3 Reasons why Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will break the stereotype

MWEB GameZone's Holden ZA takes a deeper look at Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and unveils 3 reasons why it might break the traditional Call of Duty stereotype.

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Sillicur1599d ago

Great read, I agree with those three points but COD has been so bad for me as of late I still have doubts.

HanCilliers1599d ago

Good read, I will hold back on saying CODAW will break the franchise mold, learned my lesson with Ghosts. I do however disagree on what the write says abt Spacey - IMO his talent as an actor will surely bring a new std to the franchise

DesVader1599d ago

I think after Ghosts people are going to be sceptical of a title that is not produced by Treyarch. Lets see if Sledgehammer as the "new kid on the block" can produce something that puts the "WOW" back into COD, or at the very least caters properly for competitve mode...Theatre mode needs to be there, please :)

HoldenZA1599d ago

Completely agree with the fact the Sledgehammer needs to impress with this title. I think, from what we have seen in these early stages, is the they are ready to be more innovative than their predecessors. Hopefully, COD AW can be the title that brings back that much needed WOW factor.

mayberry1599d ago

I will problably stick with the Killzone franchise for my shooter fix... but better A.I., realistic weapon feel, true digital(non-compressed) 7.1 audiuo, true next gen graphics, innovative online with free dlc would get my attention.

HanCilliers1599d ago

There are a lot of other good FPS we can jam. I think a lot of gamers will echo your sentiment "I will problably stick with.."

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