Project Beast: Possible New Souls Game?

'On Friday, screenshots and art leaked via the /v/ board on 4chan and NeoGAF, showing a new game from Japanese studio, From Software. By looking at the screenshots and concept art, they suggest that this Project Beast is the new entry in the Souls franchise for current generation consoles. If the leak is true and it is confirmed to be the new entry in the Souls series, what does this means for the series going forward?'

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nope1111539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

If it's an PlayStation exclusive, just name it "Demon's Souls 2" for pure nolstalgic, fanservice reasons.

joab7771539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

It would be more of a stretch to say it isnt a souls game.

You can basically make any type of difficult fantasy game and name it something-souls. And it will hav the name recognition.

And as far as the shotgun, it would be fine, a mid range high powered weapon that only has 2 shots and takes awhile to reload. The way enemies get on you, it would be good for an opening volley. The bigger issue would be rather the enemies have such weapons.

Yeah, I knew this is why the "B" team was on DS2. I just didnt think we would hear about it til next yr.

nucky641539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

the "B" team isn't on this one - miyazaki and his team (the people who made demon souls) are supposedly on this one....and that is an "A" team to souls fans.

Brazz1539d ago

Demon's Souls is a good name for gamers and i realy like the sound of "demon's Soul", but... there are markets that the name "Demon" will probably make a bad press... it's better to just rename whit something that is cool, but not "problematic as "Demon"...

cool names like... i don't know... maybe, King's soul, Lord's Souls, Soul's Master.
I don't like "Beast's souls", i hope they will not follow the line > "project Dark" - Dark souls (Dark souls very cool! and less problematic than "Demon")

morganfell1539d ago

"...there are markets that the name "Demon" will probably make a bad press"

Guess what? The game market isn't one of them. In what markey was Demons Souls and issue? Show me that link. People that played Demons Souls loved it. People that played Dark Souls wish it was more like Demons Souls. Demons in ther name is just fine but that isn't what we are discussing. People are discussing the possibility of Beasts Souls.

grahf1539d ago

If this is a PS4 exclusive, then I'm finally sold on the system. Nothing on either system so far has grabbed my attention, but From Software always has my undivided attention.

Kyosuke_Sanada1539d ago

The screenshots reminds me of the sequel of Shadow Tower which was one of the understudies of the Soul series. And if what I saw was a shotgun it looks like it will follow the same evolution by including modern weapons with high risk high reward factors.

joab7771539d ago

Nice thought. The beauty of the souks series is that they can do anything. But it would b better to give it a souls name. Maybe Shadow Souls

Xdone1539d ago

Man! This will be an epic exclusive for ps4.

DigitalRaptor1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Can't wait for them to reveal this at E3.

It looks like an evil, withered version of Trico from The Last Guardian, but more dog and less cat/eagle.

Talking of that, I really hope they are ready enough to reveal TLG for PS4 at E3. Those feelings would be beyond expression.

hulk_bash19871539d ago

Demon's Souls is still one of my favorite games of last gen. So if this is in fact a sequel/tie-in, I'm all for it.

Omran1539d ago

I don't play many rpg games
but this game had my attention

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