10 Best Star Wars Games Ever Made

WTF Gamers Only: "Today is my favorite holiday, next to St. Pattys, May 4th! Better known as Star Wars Day! Since I’m the biggest Star Wars fan I know, I thought it would be fun to do a top 10 list of my favorite Star Wars games to ever grace our screens!"

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gantarat1264d ago

No Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy ?

alexkoepp1264d ago

I would have just used force unleashed instead of two and put it down the list, I think he included the best stuff though, but I haven't played every game on that list.

sucks cause I bet 1313 and the darth maul game would have made this list at some point too

joab7771264d ago

I was gonna say that. In liked 1 better. And I do think that SWtoR deserves a spot. It may not have been everything mmo fans wanted but it is impressive.

coolbeans1264d ago

That one felt like such as disappointment compared to Jedi Knight II, both in story and design.

Had fun in MP before Original XBL got the axe, though.

KaMaHKaZiE1264d ago

Really Force unleashed 2? To top it off no Kotor 2?.. It was a good list till I saw force unleashed 2.. That game was seriously horrible... SMH

PandemicPrawn01264d ago

KOTOR 1& 2, Republic commando, battlefront 1 & 2 and rouge squadron.

everything else can GTFO in my humble opinion.

trenso11264d ago

you put the force unleashed on this list but not lego star wars? What?

Jubez1871264d ago

lulz no Jedi Power Battles.

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