What Coy Concept Art Could Be Teasing about Future The Last of Us Project

Could recent teasers be the beginnings of The Last of Us 2, or are we indulgently running away with our imaginations?

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cfc781565d ago

Im going with TLOU2 until im proven otherwise why wouldn't they make a sequel to probably the best game of gen 7,small announcement at E3 is my hope.

SPARDA_4261565d ago

Im assuming E3 as well. It would be cool if after they unveil the gameplay for Uncharted 4, to show a teaser trailer for TLOU2.

Abash1565d ago

I love Uncharted and The Last of Us, but damn when will Naughty Dog be able to finally make Jak 4? :/

cfc781565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

I'd be cool with that idea should blow the roof off the place if it happens E3's going to be amazing can't wait for it to get started excitements building fast.



She looks older and mature and prettier :D

I am sure the PS4 graphics will do her justice. I hope this becomes the new Lara Croft (in a good way of course).

Conzul1565d ago

Well that's totally Ellie.

The fact that the artist deliberately hid her scar with the hair.....dead giveaway.

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DoomeDx1565d ago

Without a doubt its something The last of Us related

1. She looks like ellie
2. Shes playing a guitar. Something Joel would teach her when 'this is all over'

Lightning Mr Bubbles1565d ago

Yeah, and she be playing the guitar, cause you know from the first game, she was really big on music.

colonel1791565d ago

Definitely not an announcement at E3 when they will show Uncharted. The game might be in development, but definitely way too son to announce yet.

cfc781565d ago

Im not asking for a trailer just a few words on the game i guess we'll wait and see.

ajax171565d ago

Yeah, the girl looks a lot like Ellie.

ifistbrowni1565d ago

whatever it is (hopefully TLOU 2), Ellie looks a bit older. Or is it just me?

Lightning Mr Bubbles1565d ago

Yeah, in the first one she was 15, in the sequel she's 17.

I'm just kidding man, I have no idea...

Lightning Mr Bubbles1565d ago

I'm pretty there's gonna be a sequel sometime down the road regardless. I mean come on, like we don't know how the video game industry works? They come out with a super successful new IP, and then they just forget about it? I don't think so.

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DoomeDx1565d ago

I'd rather have an Uncharted first before they release a new The last of Us.

The last of Us is without a doubt the best game I have ever played (and that says alot because I have been playing games since the NES) and I wouldnt want them to rush TLOU 2.. Take your time and make another masterpiece!

colonel1791565d ago

ND already announced an Uncharted, so it's definitely coming before another Last of Us

BitbyDeath1565d ago

Probably in the minority but I still think Uncharted should have stopped at 3.

GameDev11565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

"but I still think Uncharted should have stopped at 3"

I disagree, with a new team on UC4 it is likely to take a change, story wise and gameplay wise

Uncharted series on the PS3 seem to be Naughty dog getting themselves recognised with a new IP until they really mastered it, now that they have, there should definitely be another one especially on a next gen machine where they can have far more possibilities with it

ifistbrowni1565d ago

I guess that'll be judged by how well Uncharted 4 is done? Am i right?

Uncharted 4 could become the greatest entertainment of all time (for the sake of arguing). Would you then think that the series should've stopped?

Series should stop when they stop being popular or there is no more story to tell. Not just because YOU want them to. Uncharted is still relevant to a lot of people. Including me.

BitbyDeath1565d ago

I'll still pick it up, but just not sure how they can keep improving the series (other than graphics).

A new IP would be much more exciting IMO

chazjamie1565d ago

should of stopped at 2. 3 was forced and really unnecessary.

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VlllAxelLea1565d ago

don't you guys think it's too early for tlou 2? it hasn't even been a year since tlou was out.

cfc781565d ago

It's not like were expecting the game next week.

lemoncake1565d ago

Definitely seems far too early to be teasing tlou2, I wouldnt expect it for at least 2-3 years from now so would be odd showing anything at this point.

NazKidA1565d ago

its not like it's going to be released this year or next year. 3 years after the first release is pretty common, especially with naughty dog.

LKHGFDSA1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

yeah they're in the earliest stages of development.
first there's planning the basic premise, then there's sketching the concept art of their plans.
if they polish it as much as they did with the original TLOU it will be years before seen it. it took them atleast 4 years. (since they were working on it after UC2 came out in 2009)

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LightDiego1565d ago

The Last of Us 2 would be awesome, if it's the next game from Naughty Dog? I don't know...

nope1111565d ago

The Last of Us spin-off music rhythm game, starring Ellie!

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