PS4 1.7: DualShock 4 Battery Life Increase by Dimming the Light Measured for All Settings

With the release of the PS4 firmware update 1.7 the possibility of dimming the light of the DualShock 4 gave many the hope to increase the battery life of their controller. Turns out it does increase it, but the benefit isn't really enormous.

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porkChop1510d ago

Dim only adds 81 minutes of battery life? Then what is using up all the power in the controller? My DS3 lasts for a week or 2 without needing a charge. I have to charge my DS4 every day or 2. I'm hoping Sony eventually releases a DS4 with better battery life because this just doesn't make sense.

Abriael1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

"what is using up all the power in the controller?"

Working. Not sure how your DS3 lasts a week or two. It surely never lasted even close to that for me.

1nsomniac1510d ago

My DS3 lasts easily 2 weeks when I was still using my PS3.

I still use it occasionally for TLOU or GTA5 & cant remember the last time it was charged though

BiggCMan1510d ago

Yea there's no way DS3 lasts that long with consistent play. Keep in mind PorkChop these guys kept it on the entire time and got 11 to 12.5 hours.

DS3 in the same situation would probably last 15 to 20. What's more interesting to me is how they even got that with DS4, cuz I swear mine only lasts a good 5 hours straight on full brightness. Interesting.

AliTheSnake11510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Wait, so the controller now has 81 minutes longer battery life on dim than the way it was before the update ?
Holy smokes that's Great. I thought it would be like 5 minutes tops, since they said it won't affect it much, but an hour and 20 minutes is pretty good.

tbone5671510d ago

Yoshida said the light doesn't affect battery performance. Guess he was lying. Smh.

alexkoepp1510d ago

If its not the light, clearly the touchpad is the battery draining culprit.

fr0sty1510d ago

Bear in mind they aren't playing games while testing, so the controller isn't vibrating, transmitting audio to and from the controller, etc.. that all uses up power.

trancefreak1510d ago

I dimmed mine, and didn't like the low led level initially. I do like the option and changed it to the lowest possible brightness and now it growing on me.

I usually get about 6-7 hours playing multiplayer with power saving of 10 minutes when I walk off.

I am sure Sony will update the controllers battery over revision time, but I think the DS4 is one of the best natural fitting controllers I have ever used.

Silly gameAr1509d ago

2 weeks??? Sorry man, but I call bs on that.

CuddlyREDRUM1509d ago

While the DS3 doesn't last a week or two, I have a four or five year old DS3 that still lasts about double the life of my six month old DS4.

Irishguy951509d ago

A day or 2 tops for me the DS3 did

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nevin11510d ago

They will release a better version of DS4. The 1st DS3 drained fast but later ones are improved.

candy_mafia1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

I hope they do release DS4 with better battery life soon, 'cos I'm gonna go buy me another DS4, but I'd rather wait until new one's are out :)



Maybe Shu meant the light dimming would not be a significant enough power saving to the DS4 for Sony to go into PR mode about it ;/

Harkins17211510d ago

Buy a 2nd controller and problem solved. Or nyko has a battery pak in a few weeks.

CuddlyREDRUM1509d ago

Is your response to a lot of things that are a hassle "buy a second one"?

knifefight1509d ago

Can I have some money from you?

Harkins17211509d ago

@Russell no it's not. Seeing as people will need a 2nd controller by the end of the Ps4s life cycle I'm giving them a list of options they can do. Shu already said the light bar wouldnt help the battery life a lot. So seeing as they can do much more to improve the battery your left with the options above.

Harkins17211509d ago

@knifefight. Buy a 15ft cable if money bothers you that much. you can get one for under $5.

andibandit1509d ago


You are like the dream customer for any retailer.

Harkins17211509d ago

@andibandit. Shu already said the light bar would do NOTHING to the battery. I fail to see how a $5 cord will kill you if you plan to play over 7 hours in one day. If you want to be a little fancier than get a second controller. That way 1 is charging while you use the other.

You people need to stop crying over stupid things. The touchpad apparently uses the most battery life. The DS4 lasts longer than a Vita/3DS. So you can either spend $5, $20 or $60 for a longer Ps4 experience.

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turkish411510d ago

"My DS3 lasts for a week or 2 without needing a charge." wow dude you have some kind of special DS3

porkChop1510d ago

Not really. It's just the DS3 that came with my PS3 Slim.

BitbyDeath1510d ago

Depends on how often you play, I get around 2-3 days on a charge with the PS4 controllers where as the PS3 controllers could last up to 2 weeks.

orakle441510d ago

i have an original ps3, with the same controller, i still get 2+ weeks out of it as well.

esemce1510d ago

The rumble motors will use the most power in a controller. I don't see the problem in pluging the usb cable in after about 4.5 hours to top up the battery.

It really is no big deal but I would still like the light to be dimmer or the option to turn it off as it still reflects on my tv screen a little.

zeuanimals1510d ago

I heard it was the touchpad, and if true, Sony should let us turn it off for games that don't need it and devs should let us reassign touchpad uses to buttons, then we can turn it off.

BoriboyShoGUN1509d ago

Everyday or two is an issue??? I have yet to run out of a charge while gaming. I just place it on the charging stations game for a few hours rinse and repeat. You guys need to get up and stretch your legs once in a while geeeeesh!!!

porkChop1509d ago

It has nothing to do with being lazy. Battery technology has progressed significantly since the release of the DS3, and larger battery capacities have become MUCH cheaper. I just think it's unacceptable for a brand new next gen controller to have at most 1/5th the battery life of its predecessor.

The controller is great, and it's not too much of an issue for me to plug it in at night. It just shouldn't be necessary.

Kennytaur1509d ago

Rumble, touch-pad, motion sensors. Those are the real battery drainers. Particularly the last two.

And then there's the fact that the DS4 has, for some lord-knows-why stupid reason, a smaller battery capacity than the DS3!

Neonridr1509d ago

at the end of the day, I will take those extra 81 minutes. I didn't have them before the update.

killzone6191509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

i play on my ps3 a hour a day (most of the time) and controller has lasted over a week

the battery in the DS3 controller is beast. DS4 controller battery is so whack.

Metfanant1509d ago

anyone that thought it was going to help a ton is kidding themselves...LED's by design dont use much power...the problem is simply the battery is too small lol

3-4-51509d ago

I used to charge my Xbox 360 controller once every 1.5-2 weeks, that thing would last forever.

I don't think they put powerful enough batteries in any brand controllers to be honest.

XiSasukeUchiha1509d ago

Sony i guess I have not choose but to say they were lying but it's rare to see Sony lying just saying !

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ziggurcat1510d ago

... except shu said that the light has zero effect on the battery life... so i think this is just people thinking that their battery life is longer when it's actually exactly the same.

mhunterjr1510d ago

It's physically impossible for the light to have zero impact on the battery. The light is not powered by magic... It's powered by the battery. Diming the light reduces the amount of battery power it will drain.

It was never a question whether or not it would help battery life, it was a question of how much it would help.

dontbhatin1510d ago

LED lights use a incredibly small amount of power.

That's why they said it wont make much of a difference if any at all....

AlphaCentyros1510d ago

not much of a difference =/= zero effect.

Just like mhunterjr said, the light simply can't have 'no effect' on the battery, since it is powered by the battery. And still, if it's true, 1.33 hours of extra battery life is pretty sweet, considering how much the light is actually dimmed.

dontbhatin1510d ago

@ alpha

You aren't telling me anything I already know...

I was just making a statement. Not trying to have an argument. Not trying to justify anything they said. I was just stating what they said...

No need to beat a dead horse.

AlphaCentyros1510d ago

Ah ok, I wasn't aware of that, so I apologize.

andibandit1509d ago


"It's physically impossible for the light to have zero impact on the battery."

this is N4G!

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DesertFox791510d ago

Fix the issue with wireless headset and router wifi signal interference !!! Thats a BIG problem :( you will lost connection to online gaming :( :(

dontbhatin1510d ago

The signal interference is probably your setup. Never happens to me. Id recommend making your ps4 wired if that is possible in any way for you.

DesertFox791509d ago

I have the official ps3 wirelless headset ! My friends have the same problem and he got same headset as me,but not same router!!

dontbhatin1509d ago

That's really odd it doesn't seem to happen to me and i have the sony headset too.

Sy_Wolf1510d ago

Yeah, that's either your setup or you need a replacement.

candy_mafia1510d ago

The battery life is extended by 81 minutes if I dim it?


...I'll be right back :)

zeuanimals1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

I wonder how much it'll be if we could actually turn it off. Dim is about half as strong as default, and it adds 81 minutes of power, so is it possible that having it off will be 162 minutes? That's almost 3 hours of battery time, though I doubt it works this way.

Heisenburger1510d ago

This had my curiosity, so I'm glad someone did the "legwork" for me. Much obliged.

Eighty-one minutes is great! I'm glad they got this update out to us sooner, rather than later.

Knushwood Butt1508d ago

Yeah, I'd like to be able to dim it when using with the PS Vita TV, seen as there's zero reason for it in that scenario.