How Project Beast Could Tie-in Directly With Demon’s Souls

Junkie Monkeys: Project Beast is all but officially confirmed. If this game turns out to be legitimate, it could directly tie-in with the evil ending of Demon’s Souls.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1564d ago

Not much question about it. It looks like Demon's Souls, it's made by the same devs...

Old_Boss_1564d ago

That picture is teasing me to hard :(

Evilsnuggle1561d ago

Wow that makes a lot of sense.

Hugodastrevas1559d ago

I hope SONY gives the Devs carte blanche and lots of money so that their vision comes to fruition.

P.S. That vision better be Demon's Souls 2 (or Beast Souls)!