Digital Distribution Prepares PC For An Epic Come Back

Next-Gen War is far from over, and there’s a (new) contender
The release of the original Xbox, in the early 2000′s clearly defined the way of what would be the future of gaming. Having a console in the living room has changed dramatically our way of playing video-games. The major step forward PC-like graphics and overall experience was brought to us by Sony with their PlayStation gaming systems and later on, by Microsoft, with their Xbox products line.

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DjKiba1506d ago

I know right. I love my PC and know plenty of ppl who game on pc, and a lot own consoles too. Plenty of games exclusive to pc, so i'm a bit confused lol

cyguration1506d ago

When wasn't the PC here?

Perhaps The Canadian has been living under a Nova Scotian rock.

Gabe's been rocking the digital distribution space for a few years now.

Someone's been smoking some deep time-traveling shrooms again.

Allsystemgamer1505d ago

Lol I'm Canadian and many of my brethren are PC gamers. This guy seems to just be daft.

slapedurmomsace1506d ago

So an opinion article is now considered news?

Maxor1506d ago

This article is like 8 years too late.