Could Mustache Wobble Redefine Mario Kart?

Hardcore Gamer: Mario Kart 8 finally managed to solve one of the most elusive problems in all of gaming, namely how to make a mustache move realistically and with hypnotic beauty.

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ValKilmer1479d ago

Well, I bought DOA for breast wobble so...I suppose...this is the...same...concept?

Castle3331479d ago

Yep. there is nothing sexier than a jiggling mustache.

BattleN1479d ago

I want to see an article about a comparison between Mario Kart 8, and Sonic All Star Racing.

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mikel10151479d ago

Next gen hair physics. Wii U next gen confirmed

R00bot1479d ago

Not only their hair, their moustaches too. You often see hair physics, but they're usually missing that important component that is moustache physics.

MNGamer-N1479d ago

During the Kart direct a couple days ago, I LOL'ed so hard at the mustache wobble! HAHA I'm glad you made an article about it

Becuzisaid1479d ago

I don't see "satire" at the end of the title. I feel like it should. Because no sensible person could seriously care about this "feature".

marloc_x1479d ago

I see a stick poking out of your a..

MNGamer-N1479d ago

You sound like a sad, depressed person who no longer enjoys life.

marloc_x1479d ago

Some Karting should cheer them up:)

Becuzisaid1479d ago

Lol I was at least half kidding but I do find it funny that this is something that really is being discussed.

R00bot1479d ago

Moustache physics are not something to kid about, they're a serious matter.

NarooN1479d ago

Mustache physics are much more revolutionary and innovative than cloud computing and Fish A.I.

Nevers0ft1478d ago

I've been waiting years for proper moustache physics. Only this morning my own 'tache broke the second law of Thermodynamics :(

Bengaroo1479d ago

Well when you remake the same games over and over again, you'd think there'd be room for some sort of original idea. I guess the moustache was all Nintendo could come up with.

BattleN1479d ago

shit I meant to disagree lmao.

Fanboyssuck271479d ago

Lmao at this idiot who know one takes seriously. Lol where do these dumbass haters come from lol

BattleN1479d ago

They feel better by trying to downplay the greatness that awaits.

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