Best Topics at Sony's 2014 E3 Conference

Sony needs to make a few key announcements at E3 to keep gamers interested.

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sinncross1603d ago

No AAA? Really.

I do believe there should be some indie presence but needs to be a whole lot more AAA.

Project Beast showing would rock.

Unoriginalusername1602d ago

The Last Guardian..Sony would win E3 with that title alone.

marlinfan101602d ago


i don't think they'll spend half their time talking about indies but I'm sure they'll take a few minutes to announce a new indie or two or show some gameplay.

GameDev11602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Indies have already been announced, remember 1000 devs publishing and over 100 indies coming to PS4

Indies are small projects, not something you would see in E3 at all. I mean you should know that if you watched E3

ats19921602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Well sony did show a lot of indie games at last years e3 so it does happens.

marlinfan101602d ago


"indies are small project, not something you would see in E3 at all"

did you watch sonys e3 last year?

Geoff9001602d ago

Indies can be ANY independent developer, Arkane Studios, CDprojekt, Bungie, Epic, Crytek, Remedy, Team17 etc are ALL indie developers.

I wish people would stop using the term 'indie' without actually understanding the word.

marlinfan101602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )


when people say indies they're referring to small independent studios. not huge, heavily funded studios that have the backing of the consoles

GameDev11602d ago


Sony showed indie initiative for PS4 in general, not individual indies games promoted

yes i did, read what i said above

Errr show me where i said indies games cannot be from any developer??

marlinfan101602d ago


im not sure what I'm missing, this is exactly what you said

"Indies have already been announced, remember 1000 devs publishing and over 100 indies coming to PS4

Indies are small projects, not something you would see in E3 at all. I mean you should know that if you watched E3"

indies have already been announced but who says they won't announce more or show gameplay of a few of them?

and to your second sentence, as i said before, they showed indies at e3 last year so obviously its not something you won't see at e3.

Geoff9001602d ago

@daniel2115 indie means independent from major corporation and or investor, it doesn't mean that they are small or big.

Geoff9001602d ago

You said "Indies are small projects", Indies aren't always small projects, the size of a developer doesn't automatically equate to a small project.

Some small developers work on big projects, and some big developers work on small projects.

Epic games* for instance have worked on Shadow Complex, as well as Gears of War.

*Epic games is a independent developer.

GameDev11602d ago


Are you saying Sony are going to announce their continous support for the indie initiative for PS4 or are they going to promote indie games as individuals?

Because what i am saying is that individual indie games won't be announced.
And as i said, an indie initiative was promoted for the PS4, not individual indie titles.

"no AAA titles and only indies" is basically saying Sony are going there to promote their PSN store.


You are a bit off but thats not what Indie means, there is a difference between Indie devs and Indie games

Giant Sparrow is an indie dev company within Sony Santa Monica that has the backing of Sony(major corporation) and they make small indie projects for Playstation Consoles.

Indie games are usually small projects made by Indie devs with hardly any backing but its when they get full backing and support from a publisher, corporation for a big project then it comes a support game usually AAA titles

MetaReapre1602d ago

Considering at last e3 they spotlighted indie games like don't starve and octodad, I don't see why they won't spotlight more indie games coming in the future. For sure they probably wouldn't have an indie developer take the stage to introduce their game but for sure they can announce some that are coming out as indie games are becoming really big now in the gaming scene.

Kryptonite42O1602d ago

“Indie Games are video games which are made by passionate game developers who typically publish their game on their own via the internet. Indie Games are typically not funded nor published under major labels and therefore the developers are not limited in their scope of creativity. Indie Games will typically stretch the boundaries of what has been done already and sometimes even what is commonly accepted as normal practice. The one thing that they all have in common is the level of passion poured into the game by their developer, as these games are made out of a desire to make a game rather than making money.”

best "definition" that i was able to find of indie game.
good article too

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GarrusVakarian1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Why do you think all of those indies were announced randomly last Wednesday? It's so they don't take up as much time at E3. I wouldn't mind 5 minutes dedicated to them at E3, but i want AAA's, that's what i expect when i think of E3.

Indies are great void fillers between the big titles, but now it's time for big titles. Bring on E3.

bothebo1603d ago

I would like 5 minutes of indies...... Minecraft date for the Vita and 1 or 2 big games for it since I need to be real about Sony abandoning it.

TRS_Gear1602d ago

Minecraft for Vita? I didn't even know this was being rumored. My life is over if that day comes.

WeAreLegion1602d ago

It's coming soon. They showed it working on Vita and PS4 recently.

avengers19781603d ago

New game from GG, media molecule, SSM, project Morpheus, indie games, something from ND, project beast, QD new game, H1Z1, Deep Down, Destiny, Divison, the order, drive club, and that's all I can think at the moment.

CARROT1809941602d ago

Maybe something from London studio, bend or last guardian

Xdone1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Lmao, look at those disagrees.. Jealous fanboys can't stand seeing great games on rival's platform. ;-)

bjmartynhak1602d ago

Unannounced games. That's all I want.

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