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Why Xbox is Poised to Make the PlayStation a Niche Product

This new console generation is going to be much different than the previous one. To win the console war, the console must win in the overall entertainment experience, rather than primarily just gaming. (Industry, PS4, Xbox One)

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TheHater  +   482d ago | Well said
if PlayStation is a niche product and it leading in sales, what do you make of the Xbox One?
Naga  +   482d ago | Well said
Amazingly, if you read the article, you might find out what the author makes of it all. He isn't saying the PlayStation is a niche product right now. Rather, he is looking down the road and speculating on the effects of each console's strategy within the market.

"These consoles are currently catering to the gamer with high price points and the mainstream consumer is not yet being exposed to these machines, but two or three years from now when these consoles see lower price points, having a broader availability of entertainment services will be crucial for mainstream acceptance.

This is when the real battle for market share dominance begins..."

Despite the divisiveness of the topic, there's a pretty fruitful discussion to be had regarding the long-term implications of each platform's strategies. But that only happens if you actually engage the substance of the ideas.
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MeteorPanda  +   482d ago | Intelligent
the problem with the xbox is that half of the suff it's meant to do aren't available in a lot of countries...making it a gaming machine only..which sony does better.
candy_mafia  +   482d ago | Well said
I'm afraid the author forgets.... Sony 'IS' entertainment!

Sony have exclusive TV shows in development for PS4, and could easily cater to media services much more than MS could if they so wanted to.


Well, because Sony own Movie, Music and TV studios. Sony even benefits from royalties from MS for using Blu Ray tech. I don't understand how Xbox One has an advantage in this regard?

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my Xbox One, but BS is BS all day long, no matter which way you wanna look at it ;/
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alexkoepp  +   482d ago
All the friends who have toured my PS4 and X1 decided to buy the Xbox. You show them Ryse and Killzone, both stellar looking games which is a wash, then get into the UI and functionality and the X1 wins everyone over easily. X1 will certainly appeal to the masses better in the long run.
IndoAssassin  +   482d ago
Man Xbox Video is crappy for me regarding right now. I watch a trailer and it's in french and I goto rent a movie and there's no 'Rent' button anywhere even though the option says 'buy or rent'. I've been way more successful with renting movies on the PSN. Problem is my PS4 is in my room, whereas the Xbox One is in the family room. It's really making it difficult to have a family movie night. What the hell MS? You want my money then fix this shit.
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sprinterboy  +   482d ago | Well said

£349 ps4 is a high price point? Plus ps4 will have entertainment like the incoming 4k Netflix streaming, 4k movie streaming, 3d bluray update, skygo and nowt, YouTube plus lots of others, what planet you living on bra
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   482d ago | Well said

So? All 5 of my closest friends either have a PS4 already, or are planning on getting the PS4 later this year after seeing my PS4 and X1 in action.

But so what? A few of our friends preferring one console over another means nothing. How can you possibly make a prediction of the masses based on a few friends while completely ignoring the sales gap right now, that is in the millions, lmao?
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georgeenoob  +   482d ago
It all comes down to games. If MS keeps releasing heavy hitter exclusives at this rate, the PS4 is bound to be a niche product.
Naga  +   482d ago
@ sprinterboy

I don't know why you're questioning me on a point the author made - I didn't write the article. I just quoted it in the middle of my comment because that portion directly addressed the question made by "TheHater" in the first comment.
fr0sty  +   482d ago
The article also neglects that TV is on the decline, thus negating any additional entertainment benefits offered by Xbox One. People are more interested in streaming media, which PS4 matches feature-for-feature. Not to mention, if TV ever did take off, PS4's USB3.0 ports transmit data fast enough to accommodate a HDMI input port that could easily be bundled with the console.
avengers1978  +   482d ago | Well said
@alex. As if you have a PS4, not a single person on this site can say that they believe that.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   482d ago | Well said

You are beyond deluded. If the PS4 has this big of a lead and is this popular with "NO GAMEZ", then how is it going to become a niche product when the exclusives start coming in steady?

Think about what you're saying before you type.
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scott182  +   482d ago | Well said
Yeah, Sony isn't concerned with media and functionality at all... That's why they are making deals for cable box-less tv and constantly updating the PS4 via firmware for added features.


Sony is the only one out of the two making games, they aren't relying on pseudo exclusive 3rd party franchises.
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SonyMontana  +   482d ago | Intelligent
In other words the article is titled as such to get clicks. Because clicks = money. Truth.
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macusa22  +   482d ago
A lot of peeps need to remember that Sony also owns Crackle. a free TV Streaming service. Sony also have their own TV station. So I think SEN will be just fine
krouse93  +   482d ago
"These consoles are currently catering to the gamer with high price points and the mainstream consumer is not yet being exposed to these machines"

Interesting quote... Considering the console with the highest price point is also the least powerful...

Also, you submitted the article bro. You're just fanning gamers flames. Chill out
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RyanShutup  +   482d ago | Intelligent
An article from a site called "microsoftproductreviews. com"... common bro, what'd you think they were gonna say... lel
Prime157  +   482d ago
I think the one thing the author ignores is the pay wall of xbl and that ps3 was the streaming box of choice. If Sony continues to only place Sony things behind ps+ pay wall, it can pan into a better media box than xbl.

He also mentions the install base of the wii without mention of the extremely low attach rate.

Oh, and then there's the obvious bias in the website's name... Microsoftproductreviews.com...
ZodTheRipper  +   482d ago
I was about to ask where all these delusional Xbox articles are coming from ...then I saw:

Anarki  +   482d ago
Sales doesn't make it a good console, Microsoft shot themselves in the foot with the DRM.

Hell, look at the Wii. That sold more units than their rivals last gen yet that console was bad.
choujij  +   482d ago
Read the article. Nothing but one-sided wishful thinking.

If people are becoming more and more interested in a device that does more than games, then certainly they'll be more inclined to buy one that makes those services readily available and not stuck behind greedy paywalls.

Just a side note on the whole HDMI-In feature. My bro's the only one in our circle of friends that bought the Xbone. He praised the inclusion of the HDMI-in, insisting how he plans to make great use out if it. We're 6 months in now, and he still hasn't used it once (no exaggeration). Guess why? He canceled his Satellite subscription. People aren't moving to cable TV and Satellite, they're moving away from it and into online streaming services (if it wasn't already dead obvious).
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QuickdrawMcgraw  +   482d ago
If the Xbox1 was leading in sales as of right now,N4Xbox would be full articles saying this gens console wars are over and the Xbox1 has won...But no the Xbox is lagging behind so now all we get here on N4Xbox is how we must wait for years to see which console sells the most and blah,blah,blah...N4XBOX is the most slanted site there is...I for one really appreciate the few Sony and Nintendo fans here who always try and give a fair assessment of the gaming industry...
BlackWolf12  +   482d ago
No, "TheHater" is correct.

A Niche product is something that caters to a small percentage of the market.

That in and of itself, proves that the PS4 will NEVER be a Niche product, because although it may cater to gamers first and foremost, the PS4 is selling millions more than the Xbox One, which means the PS4 is NOT a Niche product, because the % of people it caters to are not a Niche.

The logic behind this argument is flawed, and in actual fact, if ANYTHING was going to become a Niche product, it is the Xbox One. A multimedia box which also plays games versus a gaming console which plays multimedia.

To say the PS4 is assuming that only a small percentage of the market wants to play games first and foremost, which is obviously completely stupid.
VegasDawg  +   482d ago
The Author is also stating that most of the casual market will be leaving the console market for mobile gaming, to look for an example of this look no further than Japan, so what he is saying is there will be little money to be made in the future in gaming on consoles and since MS is expanding and marketing the X1 as something other than a gaming console it would make it more viable in the near future.
This is why MS keeps saying it's a marathon and not a sprint or something like that.

@MeteorPanda,the author is talking years down the road plenty of time for MS to make changes.

@Candy_mafia, Sony is entertainment but it's not going to stop entertaining the masses for the small PS4 market.
Gaming101  +   482d ago
There's a lot of crystal balling going on in this article, rather than legitimate analysis. There is no data to back up any of their claims, it's just rhetoric and conjecture posing as analysis.
tbone567  +   482d ago
Everything the author said in the article was right. Sony has lost billions upon billions of dollars. Some facts that you may not know but Sony lost all the money they made on PS1 and PS2 from the PS3. The lost today is still enormous. They have lost countless billion on many unsuccessful ventures. Sony has just recently posted another loss of 1.3 billion. Doesn't really matter if the PS4 sells so well when the whole company itself is sinking. Just think of all the poor choices sony has made the last gen just in regards to the playstation brand. PSPGO, Move, Wonderbook, SixAxis, PS vita TV, PS Vita, PS 3d televisions, PS phones. All have seen little success.
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guitarded77  +   482d ago

NO... sensationalist headlines from sites like microsoftproductreviews.com don't deserve a read. That goes for ANY site that does it, but especially ones with a brand name in the URL.
styferion  +   482d ago
and almost all of that entertainment features will only available to US/UK, your point is?
shinrock  +   482d ago
Wow! I like you.
miyamoto  +   482d ago
r u kidding yourself?

now i really feel pity on you xboxers

i hope M$ ends your suffering and misery....soon

noticed a lot of optimistic Xbox One articles popping left and right lately....looks like the corporate reputation managers are working over time...

cable is dead in America and is even more dead outside of it. M$ really have its work cut out for it.

M$ like Nintendo wanted the other bone on their reflection on the water and ended up losing both. M$ wanted both video games and cable TV market for its box and Nintendo wanted the casual and the hardcore market both in its Wii U platform and lost both.

PlayStation focused on just one bone-the gamers and boy the gamers did it get in droves!
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Eonjay  +   482d ago
If you haven't figured it out yet; its consumers who will win the war, not Sony or Microsoft. As of this point in time, consumers have picked the PS4 over the Xbox One. This can not be denied.
fr0sty  +   482d ago
I wouldn't say consumers that got duped by false claims of power into buying an inferior product won anything at all...
P_Bomb  +   481d ago
Sixaxis is still around, the ps4 controllers have it. Contemporary games still use it. The Last of Us had it. Move's motion control light is also integrated into every Dualshock4.

Wonderbook is one niche game out of a thousand. Estimates peg it just over half a million. Following a year when AAA sequels like Metal gear Rising, Metro and Lost Planet failed to reach even *that* much on the 360, it's a drop in the pond
r1sh12  +   481d ago
Sony gets no benefit from Movies and music.
The biggest investors in Sony want them to sell those businesses - all they do is lose money.
Why is sony making further losses this year?

Sony will never be niche because its a one size fits all console - no matter what you want to do, the PS4 does it better than the xbone!
Its that simple.

MS has had a bad strategy before the launch and its going to be hard to get it back to a good strategy
MightyNoX  +   481d ago
@Naga: Because it sounded like you could have been the answer yourself, given the nature and how it dissected both on this site and on the site itself.

Sky Go's coming on PS4, not so much on Xbox One. Who do you think UK owners would flock to?
Kinect's not working in other countries.
TV features: Useless in other countries.

So yeah, keep on shilling. Gotta feed the kids somehow.
UltraNova  +   481d ago
I was rolling my eyes as I read through this..opinion piece (???)

I had flashes of the author taking a check from MS's propaganda dep, while reading this (I multitask).

5 million to 7? Using sold to shops numbers vs sold to customers now?

How can the fact that 90% of what makes the one an entertainment machine will not work outside the UK and US (I m not sure if other countries will be supported)be forgotten and forgiven apparently, so easily I cannot comprehend. That's unfair and misleading to the average customer.

The only advantage the one has over the ps4 is the HDMI Out, again which is something that will only work in the UK and US for the foreseeable future.

These articles hurt the xbox1 more than they try and benefit it.
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Callum_Alexander  +   481d ago
It is definitely an interesting discussion, but I think Sony will win in all aspects, including entertainment. Microsoft may appear to cover more bases at the moment with their hdmi in option, but Sony are looking at creating an Internet-based TV service. Microsoft backed cable TV which is slowly but surely dying out and being replaced by Internet based alternatives. As people we want ease of access and less clutter in our homes, we want cheaper alternatives to satisfy our entertainment needs, and Sony look like they will provide that, whilst Microsoft have backed a dying horse.
RedDevils  +   481d ago
Xbox fanboy deluded level is high here.
TronEOL  +   481d ago
The only issue with this comment is that by that time, Sony will have ALL the third party entertainment apps and MORE stuff exclusively from Sony themselves.

Sony was smart, and that's why they're ahead. The article is right that right now the price is directed towards gamers, so what did Sony do? They made a console that focused PURELY on gamers and what gamers want (mostly).

What will they do when most of the gamers are bagged? They introduce new multimedia apps, among the variety they already have to pull in casuals. And since their name is so damn good right now after that whole launch and PS4's being so hard to get, casual-customers will be interested even more because of it's rarity, or positive word floating around.

The article (which I didn't have to read thanks to your comment, so thanks for that) just seems to be focusing on Microsoft and Sony staying absolutely static. I'd agree if we fast forwarded 3 years and Sony didn't move an inch. But I highly doubt they'll be making that mistake.
vongruetz  +   481d ago
I read the article and couldn't get past him calling the PS4 Camera the PlayStation Eye, which was a fun toy for the PS2/PS3, but it isn't the camera you use on the PS4.
DARK WITNESS  +   481d ago
in my humble opinion, this whole idea of cater to the masses, it could work.. it could backfire badly.

Nintendo went after the masses and look where they are now. they seemed almost unstoppable with the Wii at one point.

The casual masses are quick to forget, they don't have any loyalties, they look at value for money more then the average hardcore gamer and they will be asking even more so then the usual gamer why they need to buy a box that does the same stuff their smart tv, cable box etc already does - especially if they are not buying an xbox for games!

sony are in just as good if not better position to offer great entertainment services and at least they have the cheaper device
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deno  +   481d ago
Everything you said is correct. I assume many people on this website are kids and teenagers who see things the way they want. Great observation.
RosweeSon  +   481d ago
So why title the article why the xbox is set to make ps4 a niche product? No chance, otherwise xbox must be considered a quiche console.
Dee_91  +   481d ago
put xbox and playstation in the same title.
this is what you get.
Get what ever system you like, who really give a sh1t
XBOTTOX  +   482d ago
If PS4 gets outperformed by midrange computers, where do you get the conclusion of "powerful" from
avengers1978  +   482d ago
More powerful than an XB1, witch by the way also gets out preformed by midrange PCs... PS4 out preforms XB1, PCs out preform both.
Dirtnapstor  +   482d ago
So sick of these comments! My nephews got a high end Alienware designed for gaming... I've compared and contrasted Tomb Raider, COD, and more. Yes it's impressive, but TR, Hitman, and the likes on my PS3 plugged into a samsung 1080p 240 & 600 refresher looks just as good if not better. Sorry PCers, but a lot of individuals play on TVs that don't allow for what the console can put out, ergo they can't argue. I know PCs can put out incredible graphics, but in the end you're playing on a 2' screen. Not my idea of a good time. The PS4 is an obvious jump graphically, so do I need to say more?
#1.2.2 (Edited 482d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(11) | Report
TH3BR3W  +   482d ago
@ Dirtnapstor

Right now.... this very moment... I'm typing this with a keyboard sitting back comfortably in front of my 50" Panasonic smart T.V.

Your sick those comments? Well I'm sick of the ignorance of your likes saying every PC is plugged into a 2" screen. Your knee-jerk reaction caused you to do what a lot of people do nowadays and say something totally untrue with no factual backing what so ever.

BTW Alienware is an overprice pieces of crap box brand computer. Next time anyone in your family wants to buy a computer for gaming/workstation, tell them to do the hour of research on how to build one for half the price.
jebabcock  +   482d ago

Unless you in a very slim minority, your tv maxes out at 1080p right? So what exactly are you gaining over a console if you can't actually get the better resolution your high end pc is capable of? Hmmmm... For most games the answer is slim to nothing... A pc rig attached to a tv in most cases turns into an over priced clunky alternative to a console...
SkippyPaccino  +   482d ago
I like how everyone loves to emphasize how weak the new console generation are and that PCs are more powerful than ever... PCs are powerful but expensive... Than you'll turn around and say that you can build a PC for 399$ that will be better than a PS4... And I'll rebuttal "can you build a 399$ PC that can fit in the small ps4 box?" than you'll turn around and say something about steam sales and I will have used that time to bone your Mom ;-)
TheSaint  +   482d ago
Hows GTA V on your much more..... oh wait you can't play it.
LogicStomper  +   481d ago

Sorry but I'm not quite understanding the message you're trying to convey. What is the conclusion you're arguing for?
RosweeSon  +   481d ago
Well if ps4 is struggling what do you call xbox not even reaching 1080P (standard) jog on ;)
avengers1978  +   482d ago
In the article they talk about the casual gaming market, but seriously that market is gone, moved on to tablets and such. And the talk about the broad scope of entertainment features, well both PS4 and XB1 have nearly the same features, and as the years progress they will continue to be identical in the entertainment area, and both will probably have some sort of playstation now type service. Besides an HDMI in.

The consoles will become practically the same price around 300$ and both will have tons of quality games to choose from.

But when an article like this starts talking about other features other than gaming, they seem to not understand why people buy gaming consoles, cause entertainment features are every where, PC, tablets, phones, EVERY WHERE. people buy consoles for gaming anything else is fine, most people could take it or leave it.

Can anyone really take what the article say seriously when it's microsoftproductsreviews.com it be like if playstation magazine ran an article that said XB1 a nich entertainment devices that's why it will never catch the PS4... No one would take that seriously either.
Jazz4108  +   482d ago
Playstation lifestye articles are ran on here all the time without complaints so it goes both ways. Sorry.
avengers1978  +   482d ago
Well having articles is one thing, but my point remains, no on would take it seriously if they were down playing there competition... No need to apologize
Saigon  +   482d ago
I do agree with your point and it seems that most people that do these one sided reviews in favor of the XBO seem to forget, TV has been in decline for some time now and it won't stop no time soon. I didn't realize how bad it was until a few of my friends stated that they stream from hulu, Netflix, crackle and amazon to get their content. Mainly because they found themselves recording everything under the sun and found it easier to just stream. I do not blame them. These articles seem to forget that this is the case. Most people do not want to pay 100+ dollars a month to watch TV when you can pay 20 - 40 dollars a month for internet and use streaming services less than 20 - 30 a month.
3-4-5  +   482d ago
An Established fanbase of Millions isn't going to disappear because of the XB1.
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Jazz4108  +   482d ago
The article stated poised to. It did not say whoever is leading 6 months out the gate. This gen has barely started and lots of things are POISED to change in the coming years and that is the point of using the word poised instead of saying its happening now like you were trying to suggest.
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Flutterby  +   482d ago
By the looks of the current trend which is all we can go by factually is the xbone is "poised" to come in second if it's lucky and that's about all.
Evilsnuggle  +   482d ago
The biggest problem is most gamers want to play games and all the media stuff is gravy. Most gamers don't walk in a gamestop and ask about a game consoles media functions. No most gamers want to talk about the hardware and games on the system. Xbone got everything in reverse Media Player first gaming Consoles last. Weak hardware and weak GPU so the media Center functions better. The priority of a gaming system should be the how game perform on the hardware not how the peripheral perform. Kinect and the weak GPU will be holding the xbone back this entire generation. If Nintendo plays it's hand right drop wiiU to 200 or 250 bundle with Super Smash Brothers or Mario Kart kart Microsoft would be in three place.
The_Infected  +   482d ago
"Why Xbox is Poised to Make the PlayStation a Niche Product"

Coming from "microsoftproductreviews. com" how obvious they'd say something stupid like this.
HammadTheBeast  +   482d ago
Article presented to you by "Microsoft Product Reviews.com".

solidjun5  +   481d ago
Yep. With a sensationalist headlines like that, they want us to read the article. No.
Docknoss  +   482d ago
It says "poised to make" which means future tense.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   481d ago
Your favorite football team is down 7-14 and just fumbled the ball to the opposing team, are they really ” poised ” to win the game?
Tedakin  +   482d ago
People put a lot of stock into the first 4 months of a potential 10 year cycle. A lot can and will be different in 2024.
marcofdeath  +   482d ago
"if PlayStation is a niche product and it leading in sales, what do you make of the Xbox One?"

12 V.S. 72 country's
SasukeX16  +   482d ago
Its still leading.
badz149  +   481d ago

That's exactly the meaning of niche. Available to less people. I meant the Xbone.
SasukeX16  +   482d ago
I agree
ge3zy69  +   482d ago
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   482d ago
The author didn't get Phil Spencer's memo. Games aren't niche anymore. They are the business.

I wish my PS4 had more media function - DLNA, mp3 playback, Youtube - but I don't NEED it for that. Same with the XBOne.
nosferatuzodd  +   482d ago
Man the xbox diffence force is reslly at work doing everything their power
showtimefolks  +   482d ago
the one box entertainment xbox one is aiming to be is possible with less hassle in other countries, also if we want to talk abou DOWN THE ROAD than IMO ps4 is more future proof than xbox one or wiiu

also sony isn't new to this gaming console business. If they can recover from the disaster that was ps3 at $599, and still sell 75 plus million consoles and catch up to xbox360 in one less year than i think ps4 will be alright

also none of us have a crystal ball to see what the future holds, when ps3 was struggling and ps3 fans were saying wait in the long run ps3 will be more successful, than xbox fans said no way. Present matters and right now ps4 has all the momentum and a strong showing at E3 will make it that much harder for xbox one moving forward

if the biggest IT game Titanfall couldn't help xbox one out sell the ps4 than nothing in near future will.

MS needs to have some great surprises and show gaming content only available on xbox one to entice people into buying a xbox one.

if i was running PlayStation this is how i will do E3:

Start with Drive club
bring RAD on stage to show the order 1886
Uncharted next

1st huge surprise:

Sony has bought back the rights to Crash and crash HD collection is coming

show the new IP from GG
show the new IP from Demon soul team/from software
show new build of deep down
announce a new ratchet and clank game only for ps4
Sony Santa Monica's new game

(my personal wish)david jaffe on stage to talk about his new project

show sony bend's new game
LBP3 for ps4(developed by team that did the Vita version)

MM's new IP since its not LBP3

Yakuza collection including all Yakuza games coming to ps3,ps4 and Vita

bought the rights to SHENMUE(HD collection coming and 3rd in development for ps4 exclusively)

before going off the stage and closing the show, yushida comes to stage:

Thank you everyone for being here and before we close the show here is the Last Guardian coming exclusively for PS4 in February 2015

also some sort of news from RS about agent would be nice

side note:

as always show 3rd party games like the crew from UBI, FF15,KH3 etc,

Thank you

Greatness Awaits
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Mr_Writer85  +   482d ago
So the average customer is going to pay £40 a year to watch Netflix and other apps on their X1.

When they can watch it for free on their Apple TV, Smart TV, iPads, PS3/4 etc?

Yeah good luck with that.
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JMyers  +   481d ago
The Playstation will not become a niche product... It's target market is mainly gamers. Other services are add ons, but the predominant function is gaming. With 6-7 in every 10 people playing games in some form, Sony's gaming focus will not be niche. The console will also adapt with services serving other wants.

The XBONE however is losing it's identity. MS wants to be all things to all people. One message is that we are focusing on games, the other we are catering to the masses with TV and Kinect. Who are they really? Which section is being alienated as a result? Can they be both? ... Only time will tell.

MS's TV and Kinect commands don't event work in a lot of countries. How can they become mainstream? I feel that Sony will continue to lead this gen. Both worldwide and in the US.

It will not be Niche among gamers or the gaming market. Instead it may be the dominant device of choice and ownership.
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Gamer1982  +   481d ago
The issue is everything Xbox promises to do modern TVs can do now or your cable box can do. We don't need your Xbox to do it. Why pay for Xbox to get these features when you already have them? You will choose which gaming system you prefer for gaming reasons. Its not really a hassle changing to channel to get your media as your gonna be using a remote or whatever to get your content anyway. The snap in features the only thing Xbox has got going for it over playstation but thats not selling them over PS4s right now so I doubt multimedias gonna do it down the line.
Also PS4 is getting DLNA back plus other media features so its not really that much of a big deal. If Sony thought it was they could add in those snap features easily but they don't see it as that much of a big selling point plus they can see that uses console power, thus less is used for gaming.
assdan  +   481d ago
I'm sorry, but there is no evidence suggesting the the ps4 is losing to the xbox one at this point. Their biggest exclusive didn't boost sales as high as sony's biggest exclusive, which is regarded as smaller than titanfall, mind you. So far, the xbox one has only outsold the ps4 2 weeks. The week it came out, and the week titanfall came it.
frostypants  +   481d ago
Was this article written back in early 2013? It's pretty clear by now that people DON'T much care for an all-in-one media box, or at least not for gaming. MS and their PR cheerleaders keep telling us that a system "MUST" do this to "win", but they've yet to provide convincing support for that argument. I can get all of the non-gaming functionality of the One from products that cost $100 or less and aren't eyesores, and spend the rest of my money on more focused gaming hardware if I so desire.

I'll just leave this here.
#1.21 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
amnalehu  +   482d ago
Playstation is already a Niche product.
DeadRabbits  +   482d ago
Amoung people whom want a games machine that is Full Next Gen then yes the PS4 is for them while the xbone is for those who are in the niche multimedia market.
#2.1 (Edited 482d ago ) | Agree(29) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Ninver  +   482d ago
yeah a niche product favored by the majority of the world lol. man were do you fanboys get the nerve?
#2.2 (Edited 482d ago ) | Agree(36) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
amnalehu  +   482d ago
I don't think most people understand what the word "niche" means (a distinct segment of market). Over 70% of American homes have internet. Over 90% of homes have a TV. The PS4 may reach 15% of households during its life cycle and is clearly not aimed at my 87 year old father.

The PS4 is focused on the "niche" market of gamers. The may be the favored next gen console in the world but right now, about 1% of the worlds population own a PS4. It IS a niche product. Sidenote: I'm not a fanboy and in fact currently do own 2x PS4, Vita, PS3, PS2 and PS1's.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   481d ago

Then almost every market would be a niche according to your misleading definition. A niche is going to be based on competencies you only have or barriers to entry that keeps competition out from your segment or niche of the overall market.
#2.2.2 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
360ICE  +   482d ago
If it is, you're setting the bar for not being "niche" really high.

PS4 is the most sold next-gen system, PS3 is the most common way to watch Netflix, or at least was the last time I heard, and in addition to consoles, PlayStation-certified devices are selling millions. Sony runs huge advertisement campaigns and get plenty of media attention on PlayStation. PlayStation is one the main sponsors of Champions League - on of the world's biggest sports tournaments. Not my definition of niche.

Same goes for Xbox too, really, and Nintendo. Any of those three seem a little too present to be called niche.
#2.3 (Edited 482d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ge3zy69  +   482d ago
well then if thats the case, i would not want to know what the x1 is considered....
cfc78  +   482d ago
I have to disagree i think the best games machine will win that's the only reason i buy consoles to game on everything else added is just a bonus for me personally,the console with the best games will get my vote just like the previous 7 generations.
Bigpappy  +   482d ago
I agree with that sentiment. The problem is that X1 has the better games and it is not leading in sales. The power perception has pushed PS4 ahead, but I don't believe that resolution gate will be there after E3 or at most by year end. COD- Modern warfare is a strong sign that Graphical parity is right around the corner.

Some gamers are already hearing from their friends, that X1 has the games that will entertain them for far longer that what is offered on PS4. Titan Falls and PvsZ along with Ryse, Forza, Dead Rising and Killer Instinct are some of the most entertaining games on console, and will keep you entertained for long time, PvsZ and Titan Falls being the really strong ones, and they might just be the best games you can just fall back to and have and unscripted experience.
dolkrak  +   482d ago
No. PS4 has the best games even now. It also has the best hardware, the best price, the best future and the best sales.

There's zero reason to choose the losing console right now.
cfc78  +   482d ago
I don't see it being a problem as i own xb1/ps4 if xbox gives me the better games then it gets my vote same with ps iv'e never brought a console yet for any reason other than gaming.
URNightmare  +   482d ago | Well said
Thinking short term?

List the PS4 and XBone exclusives for this month and you will understand.

What if Sony did what MS did? Leave the Xbox 360 fanbase with no exclusives last year because they moved most of them to XBone? Are you understanding now? How many of the now XBone exclusives will turn multiplatform in the future?

PvsZ is already confirmed to release later on PS4, Titanfall will most likely be on PS4 too according to the developers, Dead Rising is on PS3 and will most likely be on PS4 too. It's all the same as last gen, Microsoft pays for timed exclusivity at the beginning of the gen to make people think they have a variety of exclusives but that's just bs as most of those will end up on PS4 a year later and Xbox is left again with a lack of exclusive games.

Playstation has always been the best choice for gaming with a huge catalog of exclusive games of all genres. Even PSN is now better than Live in so many ways. PS+ has much better offerings than Gold. Add to that the upcoming Playstation Now and Project Morpheus. And if you have a PS Vita even better. Put all this together and you are in gaming heaven! Microsoft falls short when it comes to gaming compared to Sony.
#3.1.3 (Edited 482d ago ) | Agree(28) | Disagree(8) | Report
ger2396  +   482d ago
Having the better games is subjective. If they were so great the Xbox one would be selling like hotcakes.
Flutterby  +   482d ago
Actually big pappy more people are choosing the ps4 over the xbone at a higher rate than at release my sales figures at EB give a good idea and the ps4 has been getting even more sales than before , people are turned off from the xbone because of the free games bundled being digital only and even more people are being turned off because some of the games are online only. MS have missed over 50 sales last week at my store just because the games bundled are digital. Imagine how many they are missing world wide.

Your statement making out that the xbone has the better games is also false because it doesn't seem to be true at all from a sales standpoint.its about time you face reality and see that the ps4 is the far more popular choice and it is gaining momentum.
Kayant  +   482d ago
"The problem is that X1 has the better games" - Again completely subjective. Correct wording is it has the most retail exclusives. PS4 has the most Digital exclusives.

And right now until fall it looks like the roles have reversed in exclusive content.

"The power perception has pushed PS4 ahead, but I don't believe that resolution gate will be there after E3 or at most by year end" - Yh keep thinking there will be a 1:1 parity with both consoles in demanding games. There is a difference in hardware specs for a reason.

"COD- Modern warfare is a strong sign that Graphical parity is right around the corner" - How when the trailer is pixel counted to 882p at most atm. I bet you there will be a res difference between both again.
#3.1.6 (Edited 482d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(5) | Report
OrangePowerz  +   482d ago
First of all it's Advanced Warfare and secondly how is it a sign for graphical parity? We have seen one single trailer that says it's X1 footage. We haven't seen anything else to compare it with.

Also there is more to hardware than just resolution.

As for the games PvZ is timed exclusive and as for Titanfall, well to each their own. MS decided to move games from the 360 and change them to be X1 games like Ryse.

Sony has more devs working on games and the only reason why we haven't seen that many exclusives yet is because they released games in the last 2 years for the PS3 to give their customers games. MS stopped working on 360 games years ago that's why there are more exclusives right now.
#3.1.7 (Edited 482d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report
kingdom18  +   482d ago
Unless one system has many exclusives that have flopped, neither have, so its merely subjective about which one has better games.
Whitey2k  +   482d ago
X1 fanboys at there best!
candy_mafia  +   482d ago
This article is from a site called microsoftproductreviews.com

I don't expect them to be biased.........

SG1_dapunisherX  +   482d ago
ms really wanna win drop the price but man I'm loving tf gen 7 baby
theRell  +   482d ago
I've said that unless the Playstation appeals to people beyond just gaming, this fast start will not keep up.
MeteorPanda  +   482d ago
as apposed to what? X1 doesn't offer a lot of functions besides gaming in a lot of countries..
Jazz4108  +   482d ago
As far as I know the xbox is not available in many countries.
dontbhatin  +   482d ago
As far as i know. The XB1 has a couple more apps and cable TV integration over the PS4. You think that's really gonna be the big selling points?? We all know Sony wont be lacking when it comes to great AAA titles as well as AAA indie games.

MS is going the same route with advertising more about games rather than its Kinect and tv integration. Ive seen one XB1 ad showing off the kinect and TV features back when it launched. Since then its been nothing but games games games.

MS realized that people mainly want a gaming console for GAMING not all the other great features they come with. The rest is just stuff to show off when you have friends over.

And like what meteor said above me. These features the XB1 has generally only work in the US and UK
#7.2 (Edited 482d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Jazz4108  +   482d ago
Yes over 1000 indie games coming and counting.
Flutterby  +   482d ago
Funny you say that because at the EBgames I manage I don't ever recall once a person asking what multimedia features the console has such as TV apps and what not, people ask what console is better games wise or what console I would recommend either way they usually go home with a PS4.
Finch  +   482d ago
They going to go home with what you over sell them on. This will change from store to store depending on who is doing the talking.
frostypants  +   481d ago
@theRell: You've said that? Well good for you! But there is still zero evidence that you're right.
MetalJedi  +   482d ago
PlayStation will be a niche product....REALLY?!!! WTF!!!
colonel179  +   482d ago
The Wii U can become a niche product. A console that has sold 7 millions in less than 6 months, has passed its chance of becoming niche product by 4 millions.

The Xbox One will never be mainstream by catering to TV watchers. People have TVs for that which already include Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, etc. If they have a subscription, chances are their TV come with this apps built in. Also, who in their right mind would get an Xbox One for Netflix when they have to pay subscription PLUS Xbox Live?

There is no way Xbox One will become mainstream due to TV. If the console get to sell more and become really successful, or get to surpass the PS4 in sales, it will be because of gaming, making this article useless.
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   482d ago
Yea playstation is a niche product thats what playstation gamers have been bragging about saying sony made the console thats a mainly gaming machine compared to microsoft who is dabbing there beaks into other entertainment such as tv, casual gaming, nfl etc. What changed? Why all the commotion now? Niche means a very specific demographic of consumers. IT IS a niche product compared to xbox but that doesn't automatically mean it's going to sell less or more it means just means Sony is more worried about a certain demographic.
#9 (Edited 482d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
MultiConsoleGamer  +   482d ago
The only thing that's going to stop the PS4 is sony's dire financial situation.

This week I dropped $1000 on a brand new Sony TV. My friends and family were begging me not to do it. Even my mom. Their reason? Fears that buying a product from a dying company was a risky investment.

So I bought it at Best Buy and also purchased the 5 year replacement plan. Best gaming TV I have ever owned.

But the attitudes of my family and friends are sobering. If more people start to feel this way it could spell big trouble for Sony.
arbitor365  +   482d ago
"This week I dropped $1000 on a brand new Sony TV. My friends and family were begging me not to do it. Even my mom. Their reason? Fears that buying a product from a dying company was a risky investment. "

what sense does that even make? the TV wont stop working, if sony isnt around.
Tempest317  +   482d ago
But if Sony isn't around, it will be harder to get the parts/servicing for the tv.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   482d ago
What Tempest said...

I purchased the Sony Bravia KDLw800 and it's fantastic! My only concern was parts and service, which is why I bought the 5 year extended warranty.

IMO, it was worth the risk. The picture is great, the 3D features are outstanding, it has tons of input ports and it only has 22ms input lag. It's the best 50" gaming TV on the market.
heisenberguk  +   482d ago
What a crock!!!
LAWSON72  +   482d ago
Odds are the TV was overpriced compared to a comparable Samsung, LG, Vizio, Panasonic. It is great that you like it but Sony is doing bad in the market for a reason they do not ever offer best bang for the buck except for perhaps PS products.
#10.3 (Edited 482d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
MultiConsoleGamer  +   482d ago
Actually it wasn't. Its price was $200 less than comparable models, and them I got another $100 off by using my credit card, the balance of which I paid off the second I got home.

Samsung TVs have awful input lag and few input ports. Visios have terrible build quality. Panasonics have color uniformity issues. Sony still makes the best gaming TVs, despite their dire financial situation.
mushroomwig  +   481d ago
'This week I dropped $1000 on a brand new Sony TV. My friends and family were begging me not to do it. Even my mom. Their reason? Fears that buying a product from a dying company was a risky investment. '

Filed under the headline 'this never happened'
MultiConsoleGamer  +   481d ago
How about you bet your account on that?

Come on. Let's do it. Let's contact the mods and see what they think. I'll even provide plenty of time stamped photos. I'll even post my receipt.

Put your money where your mouth is fanboy.

Yeah, didn't think so.
#10.4.1 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
frostypants  +   481d ago
Should've declined the Best Buy coverage and gone with SquareTrade. Much better warranty service. The warranty services used by major retailers can be a bitch to deal with. Don't lose the receipt for that TV or for the warranty (even though technically your warranty purchase is in a database somewhere). Otherwise they may try every trick in the book to screw you. I speak from experience.

#10.5 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Master-H  +   482d ago
What's with all these xbot wet dreams/sony playstation doomed articles lately lol the delusions seem to be at an all-times high at the moment.
Kayant  +   482d ago
Reposting again....
Sony are indeed at a disadvantage here due to OS design for entertainment (Oneguide, Snap, Kinect), tight multi-platform integration of services however they are going to have a entertainment play with PS4 also which is not included in this article.

One Sony have their IPTV service coming soon which could be big.

Two Sony also have original programming for PS4 which is being developed by their entertainment division.

So while they will lose the app game and services, in terms of entertainment they won't be far off.

Ultimately those things wouldn't matter for a while to the majority of people because both consoles have a large cost attached to them which stops a large amount of casuals adopting either platform has their media hub as mentioned in the article. As we will have to see just how much MS invests here because I don't see people buying an Xbox just for a few exclusive programs because the majority have there content will probably be accessed from the TV/Cable/Internet.

"Looking at what both companies can offer, points to a decisive win for Microsoft as this generation evolves with Sony becoming a niche device for the hard-core gamer and ultimately fading away as things move more towards the cloud" - The comment is just wrong the likelyhood of MS catching up in terms of sales is slim and an entertainment push isn't going to make that happen.
360ICE  +   482d ago
To be fair to the console market. Tablets have gotten really huge, taking a big bite off personal computers. Console market is still pretty big - and with fewer competitors.

Also, Sony had original programming already on PS3, so one would imagine they've got something.

The points about MS's eco system and Sony's finances are both fair and interesting, though, but there is one HUGE issue with this text, and that is lack of referencing. Very typical on game sites to not use quotations of any kind, but still absolutely unacceptable for a text like this.
arbitor365  +   482d ago
microsoft has already fallen flat on its face with casual gimmicks, like snap, kinect, and TV integration. what was the result of that marketing campaign? well, the xbox one has been nearly doubled in total sales by the PS4.

why are these moronic articles still thinking that microsoft can bank on appeal external to gaming?

NEWS FLASH. no one needs a buy $500 console for streaming services. they either already own several devices already or can get one for a fraction of the cost. that is why these tactics arent working and will never work
Blaze929  +   482d ago
you must have a masters in business management
arbitor365  +   482d ago
its really just raw numbers. it isnt my opinion that the xbox is getting crushed by the PS4. it is a fact


and so its pretty obvious that the casual campaign isn't working. and the reason is obvious. video and music streaming devices are abundant in every household. roku boxes, phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, PS3s, xbox360s. hell, even most TVs now have streaming features built in.

and of course, dont forget the foreign market and how this stuff has zero appeal in those markets. you need the foreign market to sell the most. and that is why xbox has never won a console generation and probably never will
#14.1.1 (Edited 482d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report
frostypants  +   481d ago
@Blaze929: Apparently, no one involved in the One project did. Or if they did, they weren't paying attention.
ajax17  +   482d ago
It'll never happen.
heisenberguk  +   482d ago
Gamers want a gaming machine not an 'entertainment system'! Most of us already own one of them!!
jguzmanr81  +   482d ago
why would u want to have so many legacy boxes sitting around!! one for this one for that when u can have it all in one by a solid company
Kryptix  +   481d ago
My phone can do most of the things the Xbox One currently can with other entertainment outside of gaming.

I can connect my laptop to my TV via HDMI or with the other video output and stream videos and movies.

So you know what will make me buy a $500 "video game console?" The games and Sony are known to deliver that much better with Playstation, they have never failed. If Microsoft can shift their focus to gaming primarily, then I'll consider buying an Xbox One. At this point in time, it doesn't appeal to me as a hardcore gamer. I don't care about the multimedia aspects of a gaming console because I'm a gamer and my other devices already cover the rest.
#16.1.1 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
cyberninja  +   482d ago
Lmao, wtf is xbox?
LogicStomper  +   481d ago

1) It's the very console brand you were commenting on here:


2) It's the exact thing you mentioned with this comment

"This is DISGUSTING!!! I will never buy an xbox because ms is full of it. Ms is the only platform holder that i despise; i love Nintendo, Sega, Sony and PC gaming, but not the Xbox."

3) It's what your comment was about in this Xbox article:


4) And, it's what you commented about 600 days ago:


So 600 days later on this gaming site and you're finally asking what Xbox is? (By the way, looks like you've got a good record of being reported by the community)
cyberninja  +   481d ago
Go buy youself some some sense of humor detective. Oh, wait, you can't.
LogicStomper  +   481d ago
Sure, I'll try this 'humor' stuff myself later on.
LogicStomper  +   480d ago
Well isn't this funny, change the name of the console and the agrees/disagrees are reversed.


So, is it a case of bad humor, or trolling?
jairusmonillas  +   482d ago
PS4 is outselling Xbox One 2 to 1, I didn't even bother reading that bias article which was probably on a MS payroll.

Xbox fans have no right to say PS4 is a niche product when in reality PS4 is the one making Xbox One an overpriced 40% weaker spy camera console.
secretcode  +   482d ago
Brought to you by a site that specifically covers Microsoft products.
Belasco  +   482d ago
No matter what the topic is, if it puts the X1 in anything remotely approaching a positive view the discussion always disintigrates into the same bickering mess. So weary of these "discussions".
The_devils_chum  +   482d ago
Don't hate but Sony's back baby.
Father__Merrin  +   482d ago
cant wait to see them all proven wrong again, laghable article

so xbox will win due to looking into future features whilst sony does nothing? sorry as a games machine ps4 is better and will remain so
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   482d ago
Lmao Xbox fanboys are the worst. All speculation and rumors, never any facts.
Max-Zorin  +   482d ago
Console fanboys are all worse than Batman fanboys.
LogicStomper  +   481d ago
So because Xbox fanboys never use facts, they're the worst?

Well I certainly disagree with your argument. Sony fanboys also tend not to use facts and so this premise adds no value to why Xbox fanboys are the worst. Your argument is therefore bad. And you should also feel bad.
mike_honcho  +   482d ago
other than an hdmi in port the ps4 can do everything the xb1 can do.. including cloud computing.. http://www.polygon.com/2013...

as well as pretty much any device that can connect to the internet..
DarkLord1003  +   482d ago
Some people really are in heavy denial...
DarXyde  +   482d ago
The day PlayStation becomes a niche product is the day (a) PlayStation ceases to exist, (b) Sony changes their business strategy, or (c) console gaming dies.

Wii and Wii U aren't even niche products...
lemoncake  +   482d ago
This generation will be a lot more competative than the last especially towards the middle and end of this gen, I can see both the x1 and ps4 having a hard time remaining relevant if they keep to the 7-8 year lifecycle.
Inception  +   482d ago
Rotfl, this IS a joke right?

Playstation as a brand is longer than Xbox. 20 years of experience with 400 million+ units sold and amazing library will not turn as a niche product by a product who can't even sell outside of US/UK and have a couple of good franchise.

Just look at Nintendo. Did it turn as a niche product when Playstation / Xbox came out? Nope. In fact, this gen i got a hunch that Nintendo and Playstation will make Xbox as a veryyyy niche product. Don't ask me why because this is just a hunch.
tiffac008  +   482d ago
I think its serious, its coming from " http://www.microsoftproduct... after all. XD
Knuckle Duster  +   482d ago
The xb1 might be cool in the way off future but for now I'm loving my Ps4 & Ps+.
And the next 12-16 months look righteous!
josephayal  +   482d ago
funny article
#30 (Edited 482d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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