North American Tales of Xillia 2 boxart

Check out the North American Tales of Xillia 2 boxart, plus a comparison with the Japanese version.

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jc485731538d ago

heheh....join the dark side.

Snookies121538d ago

I really like that actually...

WildArmed1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Not bad, but the game covers will be in contrast to my xillia cover art. That's pretty much all white haha

Looking forward to revisiting Xillia without the annoying Jude and Mila.

Inception1538d ago

"Looking forward to revisiting Xillia without the annoying Jude and Mila"

You mean in character development? Because both character already confirmed for Xillia 2 (just look at the boxart and you'll find them there).

OT, i like the white background. It will look good with my Graces f, Xillia, and Symphonia chronicles.

WildArmed1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Oh I know, but they aren't going to be the playable cast (or at least from what I understand). I couldn't stand their characters, a lil' bit of them is fine. But I don't think I could revisit Xillia with them there the FULL time. And even then, I think they would have matured by now (or at least from what I've read). So there shouldn't be annoying comments from Jude about how he'll do anything Milla says without a thought of his own lol

I agree about the Graces f and Symphonia Chronicles. All three of them sit side by side for me.

I think Tales of Zeteria is also white

edit: Actually it seems they will be playable characters, interesting. But they all mention how Jude has "matured". Well, here's to hoping!

I'm still picking it up anyway, I loved the game. Just didn't enjoy the two characters (Jude and Mila). So no more annoying "version" of Jude and Mila, and I'll be happy!

Inception1538d ago

Don't worry, Jude already matured and his a doctor now. Even though personally i like his character in Xillia 1. A man need to find his own way. Unfortunately for a teenager like Jude he didn't have anyone to teach him how to find his own way, not even his father. Until Jude meet Milla who determined to finished her mission even she lost her power. Bamco made a different approach with Jude compare to other male protagonist in Tales series and i find it refreshing.

About Milla...i don't want to spoiled you the story but i think you will like her character.

Anyway, all Xillia cast will be playable in Xillia 2, including Gaius and Muzet.

WildArmed1537d ago


My fav. character! Am excited :)

Debaitable1537d ago

I'm still playing the game and I absolutely hate Milla's voice. Sounds like the voice actor has braces and there's a 'hiss' sound at the end of every sentence she says.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1538d ago

I dig it. I ask for reversible cover tho.