10 Upcoming Horror Games for 2014 and Beyond

JunkExplorer: Here are some of the new and upcoming horror games coming out this year. Prepare yourself from these scares and sure to startle you right out of your headphones.

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I_am_Batman1567d ago

Definately looking foreward to some of these. Especially Outlast: WB, The Evil Within and Dying Light.

Scrivlar1567d ago

Outlast is out on PSN just now. I haven't completed it though I'm too scared to carry on.

dale_denton1567d ago

i feel the same way although i know i'm almost done with it.

Meltic1567d ago

dying light ive forgotten. When was the last interview or info. Ages ago... bad move techland.

ironfist921567d ago

Dying Light? what a Joke.

s45gr321567d ago

The game has not been released yet to be able to judge it. It could go either way on one hand an improvement over dead Island or a rotten zombie game.

ironfist921567d ago

The only thing scary about Zombie games is the price tag.

s45gr321567d ago

Enola wasn't mentioned or dream house 1313. But besides that "The Forest" and "Among the Sleep" are the two major games looking forward to.