Movies to Games: Kill Bill

WTF Gamers Only: "Hello my fellow gamer boys and girls. This is Dope and I plan on thinking up games that could have been made out of some of the best and worst movies and TV shows. While some of these games don’t exist, I’m here to answer the question – what if they did?

The first movie I want to throw out there is Kill Bill. Some people may know that they tried to make one for the original Xbox but it failed to be completed and was never spoken of again. It’s about time that it be spoken about! Kill Bill is a revenge movie based around The Bride, who goes on a killing spree and works her way up to the top so she can eventually have a final encounter with her former boss and lover, Bill. This has all the set-up for the perfect video game. Let’s break down how this movie would be great addition to the gamer world, especially on the amazing consoles we have out right now."

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