Why Xbox is Poised to Make the PlayStation a Niche Product

This new console generation is going to be much different than the previous one. To win the console war, the console must win in the overall entertainment experience, rather than primarily just gaming.

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TheHater1201d ago

if PlayStation is a niche product and it leading in sales, what do you make of the Xbox One?

Naga1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Amazingly, if you read the article, you might find out what the author makes of it all. He isn't saying the PlayStation is a niche product right now. Rather, he is looking down the road and speculating on the effects of each console's strategy within the market.

"These consoles are currently catering to the gamer with high price points and the mainstream consumer is not yet being exposed to these machines, but two or three years from now when these consoles see lower price points, having a broader availability of entertainment services will be crucial for mainstream acceptance.

This is when the real battle for market share dominance begins..."

Despite the divisiveness of the topic, there's a pretty fruitful discussion to be had regarding the long-term implications of each platform's strategies. But that only happens if you actually engage the substance of the ideas.

MeteorPanda1201d ago

the problem with the xbox is that half of the suff it's meant to do aren't available in a lot of countries...making it a gaming machine only..which sony does better.

candy_mafia1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

I'm afraid the author forgets.... Sony 'IS' entertainment!

Sony have exclusive TV shows in development for PS4, and could easily cater to media services much more than MS could if they so wanted to.


Well, because Sony own Movie, Music and TV studios. Sony even benefits from royalties from MS for using Blu Ray tech. I don't understand how Xbox One has an advantage in this regard?

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my Xbox One, but BS is BS all day long, no matter which way you wanna look at it ;/

alexkoepp1201d ago

All the friends who have toured my PS4 and X1 decided to buy the Xbox. You show them Ryse and Killzone, both stellar looking games which is a wash, then get into the UI and functionality and the X1 wins everyone over easily. X1 will certainly appeal to the masses better in the long run.

IndoAssassin1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Man Xbox Video is crappy for me regarding right now. I watch a trailer and it's in french and I goto rent a movie and there's no 'Rent' button anywhere even though the option says 'buy or rent'. I've been way more successful with renting movies on the PSN. Problem is my PS4 is in my room, whereas the Xbox One is in the family room. It's really making it difficult to have a family movie night. What the hell MS? You want my money then fix this shit.

sprinterboy1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )


£349 ps4 is a high price point? Plus ps4 will have entertainment like the incoming 4k Netflix streaming, 4k movie streaming, 3d bluray update, skygo and nowt, YouTube plus lots of others, what planet you living on bra

GarrusVakarian1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )


So? All 5 of my closest friends either have a PS4 already, or are planning on getting the PS4 later this year after seeing my PS4 and X1 in action.

But so what? A few of our friends preferring one console over another means nothing. How can you possibly make a prediction of the masses based on a few friends while completely ignoring the sales gap right now, that is in the millions, lmao?

georgeenoob1201d ago

It all comes down to games. If MS keeps releasing heavy hitter exclusives at this rate, the PS4 is bound to be a niche product.

Naga1201d ago

@ sprinterboy

I don't know why you're questioning me on a point the author made - I didn't write the article. I just quoted it in the middle of my comment because that portion directly addressed the question made by "TheHater" in the first comment.

fr0sty1201d ago

The article also neglects that TV is on the decline, thus negating any additional entertainment benefits offered by Xbox One. People are more interested in streaming media, which PS4 matches feature-for-feature. Not to mention, if TV ever did take off, PS4's USB3.0 ports transmit data fast enough to accommodate a HDMI input port that could easily be bundled with the console.

avengers19781201d ago

@alex. As if you have a PS4, not a single person on this site can say that they believe that.

GarrusVakarian1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )


You are beyond deluded. If the PS4 has this big of a lead and is this popular with "NO GAMEZ", then how is it going to become a niche product when the exclusives start coming in steady?

Think about what you're saying before you type.

scott1821201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Yeah, Sony isn't concerned with media and functionality at all... That's why they are making deals for cable box-less tv and constantly updating the PS4 via firmware for added features.


Sony is the only one out of the two making games, they aren't relying on pseudo exclusive 3rd party franchises.

SonyMontana1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

In other words the article is titled as such to get clicks. Because clicks = money. Truth.

macusa221201d ago

A lot of peeps need to remember that Sony also owns Crackle. a free TV Streaming service. Sony also have their own TV station. So I think SEN will be just fine

krouse931201d ago

"These consoles are currently catering to the gamer with high price points and the mainstream consumer is not yet being exposed to these machines"

Interesting quote... Considering the console with the highest price point is also the least powerful...

Also, you submitted the article bro. You're just fanning gamers flames. Chill out

1201d ago
RyanShutup1201d ago

An article from a site called "microsoftproductreviews. com"... common bro, what'd you think they were gonna say... lel

Prime1571201d ago

I think the one thing the author ignores is the pay wall of xbl and that ps3 was the streaming box of choice. If Sony continues to only place Sony things behind ps+ pay wall, it can pan into a better media box than xbl.

He also mentions the install base of the wii without mention of the extremely low attach rate.

Oh, and then there's the obvious bias in the website's name...

ZodTheRipper1201d ago

I was about to ask where all these delusional Xbox articles are coming from ...then I saw:

Anarki1201d ago

Sales doesn't make it a good console, Microsoft shot themselves in the foot with the DRM.

Hell, look at the Wii. That sold more units than their rivals last gen yet that console was bad.

choujij1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Read the article. Nothing but one-sided wishful thinking.

If people are becoming more and more interested in a device that does more than games, then certainly they'll be more inclined to buy one that makes those services readily available and not stuck behind greedy paywalls.

Just a side note on the whole HDMI-In feature. My bro's the only one in our circle of friends that bought the Xbone. He praised the inclusion of the HDMI-in, insisting how he plans to make great use out if it. We're 6 months in now, and he still hasn't used it once (no exaggeration). Guess why? He canceled his Satellite subscription. People aren't moving to cable TV and Satellite, they're moving away from it and into online streaming services (if it wasn't already dead obvious).

QuickdrawMcgraw1201d ago

If the Xbox1 was leading in sales as of right now,N4Xbox would be full articles saying this gens console wars are over and the Xbox1 has won...But no the Xbox is lagging behind so now all we get here on N4Xbox is how we must wait for years to see which console sells the most and blah,blah,blah...N4XBOX is the most slanted site there is...I for one really appreciate the few Sony and Nintendo fans here who always try and give a fair assessment of the gaming industry...

BlackWolf121201d ago

No, "TheHater" is correct.

A Niche product is something that caters to a small percentage of the market.

That in and of itself, proves that the PS4 will NEVER be a Niche product, because although it may cater to gamers first and foremost, the PS4 is selling millions more than the Xbox One, which means the PS4 is NOT a Niche product, because the % of people it caters to are not a Niche.

The logic behind this argument is flawed, and in actual fact, if ANYTHING was going to become a Niche product, it is the Xbox One. A multimedia box which also plays games versus a gaming console which plays multimedia.

To say the PS4 is assuming that only a small percentage of the market wants to play games first and foremost, which is obviously completely stupid.

VegasDawg1201d ago

The Author is also stating that most of the casual market will be leaving the console market for mobile gaming, to look for an example of this look no further than Japan, so what he is saying is there will be little money to be made in the future in gaming on consoles and since MS is expanding and marketing the X1 as something other than a gaming console it would make it more viable in the near future.
This is why MS keeps saying it's a marathon and not a sprint or something like that.

@MeteorPanda,the author is talking years down the road plenty of time for MS to make changes.

@Candy_mafia, Sony is entertainment but it's not going to stop entertaining the masses for the small PS4 market.

Gaming1011201d ago

There's a lot of crystal balling going on in this article, rather than legitimate analysis. There is no data to back up any of their claims, it's just rhetoric and conjecture posing as analysis.

tbone5671201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Everything the author said in the article was right. Sony has lost billions upon billions of dollars. Some facts that you may not know but Sony lost all the money they made on PS1 and PS2 from the PS3. The lost today is still enormous. They have lost countless billion on many unsuccessful ventures. Sony has just recently posted another loss of 1.3 billion. Doesn't really matter if the PS4 sells so well when the whole company itself is sinking. Just think of all the poor choices sony has made the last gen just in regards to the playstation brand. PSPGO, Move, Wonderbook, SixAxis, PS vita TV, PS Vita, PS 3d televisions, PS phones. All have seen little success.

guitarded771201d ago


NO... sensationalist headlines from sites like don't deserve a read. That goes for ANY site that does it, but especially ones with a brand name in the URL.

styferion1201d ago

and almost all of that entertainment features will only available to US/UK, your point is?

miyamoto1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

r u kidding yourself?

now i really feel pity on you xboxers

i hope M$ ends your suffering and misery....soon

noticed a lot of optimistic Xbox One articles popping left and right lately....looks like the corporate reputation managers are working over time...

cable is dead in America and is even more dead outside of it. M$ really have its work cut out for it.

M$ like Nintendo wanted the other bone on their reflection on the water and ended up losing both. M$ wanted both video games and cable TV market for its box and Nintendo wanted the casual and the hardcore market both in its Wii U platform and lost both.

PlayStation focused on just one bone-the gamers and boy the gamers did it get in droves!

Eonjay1201d ago

If you haven't figured it out yet; its consumers who will win the war, not Sony or Microsoft. As of this point in time, consumers have picked the PS4 over the Xbox One. This can not be denied.

fr0sty1201d ago

I wouldn't say consumers that got duped by false claims of power into buying an inferior product won anything at all...

P_Bomb1201d ago

Sixaxis is still around, the ps4 controllers have it. Contemporary games still use it. The Last of Us had it. Move's motion control light is also integrated into every Dualshock4.

Wonderbook is one niche game out of a thousand. Estimates peg it just over half a million. Following a year when AAA sequels like Metal gear Rising, Metro and Lost Planet failed to reach even *that* much on the 360, it's a drop in the pond