Naughty Dog's Bruce Straley Teases Something "Awesome" and Mysterious Concept Art Appears

Something seems to be happening behind the scenes at Naughty Dog. Two days ago The Last of Us Game Director teased seeing an "awesome" prototype, and today the concept artist that created many of the game's artwork shown something that looks a lot like a grown up Ellie.


Update: Marek Okon just posted an update on facebook:

Lol. This is how you know you are teasing your stuff the right way
So before its gonna get blown out of proportions - its gonna be strictly personal image.
Is it about TLOU2? Not really... Maybe... Its classified ;P
But seriously its gonna be just a fan art ;]

He still seems to be teasing something, but we can't know for sure if he actually knows something about a possible sequel (he worked on the game, after all) or not. But there you have it, straight from the lion's mouth. At this stage your guess about it is as good as mine.

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staticdash221538d ago

Cool, I knew TLOU would become a franchise. I'm guessing she eventually travels back into the world, to find her own path. Could this be a surprise tease at E3?

maddskull1538d ago

and she becomes a hot woman

Conzul1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

That's a good thing -_-

MidnytRain1538d ago

She was hot in the first game.

KwietStorm1538d ago


She was a damn child in the first game. But I'm gonna give you benefit of the doubt and hope you're young too.

itBourne1538d ago

Was afraid this would happen.. I love TLoU, best game ever in my opinion. But I didn't want a sequal, ND is so talented. UC is a great game, they cld of stuck with that and we never would of experienced TLOU. Idk maybe after this UC they will let it have a break and make something new.

GribbleGrunger1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

We've already gleaned great satisfaction from the ending of TLOU so a sequel, regardless of whether they continue the narrative, shouldn't detract from that satisfaction. I'm very keen on strong and original narrative but even I wouldn't get upset retrospectively if we see Joel and Ellie 7 or 8 years later. There is still a sizeable gap there for our own versions of what followed the ending to have existed.

GribbleGrunger1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Perhaps you'll be able to craft guitar strings and send clickers to sleep with a sweet lullaby?

'Go to sleep infected
rest your weary head
If you don't I promise
I'll hit you with a bottle instead ...'

itBourne1538d ago

My problem is not just a Last of Us Sequel, people bitch and moan about no original games, sequel after sequel, when really they are just being hypocritical. ND gave us an amazing original IP in Last of US, but if you guys had it your way, we never would of got that, it would have been just another Uncharted!!! Think about that. I would rather have a new ip that blows my mind in the same way Last of Us did, not have ND be stuck in sequel hell.

badboy7761538d ago

too soon it was just released last year and it's coming to PS4. So I wait until 2016.

minimur121537d ago

something I noticed.

Ellie's eyebrow scar from whatever isn't there in the fan art/concept photo.

although it's entirely possible the hair is convering it, but I think the hair isn't in the right place.

BlackTar1871537d ago

All i want ND if you do a sequel.... IS A KNIFE THAT DOESN'T BREAK....... You know like the one ellie had? Maybe it was the last one on earth in which case then fine.

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joab7771538d ago

This isnt possible. I thought ND was in complete disarray and incapable of making a game before 2020. Now this. It must be a hoax or a must be!!! Lol!

thorstein1538d ago

Well played, joab, well played.

solidjun51538d ago

LOL!! This comment made me tickle. Bubbles.

Dark111538d ago

I'm hoping for more exploration in TLOU 2.

Conzul1538d ago

I just want more of Joel and Ellie.
Don't want either of them **conveniently** dying off early in game or something.

ZodTheRipper1538d ago

Open World? With traversal between big cities and country side? Like a cinematic single player Day-Z? I would be so down for that :O

HammadTheBeast1538d ago

Wow, I'm surprised, I didn't know they used 120+ layers to make these things.

This would look cool for potential announcement at E3.

PsylentKiller1538d ago

I hope so. Having sold my PS3 and 360 to upgrade to the newest models, TLOU is the one game I miss the most. Another game set in this same world with ND creating the story, the relationships. I can't wait for the remastered version to hold me over until this sequels is released.

mike32UK1537d ago

Ditto! I'm so excited to get back into the multiplayer, that had me hooked for months, which is very rare because im not a huge online gamer

Pogmathoin1538d ago

This the next guy to leave ND?

Lightning Mr Bubbles1537d ago

Not sure if this is real or not, but I'm pretty there's gonna be a Last of Us 2, at some point regardless.

showtimefolks1537d ago

should be very interesting, possibly more single player DLC?

to people who are saying they don't want to see TLOU turn into a gaming series, well just wait and see. Let's give ND the benefit of the doubt. They didn't do Jak 4 because it didn't make sense, so let's wait and see

one thing that was discussed before TLOU released was that they had plans/ideas on how a sequel could work, so again let's wait and see before we start bashing something

avengers19781537d ago

I think that the universe that ND created with TLOU has tons of potential for sequels, more on Joel and Ellie's story had more to be told.

Personally I would love to see a game going with the first year or so after the outbreak.
Also a game about the fireflies

They could even introduce new characters and story arcs, like I said the universe they created has tons of potential

mep691537d ago

Why do soooo many people refer to thing as "franchises" when they are not.....

Naughty Dog is the creator/developer. They haven't sold any rights for another 3rd party to create a sequel, nor would they.

Please stop calling things franchises when they are not.

IamHaru1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

@ ZodtheRipper

actually, technically not "underage" because the government that defines the arbitrary age restriction for consent is no more.

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-Foxtrot1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I wouldn't mind seeing an older Ellie, I hope Joel is still with her though.

I can imagine if it was a trilogy Joel would finally die in the third game and Ellie would continue onward with everything she's learnt from Joel.

Although I wouldn't want Joel to die, he's a fantastic character but in this universe anything goes. It's not like Nathan Drake where you wouldn't want him to die.

cfc781538d ago

I think Joel and Ellie need to be in the 2nd game i don't think the story for them is over yet but at some point like you say Ellie can take over and be the main character.

-Foxtrot1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I wouldn't mind her taking over but I think the problem is she's not ready yet, I think it would take untill the third game when she's in her late 20s to be finally ready. Hell they might jump ahead in the third game when she's in her 30s who knows, by then Joel will be old and she'll have to protect him.

I know people don't want to see a sequel but the thing is we are getting one like it or not and if thats the case I want to see Joel and Ellie because if they move onto new characters then that character development they started in the first game will be wasted. They have two great characters, may aswell expand on them more.

Not to mention as DLC they still have a ton of stories to tell from Marlene, to Tommy, then there's Tess, Bill and even Joel right after the outbreak

I do hope though when she's older we see some muscle or some sort, like Sarah Connor from The Terminator to Terminator 2 Judgement Day. It makes sense to bulk up in this know so when she's fighting off hunters we're not like " the hell did she overpower him"

staticdash221538d ago

I think Joel's character journey is complete though. He grew out of his loneliness and embraced having companions like Ellie, someone you care about when the couldn't care less after Sarah died. The lie at the end was him trying to protect that, and Ellie has a hint that he's hiding something. That could eat away at her, for years until she decides to move on from Tommy's town and find her own path, and Joel stays to let her go be an adult. Makes sense to me. She needs to grow independent of Joel, and that's a good way to introduce lots of new characters like the walking dead

-Foxtrot1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )


I highly doubt Joel will let her go off on her own so easy. I mean if he thinks of her as Sarah, his own daughter at this point then I doubt he would let anything happen to Ellie.

He couldn't save his daughter but he has a second chance with Ellie and I highly doubt he would be fine to just let her go off on her own.

I suppose the sequel could tell two stories. One with Joel and the other will Ellie.

Years later Ellie will find out about the lie and what Joel did, she'll run off and Joel will go after her. Then we'll play two stories.

Ellie - As she sets off to find scientists or someone who can continue to find the cure from her

Joel - To find Ellie incase she gets herself killed

KUV19771538d ago

She won't 'find out' about the lie. She knows already. For me this is as obvious as can be in the end and one of the reasons why the ending is so great.

-Foxtrot1538d ago


She most likely has suspicions but I mean like she'll find out because Joe will admit it to her face.

insomnium21537d ago

I think the story could continue where Ellie is much older (10 years afterwards) where the life beyond the first TLOU would be told through flashbacks or something. How things went to hell at Tommy's, what happened after that and what is Ellie currently after. Perhaps Joel went missing and she is searching for him or something. This is the first thing that came to my mind and it almost blew my mind in the process cause of how effing sweet something like this with a ND twist would be.

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Sci0n1538d ago

joel was already pretty old in tlou so in a sequel he would be a liability. Kid ellie was already phenomenal so a grown up ellie would definitely be able able to hold her own.

joab7771538d ago

Maybe in the 2nd you can choose whou want to play as. That would be great for appeal!!

DoomeDx1538d ago

I'd rather have them focus on one perspective of the story.

HammadTheBeast1538d ago

I think Joel will become infected and she'll have to kill him. Just my thought based on what other games/shows/movies do.

DeadMansHand1538d ago

Don't give them any ideas! I had a hard enough time going through the emotional ringer on the first game.

hellzsupernova1538d ago

Yes killing Joel once ELlie is ready!!!! it would destroy me cause i love the character so much but damn would it make it feel real!

WeAreLegion1537d ago

I see it going a different direction. I think Joel and Ellie will become leaders of two different camps in the second game. Then, they'll battle it out in the third game. :D

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cfc781538d ago

Awesomeness of the highest quality TLOU2 i hope.

GribbleGrunger1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )


... And she's playing the guitar. Good to see Joel kept his promise ;)

serratos271538d ago

Didn't think I wanted a TLOU 2 but honestly I'm ready for it. I know it'll take a few years to make though. Ellie is such a lovable character, in every aspect, that seeing this concept art makes me eager for a sequel.

GribbleGrunger1538d ago

Read my comment above and you'll see why I'm OK with this.

psman0121538d ago

It looks a lot like Ashley Johnson, the voice actor of Ellie. Interesting!

heliotropic1538d ago

I thought the same thing the second I saw the photo.

psman0121538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I also noticed it looks like she's holding an acoustic guitar (or it looks like it) one of the final chapters of the game, Joel says he's going to teach her how to play guitar (to which she didn't really reply). Just a sign that she may have stayed with Joel. Oooooh I'm excited!!

*EDIT* Just read the article and the author said the same thing. Damn, I thought I was sly!