Why Has It Taken Dice So Long To Reintroduce Squad Join

Earlier today Xbox Players published the details of Battlefield 4 Squad Join, but here we ask a simple question Why Do This 6 months after launch?

Dice and EA have finally added a simple but very effective tool to Battlefield 4, and one that worked already in Battlefield 3.

So has anyone asked why it was dropped from Battlefield 4 in the first place ?

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BALLARD321539d ago

I remember DICE basically refusing the idea when people were asking why it wasn't in by default. That's one of the big problems with DICE, they are way too insistent on doing things their way. It's their game and they have every right, but sometimes things don't work well and you just need to do what is best for the consumer.

Crazyglues1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Yeah it's crazy to me that game companies don't listen to gamers...

Sure you can't listen to everyone and some ideas are silly, but when everyone who plays your game tells you no squads are needed.. -and you still don't get it?

Something is wrong with how your company is making games...

Back when Bad Company 2 came out DICE was amazing, just nailing everything, and getting it so right. Today DICE is filled with a bunch of stupid ideas... and the game is more broke then it's ever been.

I never thought I would say this, but I guess I'll go back to playing Call Of Duty before I would pick up another DICE Battlefield disaster.

They grabbed up Danger close the guys who made Medal of Honor War-Fail (yes I know that's not the name but that's what I like to call it.) and called it DICE LA.. and ever since then BF4 has been a complete mess..

To me the worst part is every aspect of Battlefield was better in BF3 then it is in BF4

BF4 messed up the driving.. it's hard as hell to just drive the dam ATV
BF4 hit detection is still a joke, 6 months later
BF4 Destruction, LoL.. Lever - bullsh*t (there was more destruction in Bad Company 2..
BF4 Perk system is stupid as hell, just put it back to BF3 so I can put on squad run perk with-out guessing if it's working.

and on and on.... better in BF3 it was better in BF3

||.........___||............ ||

Detoxx1539d ago

BF4 driving is just fine? If you find it hard, practice more lol.

Hit detection is indeed a joke.

Battlefield 4 destruction is absolutely superior to Bad Company 2 destruction. BC2 only had small 4 wall houses, bringing a house down just required destroying 3 walls.

BF4 perk system is also better, you can see from the bar (bottom left of your screen) how far you've progressed.

BC2 also had problems, took DICE months to patch it to what you remember as "good old BC2". Same goes for BF3.

Crazyglues1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

@ Detoxx

it sucks compared to BF3, never had any problems driving in BF3

amazinglover1539d ago

It really is a shame how bad Dice dropped the ball on this game. BF4 is a beautiful looking game with some intense MP action but all the problems really impact how much fun can be had. My main problem is every time I try to go back and give it another shot I sit in the lobby searching for games forever. Really makes me worried for the next Bad Company title which is what i'm really wanting.

BALLARD321539d ago

Yeah, Bad Company 2 will always be one of my favorite multiplayer games. I wish I could've gotten a chance to play that beast with 64 players. I loved the gameplay, the destruction, the maps, and just the simplicity of it.

micx1538d ago

Bad Company 2 was awesome, but you could see DICE/EA's greediness rising with BF3 though. I never really liked BF3, it got too similar to CoD.

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ukchi3f1539d ago

I still havent played this since december, and it sounds like ive blown £80 as so many still saying its not working

Majin-vegeta1539d ago

Idk man since the server upgrade I've been playing good.NS maps were unplayable nut now I can play flawless until region hoppers come in and lag up the gameplay.

Maybe give it another whirl.I;m on PS4 btw

Detoxx1539d ago

I've never had problems really. And the introduction of private servers is just epic! 64 player domination on locker hehe.

I'm on PS4 aswell.

ramiuk11539d ago

on ps4 in decemeber i sent my game buy to shop to get full refund it was such a mess.
I rebought it 2 weeks back and its pretty much solid now,yeah few issues with no sound at start of games,no gun unless i switch,little rubber banding at times but its decent.

only annoying thing is i wish they would maybe reduce the player count or have a few rooms locked to 50players as ove 50 seems to be when the rubber banding gets worse.

dodgemoose1539d ago

Couldn't believe there wasn't a squad feature first time I played BF4. Same with classes. Seems like one step forward, two steps back.

KwietStorm1539d ago

Why would anyone be questioning anything about this game at this point? The answer is because Battlefield 4.

Ghost_Nappa1539d ago

This question is irrelevant, there is no acceptable reason for the omission of a basic feature of almost every online shooter.

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