Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: 5 New Features Coming to the Series (with GIFs)

Discover the core new features coming to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare this autumn.

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AceBlazer131534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Exactly what part of Titanfall are people seeing in this? It's getting kinda irritating at this point. Heck, the game has more in common with Halo than TF. Those hover bikes look very Ghosty.

@Senya those exo skeletons don't have a scent of Titanfall on them imo, they look like suped up Juggernaut suits.Even then wouldn't it be better to say it got the idea from the exo skeletons and mechs that came yearss before Titans? e.x KZ3

And that wall climbing thing looks like a 1 time thing in the story, like Blops 2. Way to slow to put in CoD's mp. spiderman gloves.

Senyra1534d ago

I guess it's the wall climbing thing and the robots that look like titans. Overall it's the concept ideas. However, the execution in CoD AW seems a bit different. Let's see how it ends up...

Mikey941533d ago

I dont see any titanfall in this at all. I see mirrors edge (wall climbing) and crysis (suits and super jump) no where in this is there any titanfall.

XtraTrstrL1533d ago

The nano-tech infrared view reminds me of the ability in Blacklight:Retribution. The mech will ofcourse have people think of Titanfall. The battleship scene makes Battlefield pop into mind immediately.

Dirtnapstor1533d ago

Mini-mechs influenced from Starhawk and Titanfall.

cmazza1533d ago

I really don't get it. I thought people were finally getting wise to the same old CoD cycle, and yet for some strange reason a ton of people seem excited for this game. It looks like black ops 2 except with even more BS gimmicks added in. Regardless of what "features" they've added, it's still just gonna be the same old CoD we've been playing for 7 years, and if it follows the pattern, it'll be even worse than the rest of them.

Summons751533d ago

Don't worry as soon as the game hit people will buy it, realize it's nothing more than typical COD, then complain again. The people at sledgehammer know how to edit a trailer that's about all they've proven so far. I'll agree the trailer was eye catching but it was the single play trailer with mostly cutscenes, and set clips of gameplay (on rails hovercycle fight, intro glove scene, jump animation) but no actual gameplay.

Vegamyster1533d ago

It's made by an unproven dev who have gone to tournaments/events to take notes on what the players want and they've been working on it for 3 years instead of the regular 2 years for the past games, I'll reserve judgement until gameplay footage comes out.

ziggurcat1533d ago

female fish AI... since that wasn't possible on the last engine.

younglj011533d ago

Lol I can't believe what I just read thanks for the laugh....

XiSasukeUchiha1533d ago

Damn the copyoff is too real

Senyra1533d ago

There are a lot of similarities yes... I never though CoD would go futuristic but lol anything can happen it seems.

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The story is too old to be commented.