41 New Mario Kart 8 Player Screenshots From Restricted Access Miiverse Community

Secret Miiverse community found.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1540d ago

Urgggg, it makes me jealous that these media types get to play so early, but it's nice to see that it's keeping their attention...

GhostTurtle1539d ago

Man those screens look incredible. I cant wait.

mcstorm1539d ago

I agree. Really liking the Wiiu at the moment. Have too many games to get through and not enough time to get through them but this is another must buy game for me.

R00bot1539d ago

Screen shots on Miiverse are lower resolution, as well. Imagine what it's like in person :O

AKR1539d ago

I'm not one to usually care too heavily about a game's graphics; but one must say - GOOD GRIEF - they really outdid themselves here!

Honestly; I don't care if it doesn't have the power of the PS4 - this alone proves that the Wii U has much more prowess than what most people think.

R00bot1539d ago

I need to get a job in the media ASAP. Or a job at Nintendo. Whichever's easiest.