Toys"R"Us offering 2 PS4/Xbox One games for $70 starting May 18

In a couple of weeks, Toys”R”Us will be holding a sale on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One titles.

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Milesprowers1533d ago

2 for $70 is still expensive... Steam4Life

SG1_dapunisherX1533d ago

should've been 60 dollars these nice games are old

Alex_Boro1533d ago

All these Console homies don't know what Steam is liked and are stuck to paying full price all the time.

1533d ago
Alex_Boro1533d ago

@RATEDAFORADULT Thing about PC is that you aren't just limited to Steam. I bought a Watch Dogs key from a Russian site for only $20 and it works. Have fun paying triple the price.

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Conzul1533d ago

Does Steam sell PS4 and XBone games? NO?
Your comment is irrelevant.

Qrphe1533d ago

$20 for Watch Dogs? Pffffffff

The rest of us PC master racers will be getting for free probably even before launch days


hellzsupernova1533d ago

man tell me about it. I live in New Zealand Steam is a godsend but the size of games nowdays is starting to kill me 15-20gig a game sucks on my internet

Alex_Boro1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

@RATEDAFORADULT Lol idiocy is real. It doesn't matter if you have an interest for watch dogs. It proves we can get games for 1/3 of the price at launch. I'm in this article because I have a PS4. PC lets us buy the same games you buy for a fraction of the cost and is the definitive version of those games.

Rainstorm811533d ago

So you have a PS4 but we are stuck at paying full price at launch.......So i guess you have never bought games at launch on PS4

IF so you need the STFU and GTFO for trying to tip your PC hat for no reason at all other than to troll console gamers of course

Theantidote6191533d ago

This is what I get from steam users (obviously it's a fantastic deal but stuff like watchdogs for $20 or free is not good)

"You've spent years of hard work and massive budgets to bring me this gorgeous game filled with so much to do....yeah I want it cheap as possible so you can't continue what you do and I'll sit here continue bitching about call of duty and other games being the same every year."

Steam is good for games that have been out. That's also why so many fresh ideas are done with these Indy titles like child of light. Smaller risk of failing.

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gameDevWannaBe1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

copy of dark souls 2 and one copy of day z cost u $90 on steam. lol.

Steam is nice though.

Try getting new AAA games on steam and it will bite ur wallet.

Ps4 games are not old yet so $70 is cool.

Prototype is $4.99 though.....

matrixman921533d ago

this really isnt THAT great of a can probably get at least 3 of these for that price on ebay or individual sellers on amazon

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steven83r1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

The hell with this. I thought it was gonna be any 2 games. These games are already on sale at other retailers for less. I got Knack and Lego Marvel's for $25 each on Newegg. COD was 29 other day on Groupon. Toys R Us usually has good deals but this is crap. When PS4 released i got Buy 2 get 1 free on games. Now that's a good deal on new games.

KwietStorm1533d ago

So basically all Xbox One exclusives with a few other titles thrown in to make it look more varied, and still more than you could probably get two of the titles offered for cheaper individually. Yea. Great deal.

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