Rumor: XCOM Enemy Unknown - The Complete Edition To Launch On PS Vita

According to retailer Tesco, XCOM Enemy Unknown - The Complete Edition is going to be released in the future on PlayStation Vita.

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core_51540d ago

could be a mistake in platform category, packshot shows pc version that makes more sense.

sinncross1540d ago

Most likely.

That said, the PC version is out already no? i hope there is a PSV version, this sort of game would be great for on the go.

But guess we will find out soon whether its a mistake or not.

3-4-51538d ago

Game would be sweet on the Vita.

ToxicSushi1538d ago

XCOM would be a great port to the Vita! Hope its true and scheduled later this year since the Vita needs more love from its software developers.

nope1111538d ago

Holy chet. Please be true, please be true, please be true.

grailly1538d ago

I already own it on iOS, PC and PS3... I hope I'll be able to resist buying it on vita :P

lelo1538d ago

What about "big" Vita exclusives instead of ports?

TimeSkipLuffy1538d ago

Sony needs to sell way more Vitas to get 3rd partys create some exclusives. If they don't do it themselves or pay others to do it, it just won't happen very often.

That said, I still enjoy my PS Vita from the very first moment I got it. I hope for a second installment of Uncharted or a Last of Us spinoff for the Vita :3

rhap1538d ago

Idk, but all I do on my Vita is to play exclusives. Finished Sorcery Saga and Zero Escape recently and just started Ys, with Conception 2 and Demon Gaze coming next.

Now, for "big" exclusives, if you mean "Random Mainstream FPS/Car/GTA Game", sure, Vita doesn't have any of that.

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The story is too old to be commented.