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Phil Spencer announces that new IP's and sequels will be announced at E3

Xbox's Phil Spencer yesterday announced that Microsoft has some unannounced IP's new sequels will be revealed at this years Xbox Media Briefing next month. (Xbox One)

corvusmd  +   569d ago
Nice always good. At the same time he also said "Congrats to @undeadlabs on their new studio space and the open house yesterday, it was fun seeing the new digs. Cool space." So it's looking like Undead labs is expanding to work on more projects...we all knew this, but it's nice to hear...I bet Class 4 is one of these announcements.
christocolus  +   569d ago
Im so hyped for e3.im sure MS will announce some new 1st party studios too.
georgeenoob  +   569d ago
Hell yes! X1 will have so many additions to its already phenomenal AAA line-up.

What I hope to see:
Halo 2 remake
Crackdown 3
Conker, Banjo, Shenmue, Perfect Dark
Left 4 Dead exclusive
First party studios like Black Tusk
New AAA IPs to rival the scale of Gears and Halo

I'm so pumped!
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Kingthrash360  +   569d ago
you dont want to see sunset or QB?
your always praising them in other posts o.O.
all gamers are hyped for e3, fanboy sh!t aside we all will see great games....no matter what platform you favor.
AceBlazer13  +   569d ago
Keep hope alive george, Hope Microsoft makes me want an Xbone this year. まぬけ
creatchee  +   569d ago
I would love to see a Battletoads reboot come out of left field, but I kinda doubt that that will ever happen. However, with difficult games like Demon/Dark Souls getting popular again, you never know!
ramiuk1  +   569d ago
they need to prove its about the games and not TV.
I want working game demos though,not like last time.
quantum break i liked look of but no real gameplay seen
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DigitalRaptor  +   569d ago

I've said this before on one of your similar posts, but if you're making lists like that (Conker, Banjo, Perfect Dark) you're gonna likely be disappointed that those particular games don't show up.

It's like fans going for the Agent, The Last Guardian, Syphon filter, Crash Bandicoot angle.

Left 4 Dead exclusive??? from Valve? This is not the "hard to develop for PS3" generation any more, and Valve are not going to ignore an install base that almost doubles the one you propose. Try again.

and Shenmue?? seriously??
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AnimeFreak013  +   568d ago
Same I'm really happy that MS is pushing hard to have games being first on X1 sense Phil spencer is in control of xbox now. Some of the games I really want 2 c r halo 2 remake sunset overdrive QB crackdown 3 Forza horizon 2 Or PGR5 and JRPGS like lost oddesy 2 and maybe some few more exclusives JRPG games on X1.
JMyers  +   568d ago
@Georgenoob...you troll PS articles, and set up base in Xbox related ones. You must be being paid, or otherwise deluded.

Didn't you downplay TLOU releasing on PS4, and said Sony only has sequels? I take it this only applies to other consoles, and only a good thing when MS does it?
AngelicIceDiamond  +   569d ago
It is always good but we've known this for months now MS is announcing new ips and sequels at E3.

Lol I mean that's kinda what E3 is about.

Either way I'm stoked and excited for MS conference.
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Kingthrash360  +   569d ago
my thoughts exactly!
otherwise it would be a failure.
i'm sure this will be an all around show...sony, ms and nin will have great shows.

@ disagrees...where am i wrong?
hmmm maybe the nintendo showing?...no, because if they show zelda HD and metroid (on nintendo direct) i'm pretty sure they will generate hype.
and if any company dosent show new ip's and sequels at e3 it would be a disaster for them...no?
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gjruk  +   569d ago
@King You had those two disagrees before you edited your comment. We knew Microsoft would show new IPs and Sequels, it's just nice for it to be confirmed that's all. I might be wrong, but I don't see the heads of other companies confirming content at E3, although I know Yosida is pretty active.
I hope Nintendo and Sony bring the games as well, make me eat beans on toast for a month to buy the console lol.
DOMination-  +   569d ago
It should be about new game reveals but of course sony only announced one new game last year (the order)

This year I think they surely will have more to show and MS is confirmed now to have loads. Its going to be a killer e3
DiRtY  +   569d ago
I am hyped for Quantum Break and everything Halo already.

Damn Halo 5 on a new hardware would be awesome, Halo 2 remastered, too. Heck a trailer for the TV series would be welcome as well.

Other than that I would love a new Banjo, Conker or maybe Forza Horizon 2. We have no idea what

Lionhead (excpet Fable Legends),
MS Redmond,
Twisted Pixel,
Undead Labs

are working on. And there are probably quite a few studios working on stuff we have never even heard about. Like Team Dacota last E3 with Project Spark for example.

It is gonna be a good E3.
Magicite  +   568d ago
Last years E3 was huge, but somehow Im feeling that upcoming E3 will be one of largest in history, so many IPs we should be hyped about.
GamerXD  +   569d ago
Thank you for stating the obvious.
gjruk  +   569d ago
Another pointless comment, I'm glad Spencer used social media to confirm things, god! It's better than not communicating with your fan base at all. If your not interested don't click the articles.

I can't wait for E3. Really want a Banjo game or a Conker, or better yet, both.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   569d ago
Banjo may become a 1st person shooter...I hope MS at least announces release dates for all the AAA titles from last years E3...The Xbone fanboys have been talking all year like all those games are just around the corner...Since N4Xbox has become such a rah,rah,Xbox site I would have expected to read some hard dates here...
joab777  +   569d ago
I thought it was just gonna be a big party in which we celebrate all the great past games.

I like Phil and think he's the best thing to happen to MS in awhile, and its great that he tweets, but we know new IP's will be shown. I mean c'mon, he isnt the head of Nintendo. They have been telling us about new IP's for quite awhile. C'mon MS, convince me to buy one...I have money burning a hole.

Seriously, they have two games coming that look amazing!! Project Spark could be something special and sunset looks good. I just dont have the time anymore. FF14 on PS4 is amazing and ESO is coming. WtF!!
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OpieWinston  +   569d ago
New IPs
New SEQUELS (Praise the sequels ladies and gentlemen, time to dip in the large pool of Original Xbox IPs)

Even if that could be perceived as more Third party games, I'm super stoked for the new First party studios they'll be announcing.
Spikes1471  +   569d ago
"announcing ....Naughty Cat".

"Naughty Cat will be developing world class game. Today we will to reveal.....The Before of Us..with Unicorns"
OpieWinston  +   569d ago
It's a funny joke but I wouldn't be able to stop laughing if Microsoft did that as an April fools joke one year.

Maybe next year, who knows.

Phil Spencer has dropped too much info for one morning for me XD.
DOMination-  +   569d ago
They arent going to announce new studios. That article was written badly. It was supposed to say "unannounced games from studios (that are new and haven't released a game yet)"

The article was about Lift London who have been part of MS for 18 months now. Hardly a new studio and you can find artivles on n4g from then when they were created.

MS already has 22 first party studios. 9 more than Sony. Many are like Lift London and have yet to announce what they are working on. This is what we'll see at e3.
gaming2death  +   568d ago
They arent going to announce new studios. That article was written badly. It was supposed to say "unannounced games from studios (that are new and haven't released a game yet)"

What makes you think that? Are you not aware that for the last 4 years Microsoft has announced a new studio at E3. So if they don't announce at least one (Which they will) this will be the first e3 that they don't in a while.
SLUG  +   568d ago
rare games yes
ArbitorChief  +   569d ago
Banjo Threeie... Make my dreams come true!
colonel179  +   569d ago
I might get tons of disagrees for saying this, but I actually believe that Microsoft will have a better E3 than Sony. I don't know why, but it feels that way.

What worries me about Sony is that they will likely talk about PS Now, Sales, and maybe even Project Morpehus, so that will leave less time to actually announce stuff. Also, there will certainly be a gameplay video of The Order (which will be 10 min), then most likely game play for a third party (could be Batman or Assassin's Creed). And then they have the Vita!

Whereas Microsoft, will most likely spend most of the time announcing games and showing trailers. We all know they will have a gameplay showcase for COD, and definitely another third party game. They most likely spend this time at the beginning to get it over with, and start with the announcement. I could even bet that they will leave TV and stuff like that to a minimum.

Also, I have this feeling, and it pains me that it probably will be true, but Microsoft will be the ones showing Final Fantasy XV (trailer) and gameplay for MGS V.

So overall, it SEEMS that Microsoft will have a better E3. Of course this is based on my logic, and I hope that BOTH of them do great so that this year would be impossible to decide which one is better.

EDIT: Also, Microsoft could seem to have a better E3 for the announcement, even when most of the games are multi platform, but you know people, they go for the wow and ohh, before thinking that the games will be available on the other console.

Let's see! One thing that it's guaranteed is that this E3 is going to be EPIC! for the Sony, MS, and Nintendo. (Nintendo because they will show Zelda).
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creatchee  +   569d ago
I don't know why you would get tons of disagrees - Microsoft had a better E3 last year in terms of content. Sony got the better reaction because of two things - price and lack of DRM. Otherwise, their show was mostly indies and multiplats.
azure1990  +   569d ago
I thought Final Fantasy wasn't coming to Xbox One? Anyways don't worry about the disagrees it's just fanboys. I some how managed to get down to one bubble even though my posts are unbiased and non hatred towards Microsoft. The main thing I want to see at E3 from Microsoft is Quantum Break game play, Sunset Over drive gameplay, and some more news for Halo 5 and of course I want to hear some new IP's. For PS4 I'm kind of excited, but the main games I'm really excited about it they've already released gameplay footage and info about them. So hopefully their new IP's will get me pumped up.

@Creatchee If you don't trash talk Microsoft at all, you get disagrees and bubbled down like me
DOMination-  +   569d ago
FF14 - ps3/ps4 and pc
FF15 - ps4 and xb1
gaming2death  +   568d ago
@Creatchee If you don't trash talk Microsoft at all, you get disagrees and bubbled down like me

that is sad, but true.
BitbyDeath  +   569d ago
'then most likely game play for a third party'

Will probably be Destiny this year since Sony are throwing Bungie some money on exclusive content.

We're also expecting to see DriveClub, Uncharted 4 and possibly even Project Beast.

Not to mention other surprises like GG's new IP and maybe something from Sony London, Santa Monica and/or Media Molecule.

Maybe even get to see some progress on Deep Down or Planetside 2. Should be a great E3 this year.
ramiuk1  +   569d ago
i expect planetside 2 to be released at end of presentation
GameDev1  +   568d ago
"What worries me about Sony is that they will likely talk about PS Now, Sales, and maybe even Project Morpehus"

Seeing as Yoshida announced 20 exclusives with 12 new IPs, plus the ones insiders are giving away. I don't think it will be that way

One reason Morpheus was revealed early at GDC was as Yoshida said to concentrate on games in E3, so you will see working titles games for Morpheus, but the VR technology itself will not be talked about as its already prototyped to developers.

Sales will be revealed, yes both by MS and Sony, how long do you it will be to say, we have these numbers of console sold and the console selling to other countries in some date in the future, 2 mins tops. Its not like they are to bring out charts, graphs and boards similar to Executive meetings.

PS Now will not be talked about as that service is ongoing testings and is already on the roll to PS customers, plus it was already done at last year E3, only thing they have to do is reveal a price and that can be done anytime.

I really think you are underestimating Sony who due to financial troubles will want a very successful E3 for the progress of the Playstation division
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Spikes1471  +   568d ago
Dude why does it "pain" you to see the next FF or MGS5? They have Gamescom and TGS.
GamingTruth  +   569d ago
hopefully a perfect dark, and a perfect dark sequel done the right way this time, that could be competition for call of duty
cyhm3112  +   569d ago
"new studios we are working with", doesn't sound like these are first parties. lol. You don't say "working with" your own studios. Might again pay for some third party exclusives.
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gaming2death  +   568d ago
And, you act like that's a bad thing. what is Sony doing with ready at dawn, quantic dreams, from software, etc? But I guess it's not paying for exclusives when Sony does it right? they earn their exclusives is that it?
marlinfan10  +   568d ago

its okay because its sony, obviously...
MehmetAlperTR  +   569d ago
Anouncement of the amouncement.. nice job.. Xbone
marlinfan10  +   568d ago
he's answering questions on twitter, not making some big announcement. id rather see him giving generic answers like this vs not responding at all
Ocsta  +   569d ago
I'm an unabashed Sony pony but even I think Microsuck will "win" this E3. They need AND want it more, and like Colonel179 I believe Sony are going to spread themselves too thin. It blows but its gonna happen :/
TRD4L1fe  +   568d ago
your avatar tho. God i miss baldurs gate
Lucreto  +   569d ago
Good news

Just hope Phil isn't overhyping it like last year.
Whitey2k  +   569d ago
Every1 always relies on ms no1 knows what sony will bring to E3 there might be a few that has been announced but theres also quite alot of rumours and trademarks from sonys behalf so no I don't think ms will win E3 but I do believe the games from both partys are gonna be equal
marlinfan10  +   568d ago
this article isn't about sony, why bring them up?
Mr-Dude  +   569d ago
As a sony supporter i think MS and Sony wil both do good on the e3. They both know they can't mess up. MS in terms of promises and keeping them and sony in terms of good aaa games instead if more indie and VR only.

E3 will be great
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   569d ago
This guy is saying the same thing over and over again. Every other week its an article like "Phil Spencer says there will be new IP at E3". Well duh ? So will Sony and Nintendo.
SLUG  +   568d ago
every week mean more new ip games then sony and nintendo has
forcefullpower  +   569d ago
I have supported franchises for years due to who makes the games. I am not sure why people get excited for IP's that are made by completely different companies. Like Gears and Halo now done by 343 and black tusk. Like Remedy give Alan wake to another company and having no input I would probably avoid the game.
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xReDeMpTiOnx  +   569d ago
Personally sequel wise I'm only lookijg forward to gears, halo has gone stale to me.

On terms of new ups they better come out with absolute bombshells because so far I'm only looking forward to QB (which looks very interesting)
SLUG  +   568d ago
a rare racing kart game for xbox one we would like to see
JMyers  +   568d ago
Keep the games coming!
Puppy_Farts  +   568d ago
If they announce Alan Wake 2, I will purchase an Xbox One, no questions asked. However, georgeenoob turns me off SO SO MUCH to being part of the X1 famzz, what a muppet.
jmac53  +   568d ago
Alan Wake 2 and a next gen Crimson Skies would get my purchase.
Puppy_Farts  +   568d ago
Never played Crimson Skies, is it good? All I'd really need is Alan Wake, I was crazy into it when I had a 360.
jmac53  +   568d ago
This E3 is going to be amazeballs! Glad to see that MS is stepping up their game because we all know Sony will be bringing the exclusives.

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