Phil Spencer Thinks Highly of Fan's XBox One UI Concept [Video]

Check out this fan's Xbox One UI Concept Video (1m 32s) that Phil Spencer thinks has some good ideas. Author: Agasicles Stamas,

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corvusmd1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Good, everything from this UI video is a great idea. Hopefully they can work all of this out. It may not be hard to do being that a lot of these features already exist on Windows Phones, but I'm sure it's not on the top of the list of things to do.

@Chris. Yeah I'm sure they are working on it too, esp being that a lot of those UI improvments they are doing are already on windows phones.

christocolus1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Stuff like this will definitly catch the attention of Phil&larry. I read their comments regarding this a few days ago.glad they are impressed cos i was too.

I hope they integrate some features in that mock up video into the xbox one. Infact i have a feeling MS may have already been working on something similar..this video will only give them more sure we will be getting this in a few months.

Kryptonite42O1534d ago

Agreed. I like pretty well liked all the features in the video.. I was actually shocked when I first bought my X1 as well as my PS4, that there were no customizable themes on either console.. Not the end of the world that it wasn't included at launch, but the feature would be a nice touch.

joab7771535d ago

MS would go a long way to hire a few xbox loyalists. Put them to work. Have them tweet to gamers about what they want to see. Launch a gamers campaign...and then actually implement the top ideas.

And u can throw me a free xbone for suggesting what an entire PR department hasn't thought of (jk...but it could work).

Or if by wanna win...get LoL or DOTA on MS...or better yet, make your own MOBA. I am waiting for this to happen. It will sellmore systems than any other game. Hell, they r willing to lose money and suffer massive headaches by launching in China, why not?

HaydenJameSmith1535d ago

That's actually a fairly good idea, the hiring fans thing not the Moba thing... im not a big fans on moba's :P

colonel1791535d ago

The UI in the video looks awesome! and it was a nice touch to add transparency on the tiles. Hopefully Microsoft implements... all of it, really!

HaydenJameSmith1535d ago

Very clever design of UI fro Xbox One hope it comes to the console soon, I wish Playstation 4 had something like this... It feels very un-unique the UI, Sony could really benefit from making the experience for players bit more customizable.

tkato1535d ago

give them time, they're focusing on fixing bugs right now.. i'm sure both consoles will be having updates with customization options in the near future.

tkato1535d ago

MS should adopt some of Windows Phone latest theme options, like the background tiles.

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