Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Boosts Franchise to New Heights on the next Generation

Starring Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey, new Call of Duty delivers a stunning vision of the future.

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thorstein991d ago

Excellent piece! I am actually excited for a Call of Duty game again. Hope it is as good as those earlier in the series.

badboy776991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

If it's Marketed it for the Xbox One in the commercials and Timed DLC.

Heck NO!!!!!

Derekvinyard13991d ago

Me three! As long as it has good FISH AI it will be true next gen

Rikuide_Furame991d ago

We've heard all this before. Remember Eric's speech about all the next gen state of the art tech in Ghosts. I won't negatively judge SH and their game, I'll wait until it's out, but I'm not going to get sucked into an increasingly desperate annual hype train.

I want SH to succeed but I feel as though the biggest issue with CoD is franchise fatigue. When I played MW2 (I was late to the CoD dance) it was something very fresh. It'll take some serious work to get back to that feeling again.

MNGamer-N991d ago

Nah. No more call of duty. I'll say it. No more of this. Enough is enough.

colonel179991d ago

the inclusion of Kevin Spacey is genius for marketing. Whoever came up with the idea of hiring him needs a raise, because him alone is going to make the game sell millions!

Summons75991d ago

Boosts franchise to new heights on next gen systems? That's a bit pushing seeing as everything in the trailer minus Kevin spacey was average at best and its on last gen systems too. One actor does not make a game. Unless they prove they have freshened up the gameplay then the game is the same crap fest we get every year. Seeing as cod look and plays like a small budget game I'm guessing most of the funds we to spacey's paycheck.

Time will tell but the wise ain't expect much.

porkChop991d ago

The game is on last gen systems, but Sledgehammer is making only the current gen versions and are solely building the game for that. A different studio has been tasked with the job of figuring out how to port the game down to PS3/360.

NarooN991d ago

It's funny seeing people getting so hyped up over a generic campaign. Fact is most people buy these games for the multiplayer, and the statistics that Activision themselves showed for previous games proves that. It's just pathetic seeing these sites give these sensationalist headlines, as if this game's campaign will revolutionize FPS or something.

Kappa Mikey991d ago

It seems like we hear each year how the new COD will elevate the franchise to new heights. Yawnn..

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The story is too old to be commented.