Ultimately, Where Will Call Of Duty Rank on the All-Time List?

If we fast-forward 20-25 years and reflect on the industry, will we say Call of Duty was indeed one of the very best video game franchises in history?

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blue_cheese1569d ago

Call of Duty will appear on the gaming time line similar to music/rhythm peripheral based games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band; very successful if not only for a short while. i wouldn't even be surprised if Call of Duty causes the fps genre at some point to become niche do to the over saturation of the series and similar fps games in the mainstream. Call of Duty faces the problem of time, the games successful competitive nature is largely due to being set in a contemporary setting, not until CoD 4 Modern Warfare did a CoD game sell like that did. but the problem is either the audience gets burned out because of the lack of diversity or the changes made to setting or gameplay no longer cause it to be appealing to the audience. either way CoD will eventually, sooner rather later, become irrelevant; but Activision doesn't care, they've been laughing to the bank since 2007 lol.