Metro: Last Light Developer Prepping Announcement for Monday, Metro for Next-Gen to be Revealed?

OnlySP: Thanks to a reader tip sent in, it looks like the developer of Metro: Last Light is prepping to make an announcement tomorrow.

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GusHasGas1605d ago

Well, I think they said that Metro: Redux would be announced at E3, so this is odd.

PockyKing1605d ago

Hmm, they didn't say they'd announce it at E3. Just said, whatever that project has turned into would be shown at E3. So, this might be something different or maybe we'll get the first trailer for it tomorrow with gameplay previews at E3.

ZodTheRipper1605d ago

It's most probably the official announcement of Metro: Redux with some footage. Should be released this year. The announcement of their new next-gen game could be teased at E3.

ovnipc1604d ago

One of my favorite games metro. And now im reading the book. Would be awesome for a next gen metro.

Meltic1604d ago

metro redux and orginally metro. Ofc too make Money.. it cant be better Graphics than it already is. The Graphics on pc is soo good.

SolidGear31605d ago

They're doing two projects though. Metro Redux and a new game for next gen or more appropriately, current gen.

elhebbo161605d ago

I wouldn't even consider Metro Redux a project, more of a repackaging.

Dark111605d ago

Yeah from what i heard they are working on a game that Andrew Prokhorov, the creative director, once described as “S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in space”. The studio wants to make a living, open-world planet, with different regions.

NYC_Gamer1605d ago

Do you have a link to that article?

PockyKing1605d ago

Yea I would like that too sir :)

Dark111605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )


sadly the rest of the interview is in russian.

jjb19811605d ago

I really liked last light and it looked pretty good on last gen hardware. I can't wait!

Plagasx1605d ago

Please stop with these next gen remakes...

PockyKing1605d ago

May be a separate project, and the one good thing about Redux is that if it comes to PS4 with 2033 included, Playstation owners will finally get to play the original.

dodgemoose1605d ago

You don't have to buy it.

I've never played Metro but I've heard good things, and would therefore more than likely pick up a PS4 version.

PockyKing1605d ago

One of the most interesting FPS games out there on last gen. Best atmospheric environment of any game I've played, truly immersive.

Father__Merrin1605d ago

Merrin believes metro redux is extremely good value. two games remastered like pc higher setting will make a good game to keep in collection on ps4. even more so if you haven't played them yet

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The story is too old to be commented.