to a place that's not good for business and while the kid is at fault that addiction he has isn't
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mhunterjr  +   644d ago
Like I said, ultimate team is no different from trading cards or any other collectors item... Other than it involving virtual goods instead of physical goods. It's not unheard of for people to resort to nefarious means of obtaining this types of goods, but it's not the fault of the provider. I remember people stealing (or stealing money for) Pokemon cards, baseball cards, tickle me Elmo's, etc. stealing is a part of society. Unfortunately, some people do bad things to get what they want. It's not an EA problem. People even kill for limited items.. Items like Michael Jordan tennis shoes and PS4's. So should Sony be demonized because someone resorted to crime to get access to their product?

The kid you spoke of needs help. He IS exhibiting signs of addiction, but he's undoubtedly in the minority. Studies show that in general 2% of gamers account for nearly 60% of a games microtransaction profits. Instead of demonizing a company because a select few are unable to control their impulses, it would make more sense to help those individuals. Why is particular this child allowed to participate in this activity when he has exhibited an obvious inability to show restraint?
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