Xbox One may see buying rush in China

Microsoft Corp's selling of its Xbox One flagship gaming console in China later this year may see a rush of buyers, according to an analyst.

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SG1_dapunisherX1600d ago

i want xb1 to be successful in china. but i hope ms change the price when it launch in sept before d.o.a

Allsystemgamer1600d ago

I want it to be successful even though I don't have one. Competition is good. I'm still waiting for a reason to purchase 1.

TheNotoriousNiceGuy1600d ago

Why disagree's ?? , anyways Quantum break & halo 5 could be a reason

tbone5671600d ago

I have tons of friends in China who are itching to get the Xbox One. The thirst is real.

Nekroo911600d ago

Notoriousniceguy no they wont, because they wont be allowed in there .

check the restrictions list anything with deaths etc is banned.

Not to mention you know how the Chinese market works right?! they copy everything from smartphones to cars so expect low budget copys of the x1 in a few months.

styferion1600d ago

why the hell people think it's not on sale there already?
both XB1 and PS4 can already be purchased there people, everyone in China who are 'itching' should already bought one by now. And it's more advantageous to buy it from grey market anyway, because you'll mainly get the games from grey market too since they will be heavily restricted through official channel.
And don't get me started on other entertainment features, if other countries that already sell PS4/XB1 doesn't get as much entertainment features as US/UK folks, how do you think it'll be in China, where even facebook and googles are banned?

R-A-S-01600d ago

As long as we're talking about reasons to buy an xbone, I think Project Spark is shaping up fantastically. I'm almost jealous! :)

kickerz1600d ago

Yes people in china can get xbox 1s on the black market, but if they were sold properly in stores this would definitely be a better, more preferred way to buy one. I think it will sell well.

mkis0071600d ago

@ kickerz

One would think...but these systems would be locked and restricted to play only government approved games.(no halo)

That is why getting a console through other means is better in restrictions.

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LackTrue4K1600d ago

if this is really the first console to come out in China, then I do expect high sales.

SlavisH21600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

could go either way. i hope all 3 come out there. More system sells = more games :)

morganfell1600d ago

American McGee, whose Spicy Horse Development Studio is based in Shanghai had this to say about China rushing to buy consoles, any console:

Ittoryu1600d ago

People act like the don't have black market console there already.

creatchee1600d ago


The same American McGee that hasn't been relevant in over a decade and doesn't develop games for consoles?

avengers19781600d ago

The restrictions on gaming content alone makes it hard for any console to be successful in China... There are seriously insane amount of restrictions.

DVS-Zev1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )


Does that discredit the excellent points he brings up tho? No? So what's your point?

joeorc1600d ago

Well sony already released in hong kong, korea and other areas in asia.

Xboxone may very well do great in china.

malokevi1600d ago

It will sell. That's all there is to it. How much? who cares. Every bit helps.

creatchee1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )


"Does that discredit the excellent points he brings up tho? No? So what's your point?"

Not entirely, but the fact that he doesn't support console gaming has to mean something. Consoles are competition to him and he has every reason to downplay them coming to the area where he works. Also, the "irrelevant" comment was flung at Cliffy B by TONS of people on this site to discredit him, and he has made games that people actually played way more recently than McGee.

tiffac0081600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

I will be happy to see the X1 do well in China but don't get too excited about it.

I've lived, studied and continues to visit China from time to time and whoever this "AmericanMcGee" person is, he makes some valid points that a person who has visited China would know.

Edit: And yes consoles have been sold there for a long time, even with the ban. You can go to a legit electronic store in the malls and they are not hard to miss.

iamnsuperman1600d ago


He raises extremely valid point. People are assuming china is this new amazing market but it has been that market for a few generations now. Despite the ban the PS3 and 360 were easily available in china and the One and PS4 were no exception. A big issue of this availability was piracy. Piracy is rampant in china's market. I think Microsoft's push to china is a huge mistake since gaming has already made it there. If they want to hit Asia they should think about making Asian specific content.

morganfell1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

He isn't relative? Your opinion but how does that make what he says irrelevant?

You are completely unable to rebut his points.

The fact is he lives and works there and understands the current situation far better than most, including you and I. Equating numbers of bodies with sales is, at it's best, corporate suicide.

Just another thread and user I have to bookmark for when this doesn't pan out like all those other things that MS keeps erasing off the chalkboard.

The Cloud
NFL Deal
Kinect 2
Don Mattrick
Firing Don Mattrick
A Second On-Board Processor
Family Share
Magic Scaler
Games for Gold
Secret Sauce

And just so you are aware China isn't a sales goldmine for Sony either.

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christocolus1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )


I agree. They will most definitly have to lower the price over there and im hoping too that they do really good. We will know more about their plans as the time comes. E3 is the main focus right

dale_denton1600d ago

lol you guys really think china wants to buy an american product? LMAO

Eddie201011600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

I can't imagine any publisher is going to sell any games in the china market, piracy is a huge problem in China. Hell they will probably Knock off Xbox Ones at a third of the price and they will be already rooted to play pirated games.

Plus it is already available on the gray market without the limitations imposed by the Chinese Government that will be on officially sold Xbox One's.

China say, We [email protected] Microsoft.

Even if it sells well in China, its a totally different market with different tastes. The US, UK, European and even Japanese consumers will gain nothing from it being available in china, it's not going to make the Xbox One more successful or better for any other country.

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shivvy241600d ago

Damn if this console takes off in china then HOLY SHIT

OrangePowerz1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

People who really want one already have one, there won't be really any games at launch that are aimed at the market and most games will be banned because of the laws of what content can be released.

Until the Chinese government rethinks their laws for western content it's doubtful that any console will make a big impact there. We are talking about a country where you can't watch TV shows like Big Bang Theory legally.

MNGamer-N1600d ago

Microsoft is desperate, hoping the Chinese will save them.

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