FIFA World Cup Stripping Game Exists… yes, really

So I just got this email about a “game” called Penalty Shoot ‘em Off where you flick soccer balls at women to strip them of their goalie get-up." - Grab It

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SlappingOysters1567d ago

It's hard to believe this game actually exists. Do I need to see it for myself?? Do I?? Maybe...

DoomeDx1567d ago

Its just a flash game created by one person.

Give me a few weeks in Flash and I can create the exact same thing.

Codewow1566d ago

I'm surprised you don't take the few weeks to do so then and post it o the App Store with ads. You'd make a good couple thousand a year off of it if you get some youtubers to play it atleast once.

xer01566d ago

@ Codewow

Apple has a strict policy and doesn't allow nudity. Anyone clicking links of that site, should be careful.

On the other hand, there may be a version available on Google play.

SlappingOysters1566d ago

Except that Apple has approved it and allowed it to go on sale, so it is obviously ok by their standards.

Still, weird it got through. Maybe stories like this will get it retroactively removed.

hazelamy1566d ago

when i wanted a football game that featured women, this is not exactly what i had in mind. o_O

seriously though, if anybody's that desperate to look at women in football kits stripping off, there's probably a thousand places on the net for that.