Sony: 'Half Of Our Efforts' On Project Morpheus Devoted to Indies

VRFous - Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has revealed that around half of its developer support for Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) headset for PlayStation 4 has been focused on independent developers. SCE Europe head of publisher and developer relations Agostino Simonetta stated as much speaking at Develop’s ‘An Audience with Project Morpheus’ panel, attended by VRFocus. Simonetta reasoned that the creative freedom indie developers posses will make them key to the device.

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mark3214uk1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

good to know as its the indies that will be bringing us the cool weird stuff that the oculus has got :)

gameDevWannaBe1569d ago

EA will have us look around a micro transaction VR store. And that is innovation.

osprey191569d ago

I don't understand the huge hype for indie support. I knw its good to support the little studios and so on. But who here as bought a console soley for indies? Very very few, people get consoles for the big AAA games. I dnt knw a single person who doesn't own a console with no major titles.

I_am_Batman1569d ago

Good thing we can have both.

Yaay4me1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

True but then the indies push innovation which will come to AAAs in the future. Also, there are indies that give AAAs a run for their money. Ex. Helldivers
Also, giving attention to indies doesnt take away from the handfull of AAAs that will exist regardless. (I dont think its either/or)

XiSasukeUchiha1569d ago

Good to know that Sony cares about the indies as well

Rainstorm811569d ago

Pretty smart.....if they only rely on the big publishers Morpheus could be under supported like PS move

DemonChicken1569d ago

Yeah more games which gives more choice is always good.

If they did it with the ps move, we could have seen more games that supported it. As at the moment like kinect not much really good move supported games.

mcstorm1569d ago

This is true but I still think this product will end up like the PS move. Yes it looks interesting and cool but I don't see there being a massive interest in the product outside the people who want it.

I also don't see how Sony can release it at a low price too which will not help with sales. I could be wrong and hope I am but I don't see this product being a massive success.

That said it will be interesting to see what the developers will do with this product as some of the things that are being done now like project cars sound real good. Only time will tell though.

DemonChicken1569d ago

interest will build with the amount of games that support it as we will see more exposure.

The problem with move is that it was closed off, unless sony pays or invests in its' studio to develop for it or pay third party studios to add in their extra time by adding functionality/support for it (extra costs), we won't have seen any games for it. Or rather there is a lack of it due to additional cost of it.

This time it's different, Sony is inviting people in to develop for it and they are giving them their full support which is evident from their policies towards indies. This is also in addition to their own studios developing for the device.

It's more or less the same with the games, as sony is more open with their indies developing for them providing support etc. We are seeing more games than ever early in the PS4 lifecyle that we never seen before in previous generations. And so as I mentioned, not relying on the main studios games.

mcstorm1568d ago

I see what you are saying but I still don't see this product selling well. It will be expensive when it comes out just like move and unless it can get a massive fan base behind it I don't see it doing too well. Example if you want to play mp games you need 2 or more and I don't see this product being under £100.

Like I say Sony may pull it off but from what I have heard so far about this project I don't see it being a Hugh success but only time will tell.

Drakesfortune1569d ago

Sony really has gone pro indie this gen.

DigitalRaptor1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

This is good because to begin with, the large third parties are going to be hesitant to want to get involved. They need some influences to push their decisions to invest.

So it's got to be the more creative devs as well as Sony's first-party suite to lead by example. Who better to give the dev kits to than between all those great, creative devs?

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