Killer Instinct – A Retrospective on an Amazingly Poor Business Model [Video]

While I am still a bit late to the party, I wanted to jot down my thoughts on Killer Instinct and revisit what this thing was supposed to do for the launch of the XBox One. Author: Agasicles Stamas,

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Fireseed1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Like I honestly don't even know where to begin with this pile of crap.

I guess I could start off with the fact that you continuously say that the article is not about the merits of the game and yet continue to slam on the game for being "mediocre" without even getting to what I assume is the main point of your article till the end of the 3rd paragraph.

Or I guess I could begin with pointing out that simply admitting to being bad at a game genre is not a good excuse for calling something bad when you have absolutely NO ability to play it whatsoever. I mean, like none. I watched your clip and you're legitimately incapable of performing even the most basic of combos. So yes I could understand why you would see the game as bad because you're awful at it but that's more than just "take it with a grain of salt", it's more like take it with a mountain of salt.

Heck I could even start off by wondering why you read between the lines with a games launch so much that you're actually constructing your own narrative
"if Microsoft’s intention was to capture new customers for its flagship platform, there is no way that Killer Instinct was going to be a contributing element to that strategy, given the manner in which it is burdened".
Cause perhaps... Idk just maybe, and you can call me crazy for this.... Maybe they wanted to make a new Killer Instinct... for the sake of making a new Killer Instinct? SHOCKING I KNOW, but in a day and age where we ask for sequels to classic franchises we love perhaps it's because they wanted a new one (which is entirely likely because Ken Lobb the creator of the original games is now a producer at Microsoft and saw an opportunity to bring back a franchise he created.) And yet for some reason you want to poise it as being brought back SOLELY to get people from the 360 onto the Xbone or even to get newcomers to the platform... trust me, if they wanted to do that... they wouldn't do it with a niche fighting game such as KI.

But I think the main rotten core of this "article" is the inherent stupidity of your main point of the final paragraph. "To lay DriveClub and Killer Instinct side-by-side and challenge gamers to make a choice between the two consoles" This line right here urks me because it shows a similar wavelength of though as some of those CEOs we hear about who think F2P is a genre gamers play simply for F2P. You act as if the people who would choose Killer instinct are the same demographic of people who would play DriveClub... simply for the fact that they're both F2P.

But what I will leave off with is if you're so bothered by the segmentation of the games content, why do you COMPLETELY ignore the fact that all games content can be bought in one lump? Why does that point seem to be mentioned nowhere in your article about a games pay model that it offers the ability to buy it at one price, comparable to similarly packaged fighting games?

allgamespc20121540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

dude...its a terrible game behind a terrible model.

OpieWinston1540d ago

You even played it?
Have you played any MOBAs where this payment model works perfectly?

Tedakin1540d ago

It's an incredible game. EVO and Major League Gaming accepted it.

namEuser1540d ago

This aticle is sh*t...theres nothing wrong killer Instinct...i played it back in the day and I play it now, I like the new one better! Just my opinion though :)

hollabox1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

I purchased my XB1 a day after Christmas specifically for Killer Instinct. I think its the 2nd best next gen game I've played so far (not counting graphics) right behind Plants Vs Zombies. Any who this article is flame bait fanboys usually approves to start arguments for their enjoyment. There will be 1-3 trolling fanboys watching every comment to disagree with no replies.

xDHAV0K24x1540d ago

The graphics are good for KI

hollabox1539d ago

Looks like I was right with the 1-3 trollers disagreeing with most of the positive comments. I wish we could see who in the hell is disagreeing with us. I bet you its the same people, or one person with multiple accounts.

No_Limit1540d ago

Dumb article. The business model is something that I wish Capcom would have adopted since they released like 10 different editions of the same SF4 and charging $40 bucks a piece for a few characters and some gameplay tweaks. At $20 for 8 characters and you get free updates like the recent one with the Arcade mode is a great and flexible business model. Rather than forcing it down our throat with rebuying the entire game for these additions, they gave you a choice to buy each individual fighter separately, buying the entire roster, or buying the full edition with all the added DLCs and such.

kewlkat0071540d ago

just thought the author could use this link...

Dudebro901540d ago

Just because you suck at a game, doesn't make it bad.

Killer Instinct has obviously been a success considering Double Helix was bought, and Microsoft still decided to get another team to continue to make content. They could of simply said, the dev team was purchased so we have decided to cease any further production on Killer Instinct

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