New video shows the incredible problems with the Battlefield 4 netcode

A new video shows the state of the Battlefield 4 netcode.

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FLAMES_1871445d ago

Nothing shocking. My friend had that happen to him and everyone was rubberbanding like hell (after the rubberbanding update) and two of my friends got kicked out of the match. Bravo EA you got my $100 and I can't get it back.

Derekvinyard131445d ago

I came on this site the first week complaining about these problems and got hundreds of disagrees, the game was release unfinished. Sorry you can't get a refund, all you can do is vote with your wallet next time.

FLAMES_1871445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Yea I wouldn't have disagreed with ya buddy. But yea next time i'll vote with my wallet.

Skate-AK1445d ago

Actually both Sony and Microsoft have given refunds to people that were unhappy with Premium. You probably could get it back.

NarooN1445d ago

This is such a disastrous game. It's been out for five months now and it's STILL broken. Seriously, nice job EA. Makes me hella cautious for Mirror's Edge and Battlefront...

Hk85karlsson1445d ago

It´s good to be cautious, but this game was being stressed out by EA not by DICE.

SW-BF should be amazing (If EA will let them dev properly)

Meltic1445d ago

This is crazy. Havent they fixed the game yet?. The game has been out for several months ???

Mikeyy1445d ago

Played all night tonight with zero problems in conquest.

You could have avoided the rubber banding this whole time if you simply used the server browser and picked a server with full connection quality.

Skate-AK1444d ago

I do that all the time and it doesn't always help. I chose servers with a 56ms ping and this still happens to me. Not always though.

Nafon1443d ago

Same here. I will admit that after NS came out, I had a lot of problems with certain servers, but after a hundred hours consisting of various gametypes, I havent had any other problems. If the game is lagging, that is not a constant problem with netcode. the "netcode" is only bad if problems occur when the server is operating as it is supposed to. disagree at will, everyone who is bad at this game