Xbox's E3 to Focus on Hardcore Gamers, Some News Coming in May; No Portable Xbox Coming and More

Phil Spencer, the recently appointed head of the Xbox department at Microsoft, went all out in responding to questions from the fans about E3 and more.

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christocolus1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Phil has been quite busy on twitter. He also mentioned that their new partners would be announced at E3.

Man that $1Bn is working really hard, by hardcore it seems we will be seeing more games like halo5, gears, crackdown, QB, S0 and many more unannounced ips.. I'm looking forward to one in particular (an ip Phil teased about some months ago). Phil hinted it would be story driven similar to what you'd expect from games like uc&tlou, I hope its shown off at e3 along with some of these other ips i.e conker ,age of myhology, crimson skies,perfect dark, blinx, mech assault,phantum dust, kameo or banjoe

Snookies121478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I hope they bring back some older IPs. Most of the newer MS stuff just doesn't interest me. Halo is fun, and while I didn't care for the Crackdown games, I know they can be really good if handled right for a sequel. I'd just love to see a new Conker, Perfect Dark (they screwed up the sequel), Mech Assault, or Banjo (that sequel wasn't exactly great either though).

I just want something that will actually make me WANT to get an X1. In time, I'm sure we'll see some good stuff. Same goes for the PS4 which I'm waiting on...

SpiralTear1478d ago

It blows my mind that we haven't seen a new Conker on any Xbox system (Live and Reloaded doesn't count).

christocolus1478d ago

I'm sure you'll find something that interests you at e3.

georgeenoob1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Here's hoping for Shenmue exclusively on XB1. They definitely have the money to make it happen.

343i new IP in the works?

mkis0071478d ago

After what happened the first time, I doubt any exclusivity for that game George. Take no chances.

gaffyh1477d ago

As much as many may like Conker, it is quite a niche game when you look at the sales.

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avengers19781478d ago

Were there ever even rumors about a Xbox handheld or portable gaming device.

Focused on games is where they should have been all along... I wonder sometimes, if Phil replaced Don say 3 years ago, how different XB1 might have been... I mean we'd probably be looking at PS4/XB1 selling neck and neck at about 7-8 million at this point.


After seeing MS E3 2013, did you still think that they were not focused on games? I think a lot of people confuse the reveal of the console with with it's e3 conference. The reveal was full of the tv stuff, their e3 conference had basically nothing but games.

avengers19781477d ago

I thought they had a focus on games at E3, but my point is that should have been there focus from the time they started designing the console, and that doesn't seem to be the case.
Especially when you look at the fact Ryse, was originally planned for 360, DR3 was originally planned for 360, Forza 5 was originally planned for 360... They gimped the 360 for the last couple of years, cause it seems like they made the console as an all in one entertainment device, and then were like crap were gonna need some games, and then you look at the fact that a majority of there exclusives for this first year have been 3rd party exclusives(not saying it's a bad thing) instead of 1st part exclusive games.

I think the heads of Xbox at that moment were not focused on what they should have been.

trenso11477d ago

An Xbox portable device was rumored way back last gen. Rumored to be called the Xbox 180 I read about it in an EGM magazine. This was so long ago it was before the Wii was officially called the Wii and not Nintendo revolution or something like that.

AngelicIceDiamond1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

@Chris Nice wellsaid.

"Spencer has strict orders not to talk about any 343 industries IP before E3."

I heard small rumblings they were possibly making another title. So much for a secret lol.

Wow so Phil is taking COMPLETE control of the conference.

This is day an night from Don Mattrick. Phil likes keeping fans posted, subtle teases and knows how to get gamers amped and takes feedback very well from press, fans and journalist and his statements are very informative.

Like this: Speaking about Japanese games, Spencer also talked about Lost Odyssey, mentioning that “Rights on that one are a bit complicated,” but that he’d like to see it on Games on Demand.

He weighs in on how easy, hard or probable something is. And not some PR loop.

Unlike Don that actually avoids press interviews, doesn't liked to be questioned by press, fans, journalists cancelled press events last E3 (DRM backlash) loves investors and not the fans.

E3, super stoked can't wait.

E3 Team Xbox (just getting in the E3 spirits)

christocolus1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Im so glad Phil came in at the right time. Im sure the new ceo must be really happy with what Phil has done so far. Its a major change from Dons era. That guy was just too stiff and anti social.

@the infected

I couldnt agree more. This may be the best e3 ever.. sony and ms are going to be throwing some serious punches on the 10th of june and hopefully ill be there to witness all the blood and gore with my very own eye balls.. lol

HaydenJameSmith1478d ago

Those are some very good point's on the lack of leadership from MS last year (Don canceling interviews after announcing DRM was the worse thing he could have possibly done) and have done very well to get Xbox back on course with the appointing of Phil, as he's doing a great job as we all can see.

E3 can't get here soon enough... super excited.

1478d ago
showtimefolks1478d ago

here is hoping they find a talented studio to do a new crackdown but do it right, crackdown should be a IP like infamous for sony.

E3 should be huge, i truly believe both sony and ms will try to ou do each other so expect the unexpected in a way

mkis0071478d ago

I'm hoping Sony understands they can't pull any punches.

ToxicSushi1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Mkis007- All 3 (M/N/S) will be presenting it all at E3 to earn your dollars/yen/marks etc. It's a great time to be a gamer!

Sheikh Yerbouti1477d ago

With big homie Phil, MS won't be no punk this gen, but Sony has some haymakers like Foreman...! MS needs to drop the Kinect SKU and then work from there before it expects to land any serious punches. I don't think they'll out-compete Sony in delivering content at any time soon, and price has MS on the defensive.

kenmid1478d ago

Why did so many people disagree on what you said?

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KillerByte231478d ago

Microsoft is going in for the kill this E3, Phil Spencer is doing an amazing job.

majiebeast1478d ago

Dont you need to be leading in sales to go in for the kill? Last i checked Xbox One is getting outsold almost 2 to 1.

KillerByte231478d ago

Xbox One - 4.1 million console sold in only 13 countries

PS4 - 7 million consoles sold in around 40 countries

badz1491478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )


Yeah, please enlighten us on how those other countries will help the Xbone match the PS4's number.

To those still clinging to to this stupid 13 vs 40 or 72 or whatever, those 13 markets are the biggest for MS during the 360 era thus why even Japan is not included.

For those still thinking the other countries will somehow help the Xbone, just remember that the 360 outsold the PS3 almost 2:1 in NA which is in the region of 30+ mil console and is about neck and neck in UK - EU biggest market. And yet the PS3 is ahead by 2-3 mil by now despite released 12-18 months later. It means, the NA market is what has kept the 360 afloat, not all those other countries! I don't think those countries will suddenly embrace the Xbone overnight, in the millions nonetheless, when the PS4 is readily available at a lower price.

Just shut it if you're thinking of counter arguing me using features the Xbone has to offer as it's not gonna mean shit because just like the 360, everything is behind a paywall and most of the service is not available elsewhere! people pay whatever amount of XBL Gold in their country just for the sake of online play which is ridiculous considering the service they get is puny compared to those available in the big markets.

My point is, just don't rely too much on the 12 vs 40 countries argument now as you guys are gonna look silly when your argument is gonna be proven as poo later this year.

mkis0071478d ago


Just link back to the trusted source!

go look at 360's Rest of World and Japan numbers; not even 10 million.

malokevi1477d ago


Additional markets for Xbox: 40?

Additional markets for PS4: 1?

It doesn't take a genius to understand how this will improve Microsofts numbers. By how much exactly is up for debate, but writing it off as completely inconsequential is ignorant.

Judging by your colorful language and harsh tone, MS global launch seems to evoke a strong emotional response from you. It's really not a big deal. Playstation will probably still hold top spot, so no need to freak out.

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-Foxtrot1477d ago

Urgh...why do people think this E3 focus on games is BECAUSE of Phil Spencer, he only got promoted to the head a few months back. The E3 plans have been going for a while now, he would of had little impact on this E3.

As I've said it's Microsofts in general push to try and lure us back, nothing more and they got Phil because they thought he would LOOK better promoting this new focus then another suit like Don Mattrick. So I really don't understand comments going "Wow, Phil is doing a fantastic job". Yeah theres going to be games, fantastic but deep down you must realise it's because they have a secret agenda to it, if they were first in sales we most likely wouldn't be getting all this and this heavy "for the gamers" PR talk....which by the way Phil will do A LOT of during E3.

Phil is really just a puppet for the up guys in the main Microsoft division. They make the big decisions and he is the one who fronts it. Once MS get on track with sales maybe then we'll see what Microsoft are really like and if they've actually changed.

Belasco1477d ago

Do you have a list of responses thrown into notepad that you copy and paste? Do you really think MS has a master plan to lure people in and then....what? What is this horrible thing MS will do? Their master plan is to lure us in only to lose us again? You make no sense.

maniacmayhem1477d ago

"So I really don't understand comments going "Wow, Phil is doing a fantastic job"."

And yet we get a parade and a party from you whenever a Shu article appears. No comments about PR talk from Foxtrot, nope, Shu is a down to earth guy, can be trusted and Sony is for gamers. But yet Phil is a puppet and MS is waiting to steal your first born.

It's getting really tired Foxtrot, this whole site is getting really tired of your cynical comments towards MS as you desperately try to kill or downplay any excitement fans and fanboys have of the Xbox IN A XBOX ARTICLE.

Why would this E3 be focused on games? Hmmmm, I don't know Fox, maybe because MS's last E3 was focused on games and Phil wasn't the head then was he? Helps to actually think about things before putting it down on the net.

Obscure_Observer1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )


Dude, dont you ever get tired? You talk like a mad priest or something.

Why you are on X1 articles repeating the same BS over and over is beyond me.

We like Phil Spencer. As gamers and X1owners, we are excited about the future. You cant bring us down. Stop being so negative.

I got nothing against you, personally, dont get me wrong. But its the same thing on every Phil/X1 related article.

If you dont own a X1 and has no plans on getting one, why bother?

Lucreto1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Just hope he is not overhyping it like last year.

tuglu_pati1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Last year they had a great showing. They showed a lot of games. Sony stole the Show with the prize bomb, and that was all.

Lucreto1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Last year he teased that the Xbox 360 will get E3 love with 'huge' Microsoft announcement.

It was World of Tanks

It was the only 360 announcement at the show. If you are going to hype something make sure it is something worth hyping about.

showtimefolks1478d ago

maybe you feel like that because sony actually showed games at their reveal event than showed more at e3 stage. While all MS did was talk about TV shows on xbox one reveal

sony ps4 reveal event:

deep down
new FF news promised
drive club
infamous 2nd son

yeh so it wasn't just the price, it was also clearing a straight forward message to gamers, while MS made statements only to back out than make new one only to back away again to make some more

7 million sold is clear enough as to who the gamers are trusting compared to 5 million shipped and 3.9 million sold

tkato1478d ago

Great show? the only thing great about it was (and is) Titanfall.
I Saw all of it live and was really disappointed, then I watched Sony's and was blown away by only thing: they actually talked about gamers, like, all of the show.
Unlike MS that talked about all the other marvelous things the XBONE could do, like acting as a DVR receiver @[email protected]

MightyNoX1478d ago

They got booed. Doesn't matter how many games they showed, the moment you make the crowd boo against definitely puts an E3 AWAY from the 'Great' Category.

MightyNoX1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

double post

ZodTheRipper1477d ago

Not only last year, iirc the last few Microsoft conferences didn't live up to the previous hype. At least I'm sure we'll get some funny memes out of it.

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tkato1478d ago

MightyNox that's a funny video lol

Meltic1478d ago ShowReplies(3)
Speak_da_Truth1478d ago

ok i see well i mean i'll wait untill E3 starts