XBox Division Head Says That E3 is About the Hardcore Gamers

An opinion piece on the XBox Division Head's E3 Tweets and my own struggles on keeping the XBox-brand faith. Author: Agasicles Stamas, GamersSphere.

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TheNotoriousNiceGuy1509d ago

So who's gonna go first this time around ???????? Hopefully not ms

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NegativeCreep4271508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

"XBox Division Head Says That E3 is About the Hardcore Gamers"

It always has been. Thanks for finally noticing Microsoft...this time everyone will see if you can actually walk the walk.

marlinfan101508d ago

they were all about games last year

SoulSercher6201508d ago


The XB1 reveal conference and DRM they were going to implement last year says otherwise

creatchee1508d ago


"The XB1 reveal conference and DRM they were going to implement last year says otherwise"

That's cool that you noticed that and all, but we're talking about E3.

LackTrue4K1508d ago

@ SoulSercher620
wait wait wait.....last year's E3 they bring DRM, and then they did a 180 on that.

What will happen with

"XBox Division Head Says That E3 is About the Hardcore Gamers"

this E3's 180?!

pop_tarts1508d ago

@creatchee @onyoursistersback

They didn't "180" at e3


The whole angry tell me what e3 you wen't to that they reversed the DRM looks like SoulSercher was right

sak5001508d ago

MS is picking up the pieces of pre-2013 E3 and has been steadily coming back to it's heyday of 360. Just keep catering to hardcore gamers first and put everything else secondary then we have another hit console in the market.

creatchee1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )


"The whole angry tell me what e3 you wen't to that they reversed the DRM looks like SoulSercher was right"

For the love of... do I have to draw it out in crayon again? Okay, so I can't draw in the comments section, but I will explain it... very... dramatically.

1. The article is about Phil Spencer stating that E3 is all about the hardcore gamers.

2. NegativeCreep427 said that E3 has always been about hardcore gamers, and that he appreciated Microsoft noticing and acknowledging that sentiment. Further, he indicated that the masses will be able to determine, based on Microsoft's performance at this year's E3, whether or not Spencer and the company are merely making pandering statements or are actually prepared to back them up with products that hardcore gamers will enjoy.

3.daniel2115 countered NegativeCreep427's comment by stating that Microsoft's E3 conference in 2013 was all about games.

4. SoulSercher620 brought up the fact that there was an Xbox One reveal conference last year and that a DRM plan was in effect for the console initially, which somehow caused Microsoft's E3 conference to not be all about games.

5. I reminded SoulSercher620 that the topic on hand was E3, even though his ability to remember previous events of the year 2013 was commendable.

6.onyoursistersback stated that Microsoft brought DRM to last year's E3 conference, but subsequently relented and changed their view on it. He then inferred that since they had changed some of their policies last year around E3, that they are predestined to not, in fact, have a conference at E3 2014 that is all about the hardcore gamers.

7. You posited your oddly phrased question with links to Don Mattrick and Angry Joe videos.

8. After your question/comment, sak500 expressed his hopefulness that Microsoft is on a good path after a rocky start, and offered suggestions to keep it on said path.

I hope that this catches you up.

reaperofsouls1507d ago

So MS, drop kinect if your really interested in core gamers, it what we all want

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No_Limit1508d ago

MS been going first every E3 so I would assume it will be the same this time around again. I don't think it really matters as everything is planned weeks and months ahead of E3 for the big 3 and there will be no last minute deal, game reveal, or counter move, I suspect.

majiebeast1508d ago

It goes MS,EA Ubisoft then Sony the day before E3 and then Nintendo on the first day of E3 its been like that since ages.

showtimefolks1508d ago


MS has always gone before sony, plus with no nintendo press conference again its a 2 horse race. I actually believe MS will bring some big guns to E3 but i think so will sony

end of the day as gamers we all win, diversity is a great thing IMO

Godmars2901508d ago

Who's going to going to have the longest conference? Who's going to honestly deliver and who's going to have the most - empty - hype?

Who goes when doesn't matter. Its what they have to show, what's going to actually develop in a month's or year's time rather than repeat two or more E3s is what does.

PsylentKiller1508d ago

I lol'd. However, I do hope they go first.
Get people talking. Keep'em thinking about Xbox while Sony is on stage.

Hopefully, they bring the kind of info that will make that happen.

QuantumWake1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Microsoft usually goes first. Their press conferences start around 10:00AM PST IIRC.

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Activemessiah1509d ago

I thought it was about TV...

cfc781509d ago

That was when Don Mattrick (aka GREEN DEVIL) was running the show now Phil Spencer's in charge expect games!!! lots of games, tv will definitely be taking a back seat on this 1 if microsoft knows what's good for them.

DVS-Zev1508d ago

I love how people pin any bad thing about xbox (that they would NEVER admit at the time) On Don, now that he's gone.

As if one man had full control over everything.He had teams.Those teams had teams.They all got together routinely, made plans, agreed on them and carried them out.Poor donny boy was just the lamb they sent to the slaughter to answer for the fan backlash.

The teams who nodded their heads and agreed with him are still there.

cfc781508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Poor donny boy(LMAO)was the leader he gives the orders and the teams follow them that's why he took the fall,if he was in charge still what would E3 be like this year?(nothing personal i just don't care for his ideas or how he puts things across to the fans,ms made a good move in putting Phil S in charge who wouldn't want a gamer running a games console).


cfc781508d ago


Who are you his wife?

majiebeast1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Lol and Phil was still head of Microsoft studios so lack of first party games would fall on his head, not Mattrick's. Just like Yosp is responsible for Sony first party.

-Foxtrot1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Don Mattrick just did what the higher ups told him to do. The heads of the branches manage everything, the "whips" who keep everyone in check but big decisions come from the main Microsoft division. Same goes with Phil now. Obviously Don had a little input but I doubt he had that much power. You want to know why MS are focusing on games at the minute, not because of Phil but because higher ups want that focus since it's "THE" focus which is bringing in sales for the PS4. Phil as a gamer looks better fronting this new vision then a suit like Don.

The heads of Microsofts branches front whatever the higher ups plan for their branch.

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sak5001508d ago

Are you confusing E3 with Cebit?

XiSasukeUchiha1508d ago

If TV was the focus I'm done with MS, but with Phil their chances that it's all about the games !

Jazz41081508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

So when sony focuses on things besides games does that mean you are done with them? Ms brought a heck of a lot more exclusive games to e3 last year and Sony brought multiplats and indies and they just announced they have over 1000 more indies for you and half of them are working on sonys vr. I guess we will have to wait again to see who brings the games but last year it was ms not sony as sony seemed to get by on one liners and jokes on microsofts reveal which the company stated was not about games but e3 would be. People have selective memory on here and they will again even after the show airs. I expect no matter what ms does the sony supporters on here will claim victory when its not always true. It will happen on the other side as well but the ms fans do not come to n4g but a select few because when they do they always have to be in defense mode. It needs to start being about the games on both sides not who is better at pixel counting or trash talking. Were gamers people.

spoonard1508d ago

He knows you don't get to just say who E3 is for each year, right?

incendy351508d ago

Wasn't last e3 all about games too? They had a separate announcement with the TV stuff, it wasn't at e3. Ground Zeroes, Ryse and Titanfall were all three awesome at the ms conference last year. Plus the Halo tease was cool too.

jessupj1508d ago

Their actual E3 conference last year was jam packed with games... But that was only to try to make people forget about their draconian DRM that was going to take away your basic consumer rights.

So technically, yes, it was all about games, but it had a devious hidden agenda behind it.

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