Nintendo Had a Dictatorial Relationship with 3rd-Party Publishers Back during the Fourth Generation

According to an interview with Blake J. Harris, the general consensus from interviewees was that "Nintendo had you by the balls, and they knew it."

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Activemessiah1534d ago

I wonder if it involved telling them to make games that are not broken or unplayable and make sure it's full of content... >_>

AnotherProGamer1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Double post

AnotherProGamer1534d ago

But there was still games that were broken and unplayable games on NES/SNES

porkChop1534d ago

Yeah Nintendo's official Seal of Quality sticker meant absolutely nothing as there were tons of horrible broken games.

SpiralTear1534d ago

You bet there were. Just ask James Rolfe.

ArtificiallyYours1534d ago

Gaming had crawled out of dire straits I'm sure Nintendo just thinks of their seal as a designation.

adorie1534d ago

"Nintendo Had a Dictatorial Relationship with 3rd-Party Publishers Back during the Fourth Generation"

Howard Lincoln.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1534d ago

Nintendo Seal of Quality will be your answer.

mmj1534d ago

Sounds about right...

Publisher: We want to release the game early to meet our financial targets and we'll patch the bugs later.
Nintendo: No! you fix them now!

Publisher: We want to hold back some content and release it later as payed DLC.
Nintendo: No! you not rob our customers!

Publisher: We want to add always on requirement.
Nintendo: No! We not lika dis!

Publishers to media: Nintendo are evil dictators waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh....

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maniacmayhem1534d ago

I use to work for a third party and I remember our submissions for the N64 and Gamecube were torture. Not as bad as the stories I heard for the SNES and especially the NES.

Nintendo would take weeks with approvals. Usually when MS or Sony rejects a submission they send a report detailing why and what to fix, but way. Their reports were vague and offered nothing.

We would have to submit a bunch of times and it would get frustrating especially if we missed our target date.

Agent_hitman1534d ago

Yeah I agree with you there, I've also read this article from Eurogamer about "the secret developers: Wii U".. Developers we're having a hard time optimizing Wii U due to it's slow CPU but Nintendo isn't cooperating with them to fix the problem.. So I believe in your statement

AKR1534d ago

That article was based on the first-set of dev-kits that shipped; before the improved ones came out. Just EG trying to stir up controversy.

A lot of indies have came out and said how Nintendo has been very generous and helped them whenever they got stuck; so I don't see how some could get the needed tech-support while others don't. Doesn't add up.

DanManDantheMan1534d ago

That article was proven to be bull.

ThatOneGuyThere1534d ago

i like to think we did pretty good at sony. lol

MultiConsoleGamer1534d ago

Who did you work for and when?

XiSasukeUchiha1534d ago

Hmm interesting (Sasuke voice).

IVanSpinal1534d ago

What is sasuke? your bf?

HugoDrax1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Itachi Uchiha's baby brother.

Check this tribute vid out of Sasuke, maybe you will enjoy the anime/manga...

Now Itachi is my favorite character. Hopefully I'll get to unlock him in my jump vs victory game for my vita.

Qrphe1534d ago

This really emo kid from this really emo ninja clan in Naruto Anime.

NarooN1534d ago

Sasuke is an absolutely garbage character in a terrible anime/manga series called "Naruto".

AceBlazer131534d ago

Naruto is trash but after coming this far with it I might as well finish it.

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DragonKnight1534d ago

Sasuke is the most ridiculous piece of trash character in that entire manga/anime. Eeyore has a better personality than that loser.

MegaRay1534d ago

@People stop being mean to him.
If you're not welcoming him back then shut up :P

ArtificiallyYours1534d ago

The modern day child whining that they have to deal with strict individuals at all.

animegamingnerd1534d ago

wait does EA still think that this the fourth console gen and not the 8th?

SilentNegotiator1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

If they did, they would probably develop a couple games for their system.

Except today they have a choice.

pwnsause_returns1534d ago

when EA means 4th gen, they mean the 4th 3D console Gen.

everything before the snes was considered 2d.

Ol_G1534d ago

No they're trolling and are considering the psx and xbox the start of gaming just to spite

videgamenext11534d ago

Ea said this is the fourth gen of 3d consoles

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