Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Power Changes Everything but So Does Graphics

Advanced Warfare slogan revolves around power and the importance it has in any timeline, present or future, “power changes everything”. But in video games, with a particular focus on the first-person shooter genre, it’s not just power that changes everything, graphics also have the power to transform and shape a whole new scenario.

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ape0071360d ago

these gfx along 60 FPS is unreal

this is the first game that i see a true nextgen leap

the jump between this and past gen CoD games is unbelievable

Ghost_of_Tsushima1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

The graphics are really good especially for a twitch shooter with low latency controls running at 60fps and most likely 1080p. I also think the story and everything else about the game look amazing. I can't believe this game has so much going for it being a Call of Duty game. Can't wait to see more and especially the multiplayer.

Smitty20201360d ago

Am waiting actual gameplay,even if they do upgrade the graphics for the next gen consoles ect they will milk it for the next couple of games and port old maps. I used to love cod games but think they have gone downhill maybe the new game might be different we shall c

kratoz12091360d ago

Meh, dont care for this More excited for Destiny and Driveclub.

Smitty20201360d ago

Am also looking forward too destiny :)

qu1ckset1359d ago

I was excited for destiny till the last video released for it, the shooting looked so bland and boring.. I'm not sold on that game yet , graphics are really good tho!

ape0071359d ago

destiny's developement studio is phenomenal but i have a problem, with the game

no SP campaign

Clown_Syndr0me1360d ago

I don't usually care about graphics much, but this article is well written and makes some brilliant points.
So far the game does look stunning. Im a bit concerned about the sci fi route it seems to be taking, wall running and super jump sounds very much like Titanfall/Crysis kinda thing, but Ill judge that when I play it!

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The story is too old to be commented.
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