Max Level | A Retrospective Look at Dark Souls 2

Max Level: It has been over a month since the release of Dark Souls 2. I may be exaggerating, but I feel comfortable in saying that this was one of most highly anticipated sequels in recent history. After dying, learning, and dying some more, I finally know what I want to say about Dark Souls 2. Now, since he game has been out for a while, at this point there is no end to the reviews and walkthroughs. I won’t spend much time talking about the actual world or the gameplay. Instead, I will focus on simply what I did and did not like about the game. First, it must be said that both Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 are a continuation of a game called Demon’s Souls. Demon’s Souls was the first game of its type that I had ever played, and though Dark Souls was always a welcome installation, I can’t help but compare the new ones to the old one. This comparison brings to light certain pros and cons I feel about the game.

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joab7771448d ago

I had the opposite feeling about the difficulty. I am glad they added the diminishing health, though even that can be negated pretty early on. I guess my biggest gripe with the game is enemies died after a period of time. When u realize this and realize that farming isnt an option, u often farm just in case. I would have preferred nothing but if they had to, make certain enemies disappear. They put the difficulty squarely on our shoulders, and while I appreciate the option, it takes away from the scalable brutality. Instead of trial by fire and patience rules the day, its kill enough enemies and u wont hav an issue.

That being said, it is still unlike anything else out there.

cornroves1448d ago

I logged in just to agree with you :)

juliotheman211448d ago

Watch it and thank me later. i know its offtopic but i just wanted to share this with you guys